Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Before after and already...

I made McCalls 7385 in August 2016 after I'd lost 35 lbs., started a new job and was getting used to a new dress code.  It was a wonderful maxi dress, comfortable, easy to wear and maybe I was a tad overdressed, but I loved wearing it. Last summer I gained back all of the weight I lost and it became to hard to zip up. 

At first I was going to put it in the donation pile. After some thought I decided to recycle the zipper and the skirt portion. The bodice was tossed. I was having a Myosotis moment and decided the skirt could be used for another one.

I pulled out some leftover white linen (I love my fabric collection!) and cut a bodice, a collar, undercollar and short sleeves. Then I put the pieces in my cut pile. Somehow, it got lost under the other garments in the pile. I found it recently when I was moving things around in the Sewing Cave.  Since I was on another Myosotis riff, I thought now was the perfect time to finish it off.

However, as I constructed the dress, I made some changes to it. 
o  The collar, undercollar and short sleeves were omitted. 
o  To finish off the neckline, I turned it down 1/2" and topstitched it flat. 
Now I fully admit this was lazy. 
o  I was doing some somersaults in my head on how to make a bias binding facing that would clean finish the neckline. 
o  I decided I wasn't sewing couture so this was good enough. 
o  The armholes are bound with white bias binding from the notions collection.

Supplies Used ~
1 yard white linen
2 yards white bias binding 
3 5/8" white mother of pearl buttons
Interfacing from Farmhouse Fabrics 

Everything was already in the sewing cave. It just needed to be rounded up and used. May I say yet again how much I love my fabric & notion collections!

A Few Pictures ~

It's not perfect but it's good enough. I can wear it this summer plus I've recycled a piece and added it back to my wardrobe. 

I feel like I'm finally adjusting to this #sewstayhome situation. I've stopped working against my natural body rhythms and just going with the flow with everything. It's made it easier to get through my days and it's put my sewing into prospective...which I've been doing more of lately.

The grandkids were here with their Mother and there's only so 
much social distancing you can do with little people!

Another dress comes to the blog next... always more later!


  1. Great recycling of a pretty fabric! And my, your grand has grown!

  2. I really like this fresh and pretty dress, perfect for Spring. I am sewing more than I have for years and loving it. Not ready to go back to reality any time soon 😁

  3. I'm so glad you saved the skirt. The fabric is lovely.

  4. I like the refashioned dress to your Mysotis dress version! I am glad you were able to save the pretty floral fabric.

  5. What a great idea! The white bodice really freshens up the print.

  6. So glad you were able to rescue the amazing print of the skirt!

    This is my new mantra: "It's good, and it's enough."

    Am adding it to "Dust does not worry about you" and "If you can't be bright, at least you can dress brightly."

    1. LinB - oooooohhhhh I like this "If you can't be bright, at least you can dress brightly." I'm going to have to remember this!

  7. Love your dress! At this moment I am jealous of your fabric stash :-) wishing I had bought more before the stay in place order. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Sheseams - thanks! I want to shout it to the rooftops about my wise fabric collecting over the years but then I don't really want to sound obnoxious! LOL! However, there still are a lot of online sites that are still shipping with relatively short delivery times...I mean if you really need a fabric fix! *smile*

  8. Oooooo, that fabric! Love it so much. Both dresses are beautiful and it's great that you got a new one instead of getting rid of an old one.

  9. I love the contrast of the white on top! It makes the print pop even more! Nice save!

  10. I love this version better than the first one. It looks so cool, both in vibe and temperature.

    Also, your hair looks gorgeous. Keep on doing whatever you're doing! :D

  11. You have that incredible stash and here you are with this awesome recycle! You go, girl! Very pretty.

    1. Bunny - well the collection did come in handy for the top of the refashion! ;) Thanks!

  12. Carolyn I actually prefer your remake over the original one! You did a great job with your upcycle and I’m with you on loving have a nice big fabric and notions stash... there’s no such thing as ever having too much fabric. I’ve been going through my fabric stash and really loving so much of what I already have. Although I do have to admit I’ve added quite a few pieces to my collection lately as I seem to have caught my sewing clothes bug once again. I haven’t sewn much for myself over the last few years since I started working in a clothing store but having had time off work for several weeks and rearranging my sewing rooms I’ve definitely got the sewing for myself bug once again. The last couple of years I’ve mainly been sewing orders for other people but decided to take a break from that and I think I’m going to love sewing for me once again. Looking forward to seeing many more of your gorgeous creations and creativity. Chris xx

  13. Your 1st dress looks so beautiful! It looks good on you. I like the fabric you chose. Good thing you kept the lower part and fixed it! I got rid of my matron of honor dress I made for my sister's wedding. It took me awhile to make. I didn't like how it fit. Donated it and hopefully woman that bought liked it.
    I've not seen my grandkids since thanksgiving. Sigh!
    Take ❤ care.


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