Sunday, February 12, 2017

Simplicity 8059 - A Blue Velvet Vest

When I was making the cardigans, the blue velvet was my favorite. I loved the look of it, the fabric and the ties, but the sleeves were just too tight. I tried to take some of the seam allowance out of the sleeves, knowing that the velvet holds the memory of stitches. Betting though that since the stitching was on the underarm I could get away with it. However, I didn't have enough space for comfort. So I removed the sleeves and made it a vest.

Otherwise this one was sewn just like the other cardigans...and I really like it as a vest. Also, because I used velvet as the base fabric, I used a navy ponte for the facings because velvet on velvet would be too much. To me the tassels are the detail that I love the most. 

I wanted to share a few details about how I made the tassels. From Joyce Trimmings, I bought a couple of velvet ribbons in shades of blue and the tassels to use as the ties for this version. 

How I put the ties together ~

3 yards of turquoise 1/2" velvet ribbon
3 yards of navy 1/2" velvet ribbon
2 shades of blue beaded tassles
Steam a Seam 2

Cut the velvet strips out - 21" long
Added the Steam A Seam 2 to the back of the ribbon

Placed the tassel between the two strips 

Placed the second ribbon on top encasing the tassel
Finger pressed the two ribbons together

Pressed the ribbons using my needle board for the velvet ribbon
...and a silk organza pressing cloth on the top

To insure the ties wouldn't pull apart I added a line of 
stitching down the center of the ties

Finished ties before inserting them between the facing and vest fronts

Some construction details ~
All of the seams were pinned every 1/2" so that the two pieces of fabric wouldn't shift when sewn together.

I used a stitch length of 3 on my Janome 8900QCP and a #70 Schmetz Universal needle.

Each seam was started with the foot fully on the fabric and then I backstitched and sewed forward for each seam to prevent the bunching that can occur when sewing with velvet.
While this is a simple pattern to construct, I gave it a degree of difficulty by using a stretch velvet. It meant a lot of slow sewing, using my needleboard for pressing, a lot of steam and finally all hems were hand stitched down. However, the extra effort was worth it because it's such a luxurious piece. Truly this is why I sew!

A few more pictures of the vest in action ~

I've worn all of the cardigans and this vest to work and I love the ease of wear. They also feel like me. I wear them with jeans and leggings and a sweater or turtleneck. These pieces make me glad I sew!

Again, these photos were taken by me...the music was blasting and I was definitely getting silly but hey this is me! A silly sewist sometimes...*LOL* always more later!


  1. That vest is FABULOUS! It was meant to be. I love the ties; they are so pretty. Nice work.

  2. You've been sewing a lot recently - the stash is being turned into clothes! Gorgeous colour of velvet and cute ties.

  3. Happy you've found your groove with all the cardi's and vests this winter. I too love layering pieces in the winter. Thanks for the tip on the velour bunching and to avoid just by back stitching. I had this problem recently with jersey knit and I bet this was the problem. It's the little things...sigh. Have a lovely day.

  4. This is so fun and creative. Gorgeous work. I love it!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial on the ties! Love the beads accentuating that gorgeous velvet. Just lovely,and lovely on you.too bad we can't hear the music you are grooving' to....

  6. So pretty. And thank you for the added details of stitch length, needle used, etc. Us new and/or rusty sewers need the extra help with those important details. Happy Sunday!

  7. What a gorgeous vest! Love the tassels.

  8. This vest is scrumptious! You look like you love it and it feels good - it was meant to be!!

  9. Love this vest -it looks so comfy & stylish

  10. Beautiful! I love velvet and that blue is dreamy. The beaded tassels are the ne plus ultra!

  11. Yup, this makes a fabulous vest! everything about it dreams "I am special!"

  12. Very flattering design. Love it as a vest, instead of a cardigan! The ties are cute too - thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Royal blue is my favorite color in the whole world and you are ROCKING that vest! Great save! No one would ever know this is it's second life; it looks great. ;-)

  14. That's absolutely beautiful! What a versatile piece you can dress up or down. The color is perfect for you, too.

  15. Great save and it looks fantastic as a vest. Beautiful details.

  16. Glad to see you smiling :-)
    *goes to look up "needleboard"*

  17. Great creativity!! I love the tassels.

  18. Great refashion but you did start out with amazing fabric! Love this blue velvet.

  19. you have been CHURNING OUT THE GOODIES! Sewjo is back in full force!

    Also, I love these timer shots. You look like you're having a ball. Sometimes it's fun to just be silly by yourself for a minute (and then, you know, share it with the rest of the world. Lol).

    1. It's crazy how it just blew back into town and acted like it hadn't been gone and what was the big deal! And only you would get the timed shots...15 secs doesn't seem that long until you're standing there waiting for the camera to flash!

  20. Love that vest on you! It's beautiful - the fabric color, the texture and the beautiful beaded tassel ties you made. I love a long vest, makes you look pulled-together, and adds a layer of warmth without overheating like a jacket or sweater with sleeve will. Great job! And, I love the cute shots of you smiling and enjoying yourself!

  21. Adorable! You look so happy in it, too!

  22. Oh my goodness, the vest is luscious! And the tassels . . . just perfect! After googling needle board, I have decided I need one. I finally found a notion that I don't have. :-)

  23. Beautiful! Gorgeous! I think I'll use your vest as inspiration to make myself one. Thanks


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