Sunday, February 24, 2019

And The Winner Is...

First ~
I will be watching the Red Carpet Arrivals for the Oscars tonight.  I love awards season just for the beautiful gowns & dresses the actresses wear. So I will be planted in front of my TV watching the parade.  I'm also kinda invested in some of the award categories and will be waiting to hear..."and the winner is?"

Second ~
Seguing into the winners of the two pdf patterns for the Dover Jacket..."AND THE WINNER IS!"

Diane who owns the blogs SewInspirational and Quilt by Design


Mary Jackson

Please send me an email at cnorman underscore 98 at yahoo dot com. I will forward your information to Diane at Blue Dot Patterns who will work with you to get your patterns.

Third ~
I have been crocheting way more than I've been sewing. But I do have this cut out waiting to be sewn...

...and this on my dressform waiting to be finished

(a little sewing cave realness in the background)

I don't know how much sewing I will be doing today because Academy Awards! *LOL* Will you be watching? always more later!


  1. I will be watching as well! ;) I enjoy seeing your works in progress. M7912 is a great pattern, and I think your fabric choice will really shine!

  2. Thanks for the "trailers" for your upcoming productions! staying tuned! I almost bought that pattern, so looking forward to seeing your version in those lovely fabrics. I won't be watching the red carpet but it sounds like fun, so enjoy yourself.

  3. I have that McCall's on the way, and can't wait to make it up too. Looking forward to seeing yours!

  4. So thrilled that I am one of the recipients of the Dover Jacket pattern. When I first read this post, I thought it was a different Diane. When I reread it tonight, I realized it was me! What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much Carolyn. It is especially appreciated since you are such an inspiration to sewers (sewists) all - regardless of size. Can't wait to see you will be modeling next.


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