Wednesday, December 20, 2017

McCalls 6886 - Fitting the Pattern Again

I've used this pattern several times to make my daughter a couple of dresses. Once I made a series of dresses for her to wear while working in a salon underneath her smock. This is my favorite version of the dress for her - made in a stretch woven - and made to match the grandbabies:

From the Fashion Show two years ago...

My daughter sews and sewed a lot when she was younger.  However, with a full time job, four kiddies, a partner and a household to maintain, my daughter has stopped sewing.  Her sewing machine is still set up but she uses it to fix a hem or take up a seam for the kids.  She's worn all of the dresses I previously made into the ground.  She's also lost ALL of the baby weight and then some, so she's been belting them and wearing them with a cardigan.

I agreed to sew a couple of new dresses from ponte & ITY knit from the collection...gotta love that fabric collection!  She picked ten different pieces of fabric. We had to adjust the pattern slightly because she is smaller in the top but wider in the hips (babies) and barely has time to eat. 

This is part one of the possibly two or three posts about her new dresses, because I don't think I can get all of the dresses, fitting and construction information into one post.

Fitting Changes ~
I had to make some alterations to the original pattern pieces for her post babies body:

Side view - that back fold lies flat when she puts her arms down

Back adding space for her hips

Front pinned at the sides

Close up of the front neckline

Here is the pile of fabric I will be using to make new dresses for her...

There are a number of fabrications here and we will be changing up the length, necklines and sleeve lengths. Also, there are two wovens in the pile that I will add a little ease to the pattern, use a zipper and add a lining. The good thing is that she's not expecting these all at once. So I'm sewing a couple at a time. This is what I was referring to in my last blog post.

I didn't sew for the grandbabies this year because they grow to fast! However, I am sewing for their mother and her sister in 2018. So look for finished versions of the dresses on the blog sooner rather than later! always more later!


  1. How nice of you to sew for her! And amazing that she lost all the baby weight! (I still struggle with that 3 babies and 8 months down the road)

  2. Lucky daughter! M6886 is my go-to dress pattern; it is versatile and quick to sew! Your version to match the grandbabies is beautiful. What a gorgeous family!

  3. I love the pic of your daughter and grandbabies. Beautiful. So looking forward to your creations for her. Happy Holidays

  4. Adorable girls!!! I agree sewing for the kids is a waste since they grow so fast!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  5. How wonderful for your daughter to have such a talented mother. I'll be looking forward to seeing the dresses you make.

  6. Lucky daughter! I look forward to seeing your creations for her.

  7. Momma Swag!! (I have a bit of that too!)

  8. I had forgotten just how cute the mom and little girl dresses were from the photo in this post. I know your daughter is excited to have new clothes!

  9. GIVE ME ALL OF THOSE B/W PRINTS!!!! :) And I recognize that sateen on top <3

    Can't wait to see her modeling the new dresses!!

    1. LOL! You and your love of black 'n white prints! Yes, it is the same sateen that you made your skirt from. Imma have to play with it to get a dress out of it but it should be a fun challenge.

  10. I am excited to see what you will make from the lovely fabrics your daughter chose!

  11. Children do grow quickly, and usually their clothing is much cheaper than for us. Making for your daughters is such a wonderful, I'd call it a mitzvah, or a good deed. It will save her money, fit better, and after all you have to do something with that fantastic collection of yours! I love all of the fabrics you've chosen and your daughter will look fabulous.

  12. I'm so excited for this series! i love seeing people fit onto a new body shape, and I know you are going to make your daughter some great items!


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