Friday, September 22, 2017

The Last Tuesday of the Month + Wine & Cheese with Kashi

I'm late...I'm late for a very important date! So says the White Rabbit and me...

See I was supposed to share with y'all last week about how The New York Sewcialists, "Last Tuesday of the Month" meet-up and Wine & Cheese with Kashi is merged this year.

Group from 2016

All sewists in the NYC area are invited to come out to Metro Textiles on Tuesday, September 26th from 5:30 to 8pm.  You can socialize and meet other sewists, shop and have Kashi pull some fabrics just for you.

Group from 2015

There will be wine and cheese served AND 20% off your total order! So come out, shop, socialize and buy a couple of new pieces for your stash at 20% off!

Last Tuesday of the Month Meet-Up/Wine & Cheese with Kashi
Tuesday, September 26th
Metro Textiles
265 37th Street, 9th flr.
New York, NY 
5:30 - 8pm

Looking forward to seeing you there!!!


  1. Just about any other Tuesday of the year I could make this. I've signed up for mandatory annual training that evening, for the last possible class of the year. Wine and cheese and meeting a bunch of sewests at Kashi's for 20% off sounds like a much better plan! Enjoy!

  2. Wish I could join you for this event. Would love to meet Kashi and see the gorgeous fabrics!! I will enjoy from reading your blog post of the event later!

  3. Oh man. If ever there was a time I wish I still lived in NY. Hope you all have fun. Buy some wonderful fabric!

  4. Sounds fun! I hope you all have a wonderful time.

  5. Oh how I would love crowding in there with you all.

  6. Oh Wow!! Look at all the sewing, blogging ladies. Looks like big fun!


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