Thursday, July 06, 2017

Second Quarter Review - 2017

Spring sewing is easy sewing ~ well at least for me ~ and I tend to sew more pieces during the spring/summer season. I've made 19 garments during the second quarter of 2017. It sounds like a lot, but quite a bit of this is tops. So for the first six months of 2017, I've sewn a total of 31 items. 

Honestly, I'm kinda amazed at that amount but in the past I didn't make a lot of tops, I bought RTW. Sewing tops/blouses/shirts are quicker makes, at least for me, and they add up quickly. Also it's finally gotten warm here, so I will be turning out more dresses, which take a little longer to sew than tops. 

I have a few trips planned this summer, so while I've gained 2.5 day weekends, I will be missing the sewing cave during some of those weekends. So here is this quarter's sewn garments breakdown.

Eight tops:
Blue pinstriped shirt with lace sleeves

Rose floral button down shirt

Six Concord tees hacks

   - White cotton tee with elastic neckline
   - Black & White color blocked tee
   - Beige Lace knit top with peplum top
   - Gray splattered knit top with flare sleeves
   - Black cotton peplum top (still to be photographed)
   - Black 'n White polka dot tee (still to be photographed)

One topper:
Dashiki print McCalls 7481

Eight dresses:
Saldana Maxidress from SewSewDef Magazine 

McCalls 7542 Flounced Sleeved Dress

Cashmerette Border Print Turner Dress

Cashmerette Lenox Shirtdress

Cashmerette Concord Tee as a dress - black lace ponte with lace sleeves

Cashmerette Concord Tee as a dress - black flamingo sleeve version

Cashmerette Concord Tee as a dress - rose print with split sleeve

Cashmerette Concord Tee as a dress - peach print with flutter sleeve

Two Maxi Skirts:
Black 'n White floral print TNT maxi skirt

Pastel Pale Print floral print TNT maxi skirt

I thought I used to sew a lot before. Though I do have much more time now and I tend to fill it sewing in the cave! My current sewing list has 13 items on it. I'm sewing from the list now, but who knows what will inspire me in the future, and what creative flights of fancy I will take.

Finally, "Thank You!" for following along on my creative endeavors, for talking back in my Question of the Day posts, for leaving comments on my outfits and for following me both here and on Instagram. It is truly appreciated! always more later!


  1. I love the "Concords as a Dress" idea. I should try that! I have been making lots of Springfield tops (also Cashmerette Patterns). I found my fit and it makes me want to make lots of them. It gets pretty hot here. You inspire me to sew more clothes. I need to shut off the computer and get to it! Happy summer.

  2. Wow, what a great sewing marathon - and I am green with envy (in the nicest way). Due to family stuff, I have only achieved one dress and one tee during this quarter. Your rose print with split sleeve really rocks my boat :)

  3. OK, here is my question. Where do you store all your great new clothes? Do you have huge closets, or are you always getting rid of older things?

    1. I'm constantly moving things around and donating things...and I have a normal size closet but a lot of drawer space!

  4. That was my question too! How do you get all your new pieces into your closet?
    Reading your blog is a must for me, I love everything that you have made!

  5. So many lovely additions to your wardrobe! You definitely inspire us to keep on sewing.

  6. oooh how did I miss that pastel skirt?! very pretty!

  7. I admire your beautiful wardrobe - makes me think I need to break out of my safe RTW big girl box. Been too busy art quilting though to make clothing - maybe I need to figure out some way to incorporate both...hmmm...

  8. Love that smile and the pinstripe with lace!

  9. That Concord dress with the tie sleeves!!! Swoon!

    Great first half of the year!

  10. My goodness that's a lot of sewing!! Love your wardrobe!

  11. I love all the new makes, but I, like others, wonder about closet capacity. Do you regularly purge or do you have a large place for your clothes.

  12. I love your style and your blog. I am so inspired by the clothing you make that I am almost ready to break out my machine and get with the program! I am a plus-sized woman and haven't sewn for myself in years. It's about time that changes. I am curious to know what some of your TNT patterns are, particularly your 4 gore skirt. I'm sure I can shop patterns for the general style. Do you have any post on your blog where you list any of your TNTs? Thanks for the inspiration! I'm loving it!

    1. My TNTs are so old that you won't find them anymore. I try to add a current pattern to the blog post when I sew a TNT pattern.

  13. WOW! Very, very productive 2nd quarter, Carolyn. I love your wardrobe. It has a romantic air about it. Very well my lady and you look great ;-)

  14. I still love the dress with the tie sleeves!!! I enjoyed recounting what you have made.

  15. Great review of your 2nd quarter garments!

  16. I'm in absolute awe of the amount of sewing you finish and how nicely everything fits. You're my inspiration.

  17. Thanks for all the inspiration! These all look so beautiful on you.

  18. That is quite the productive quarter. I love that you can almost feel summer coming as you go through the photos!

  19. Love all your beautiful garments you make..... but especially that rose print dress with split sleeves. Agree with AllisonC above.... you can almost feel summer coming as you scroll through your photos! :)


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