Sunday, October 06, 2019

September/End of Summer Sewing

I do these end of month updates mostly to remind myself of what I've sewn and to keep track of my fabric in/out totals.  I'm late this month because I haven't felt much like sewing or doing anything sewing related...and surprisingly I'm good with that.

I accomplished my summer goals of adding more maxi dresses and a couple of maxi skirts to my wardrobe. I was thrilled that I was able to use a TNT pattern to get the maxi dresses I wanted. And my Doctor changed my medication so that by the end of the summer, the swelling I was experiencing went away, I lost a few pounds, and I was finally able to wear some of the knee length dresses I'd made in summers past.

Overall a good summer of sewing. 

Now to September totals...
I did buy fabric in September though it was my intent NOT to do so.  

I bought 24 yards of fabric from Chic Fabrics (NYC), and Fabric Mart.

I cut out 26.5 yards of fabric so while I had 2.5 more yards out than in, my YTD totals still need some work.

Total In YTD:   289 yds
Total Out YTD: 237.25 yds

The only good thing here is that those numbers are close. At the rate I'm going I'm not sure I'm closing the gap by the end of the year. It is what it is because honestly I love fabric and I'm thrilled that I'm being much more conscious about what I purchase instead of just purchasing everything.

Garments Made...
I made four garments in September and finally shared the Mysotsis Maxi Hack that I completed in August. A garment a week works out about right especially since I spent one weekend altering a pattern and cutting out pieces for future sewing.

I've made my list of items I want to sew for the fall/winter season wth a theme - "Comfortable and Warm!" I have a couple of new patterns to use, a couple of RTW garments to knock off, and a bunch of shirts to sew! I even plan on sewing some solid color shirts...y'know some basics.

Here's what's been hanging out on my dressform...'s almost finished 'cause like I said earlier my sewjo is on hiatus. I do have a cut pile for when it returns so I will be ready to dive in and continue making... always more later!


  1. Loving the check top! Can't wait to see you in it! Great job on your September sewing.

  2. I agree with Bonnie. The check top is going to be so much fun to wear !

  3. The red check/gingham work-in-progress is looking fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished top!

  4. Love Love Love the red checks in all sizes, so much fun.

  5. Your new fabrics are beautiful! I hope they give you some inspiration.

    I'm feeling as if this is my last week of sewing for a month, because I have things I must do for each weekend until mid-November, and then....Thanksgiving planning. So, really, it could be a long time. There are always good reasons why sewjo leaves us, but it's such a joy when it returns!

  6. Loving what you have on your dress form. Enjoyed seeing your makes for the summer. My sewing mojo has been very low but have one project complete for upcoming 50 year high school reunion!

  7. The red checks blouse is divine! Great use of fabric!

  8. I, too, love the red checkered blouse - fun! When your sewing mojo returns you'll be ready to hit the machine and go. The cut pile is so working for you and me. I was sewing like a machine in September mainly due to my cut pile. Thanks for inspiring me! Karen

  9. I wish I managed to sew 4 pieces a month. That's impressive. You are always an inspiration. I do like the fabric what you purchased this month.

  10. Hi Carolyn

    You haven't been posting as frequently as you normally do. Hope everything's alright. Be well.


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