Saturday, December 02, 2017

A Tunic Version of New Look 6340

I made another version of New Look 6340 and it was featured on the Sewcialist blog for the TNT series.

However, when I write a blog post for another blog I leave out a lot of the construction information and some of my motivation for why I did what I did.  That's what this blog post is about.  So if you've seen this garment on the Sewcialist blog, here is the "Behind the Seams" post about it.

Let's Talk Materials ~
2.5 yards of a printed wool flannel purchased from Emmaonesock several seasons ago
3 yards of yellow rayon bemberg from NY Elegant Fabrics
12" invisible zipper from Pacific Trimmings
Yellow rayon seam binding

A Few Design & Construction Details ~
First I really wanted a winter version of this dress but as it's gotten colder, I've realized that I'm in jeans and leggings for the foreseeable future. So a tunic version seemed a more realistic and wearable version than a dress.

I made a few design changes to this version. I added an invisible zipper to my denim version but it was in the back of the dress. For the tunic I moved the zipper to the front of the tunic. I was inspired by this photo that I found online from Heidi Daus (one of my favorite jewelry spots) this summer...

When I decided to go with the invisible zipper in the front of the garment, I went through the zipper stash and I had nothing I wanted. Since I now work in the midst of the garment district, a quick trip to Pacific Trimmings during lunchtime and I found a couple of contenders. 

The black zipper was shortened to 12" like the taupe/gray one

What I liked best about these choices is that the zipper tape was made from a heavier twill tape and was 5/8" wide. Because of the way the zipper was made, I didn't need to interface that front seam.

Since it's winter, I made the sleeves longer for warmth but of course that brought it's own challenges. I had to draft a sleeve using the short sleeve from the pattern and a sleeve I'm presently using for other patterns. It ends at my wristbone and could have been longer but I'm going with it.

The body of the tunic is lined in a yellow rayon bemberg but not the sleeves. Originally I lined them but they were tight and uncomfortable (guess I didn't have enough width in the biceps of the sleeve) so I removed the lining. I also had to lower the underarm seam by 3/4" to give me a better range of motion. Those are the only construction changes I made from my original versions.

A Few Pictures ~

Conclusion ~
As with any TNT pattern after I've worked out fit issues, I start messing with the design and construction of the garment. To me, that's the fun of a TNT pattern, that it can be anything I want it to be. However, that also means that I lose the quick and easy factor that sewing with a TNT provides. I can't say that I won't use this pattern again...but I am putting it away for now.

I made this top to wear to a work function so it's why the outfit is a little dressier than what I've been wearing. Will probably also end up wearing it to one of my Christmas parties this season too.

I do have some Christmas sewing I want to do, as well as start working on my winter sewing list. I need to get myself together because it will be Christmas and time for my winter sewing break. I have no plans to go away this Christmas break and hope to spend some quality time in the sewing cave.

Finally ~ here's a pic of the grandbabies and me always more later!


  1. Thank you again for sharing this on the Sewcialists blog! I've never sewn with a wool flannel, but it sounds scrumptious to wear!

  2. Lovely tunic! I really love the print and shape :) I have a Sandra Betzina pattern (V1456) which looks very similar to yours. When I saw it made up on one of the women in our sewing group it was WAY too long and sort overwhelmed her small 5'4" frame which put me off the pattern to be honest. Seeing yours, I have a better sense of the right length for this pattern so thank you for this!

  3. Leave it to you, Carolyn, to add a front zipper and select such a cool fabric! I am imagining how lovely the weight of that wool is along with the lining...yummy and warm! I can't see if you added pockets to store candy canes in...

  4. Love this, Carolyn. Great print and the neckline zip is a fabulous idea! And your grandbabies are soooo adorable!

  5. Carolyn, you made this tunic to perfection, and the front zipper is a wonderful addition which I think I will try soon. Your granddaughters must be a joy to you as their smiles are as joyful as yours in this photo.

  6. You always look great! What a wonderful top. I've get to get on with making some TNTs :D

    1. Yes Lisa you do! It's really what makes sewing fun for me...knowing if I have a piece of fabric and a TNT pattern that I can go into the sewing cave and come out with a new garment in a matter of hours!

  7. Very nice. Beautiful grandchildren!

  8. Another fabulous creation! And beautiful children, too. Thank you for inspiration! <3

  9. great looking tunic! it's new look 6340 correct?

    1. It's NL6340, you are correct. I've changed the number on the post since I got that ALL wrong! Thanks for letting me know!

  10. I love your dressier version of this pattern!

  11. I love the idea of an invisible zip in front. Very nice and practical for NYC winters.

  12. Love your tunic and the fabric you chose. You look gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful tunic! Great idea of having the zipper in the front. (Might have to steal that idea at some point!)

  14. Really pretty top. Your grandchildren are getting so big--time flies!


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