Saturday, July 25, 2020

An Embroidered Sleeve Shirt

I don't normally sew shirts in the summer because it's too dayum hot to be wearing a lot of layers.  But work from home Carolyn, sits in air conditioning every the sewing cave is extra cold what with air conditioning and being underground.

Some days I grab a shirt and a pair of leggings to work in. The other day I had to run an errand during the middle of the day, so I grabbed the QVC Denim Shirt and my white denim leggings to wear. When I got home I wore them for the rest of the day and they were perfect for the Zoom meeting I had later that afternoon.

So when I saw this tunic on JJill, I knew I owned a piece of embroidered shirting to reproduce it.

Actually I only used the sleeve idea from the tunic, matching it with the pattern pieces I used on the QVC denim shirt. I wanted more of a shirt than a loose tunic. There are no construction changes for this one. 

The challenge was to use my fabric to it's best advantage to make the shirt I saw in my head. I've had this piece from Chic Fabrics for a minute (longer than a year but not more than two). I've pulled it out multiple times to use but the fabric and idea never worked well together. So back in the fabric collection it would go. Pattern placement was the key to making this shirt work.

Supply List ~
3 yards of embroidered striped shirting from Chic Fabrics
10 white buttons from Nancy's Notions in PA
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller
20" of 1/4" elastic from the notions collection

The best thing about this supply list is that everything was already in the sewing cave. Yeah, I'm throwing in that justification for my overstuffed sewing cave every chance I can get! *LOL* Believe me I'm not complaining because all of this stuff was comforting and allowed me to sew when we were quarantined.

A Few Pictures ~

While this is a comfortable and easy shirt to wear, the polyester in it makes it more a three season shirt than four. I was definitely warm taking pictures outside today. However, it does fit perfectly in my shirt wardrobe and will be worn at home or when the weather cools a little.

I love how by just changing the pattern pieces from my TNT shirt pattern that I've got a really cute shirt to wear. This is how I like to sew. It's the perfect example of what I meant in my previous post.  Expect to see more of this type of sewing! always more later!



  1. Oh, but it's lovely and you are lovely in it. You've elevated the classic striped shirt. Well done.

  2. Such a beautiful shirt!...I very much enjoy the way that you have used the border print in the entire shirt but especially as the back yoke!

  3. This is so pretty. I like your version even better than the inspiration. Love the placement of the embroidery and the contrast with the stripes.

  4. Outstanding! Your shirt is adorable. I am new to your blog & was wondering what you TNT shirt pattern is. It is so flattering.

  5. "The challenge was to use my fabric to it's best advantage"

    Well, Carolyn, you nailed it. Striking shirt.

    Looking at your finished garments over the years has been like having a class in doing just that.

  6. I'm entranced! The sleeves and yoke are perfection.

  7. that is a great version of the tunic that inspired it. looks so great, a cool and crisp look. It would also work really well with jeans. I really like the idea of the embroidery as the motif on the sleeves,

  8. Love, love the pattern placement!

  9. your interpretation is actually cuter than the inspiration garment.--anne

  10. Those sleeves are perfection 💙

  11. Love the embroidery - so pretty!


  12. I am so happy to see that you have got your "sewjo" up and running again and are once again making lovely things. I think this is what keeps us sane in this crazy world! All the best to you.

  13. Carolyn, you are the queen of creative border-print construction! Love the extra surprise of the back yoke, too.

  14. Super cute and before we know it, we'll have cool, breezy mornings and evenings.

    Well, you later than's currently 67 degrees in Minneapolis :-p

  15. I can't believe it's 67 degrees there...that's definitely fall here! Today it's going up to 90. It's been some variation of 90s - 100s here for about 2 weeks. Hot, humid, sunny and thunderstorms!

  16. My first thought upon seeing your shirt was "Ooh, pretty!" It was a good thing to wait for the perfect idea for this fabric.

    1. Carol - I'm glad I waited too! Though there may still be 2-3 embroidered shirtings in the fabric collection waiting their turns too! :)

  17. I love it! The use of fabric is so awesome, and I'm always so inspired when you do variations on your previously used patterns.

  18. I love this! I think it looks even better than the one you gained inspiration from.

  19. I like your interpretation far better than the inspiration garment. Lovely!


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