Tuesday, January 09, 2018

The NYC Sewcialist Soiree...

...was held on one of the coldest days of the year! The coldest days of the year people! -13F degrees and I don't do cold!  If I wasn't involved in the planning of this, I might not have attended because it was that dayum COLD! However, I'm so glad I was there! 

First a few comments about my outfit. When we planned this I fully intended to make me a sparkly pretty new party dress. Then the first weather reports came in about how cold it was gonna be and I thought okay maybe I will make it, take it and change. Ummmm no! Since the tri-state area was on Day 11 of a 13 day arctic weather blast, that minus degree temperature just made me want to be warm and comfortable.

So I wore my Rivermont peplum top, some black leggings and my Steve Madden embroidered mules. I'm telling you, warm and comfortable were the key words of the day! LOL!

Picture stolen from Marcy Harriell (@oonaballoona)

A few pictures from the Event ~

The Event Space...

The Attendees...

The Pattern Swap Table...

The Food Spread...

The Sponsors...
I really want to thank all of the sponsors who donated gifts for the event. You were all amazing to work with and were so gracious and liberal with your donations. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You can see all the gifts donated and the winners here.

photo credit:  Syreetabriana IG

If you're interested in learning about future events, and have an Instagram account, follow the NYSewcialHour to receive updates.

A final thank you to the three most amazing women who were on the committee with me.  Syreeta (IG: Syreetabriana) the most organized, creative, woman with the most amazing follow through. We wouldn't have done any of this without you because YOU were the driving force. Claire (IG: domesticcoquinette) the hostess with the mostest! The food was AMAZING all because of you. I'm still in awe of the spread you created and the cake was divine. 

Grace (IG: wzrdreams) there would have been no Soiree to have if you and Carol (IG:makeitanywear) hadn't thought up the NYSewcial Hour that meets the last Tuesday of every month at The Houndstooth Pub in the NYC Garment District. So thank you for wanting to spend time with other sewists and starting the ball rolling!

As far as sewing and my sewcation, I finished three pieces before the Christmas Crud claimed me and I went to bed.  Even though I didn't finish a lot of pieces, I'm glad that I did have the time to sew and get the piece of mind that sewing brings me.  My photographer will be available MLK weekend, so photos and blog posts then.

...as always more later!   


  1. You guys did such a terrific job and it was, indeed, a fantastic event. Sparkles, schmarkles, you looked fabulous!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Well, except for that -13F part.

  3. It looks like so much fun!
    I totally understand your outfit choice of warm and comfort :) !
    Oh, and macaroons!!!! That alone would make me happy!

  4. looks like fun! one of the things that struck me was the ethnic diversity this event drew (of course, not being in attendance, I'm only going on photos!). Love our open and inclusive sewing community.

    1. Ryann - it is one of the good things about NYC! And yes, it was a very diverse crowd. The pictures tell a true story.

  5. I'm so jealous! It looks like you all had so much fun.

  6. Oh my, so much fun, Carolyn! How I wish I could come and meet you over in New York some day... it's on my bucket list. Maybe when it's not so cold though... seriously, I would DIE!

    1. Carolyn - I would love to meet you too! I wish I was one of those sewists that liked to travel but I'm honestly happy at home...so I will have to wait for you to make your way here. I would love to take you to my favorite fabric stores! Definitely when it's warmer though 😁!

  7. It looks like a great event. Although I’m shivering at the sight of a few bare shoulders there when it’s so cold outside!

  8. oh my gosh it looks like it was amazing, and kudos to everyone for getting out in the cold to help make it happen! I hope to attend one of these events one day, though I'll probably just stand in the corner and gawk awkwardly at all the talented sewists. :)

  9. Feeling a wee bit envious (though not of the weather!), well done to everyone for organising and participating in this event!

  10. Oh my that is cold but it looks like you had an amazing turn out and so lovely to see so many faces.

  11. It looks like it was such a fun event - I'm jealous I don't live closer! And yeah, I can't even wrap my brain around -13! Warm and comfy sounds like a great plan for that event. LOL


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