Saturday, March 20, 2021

Midway though March

I've been sewing. A LOT! I'm turning things out faster than I can take pictures of them because the sewing/creating is the most important thing to me. Yeah I've got a groove going. The days are getting's starting to feel like spring...and my sewjo is hopping! 

A picture of my sewing rack as it appears now.

So a few things...

o I've been using a lot of new patterns.

I made a promise to myself that I would try harder to sew some of the many patterns I've purchased over the years. I've reverted to my TNT patterns so much that the other patterns have been pushed aside. New patterns take time and since I'm home every day with no wearing deadlines, I've decided to take the time and enjoy these new journeys.  So there will be more new patterns used and shared.

o Using fabric and notions stash

While I did feed the sewjo beast last month with new fabric purchases, this month I've been pulling fabrics from the collection to sew. All buttons and bindings have come from stash. I have an amazing collection of buttons and I've been trying to use something from it for every button project.

o Learning new places to take pictures

My picture taking had become rote because my last place had a perfect white wall and was lushly landscaped outside. Somehow I've managed to put furniture or stuff on all the walls here! LOL! It may be because it's a smaller space or it may be I was thinking more design than photography. Anyway, learning what's the best time to shoot inside and where has been challenging. It has also added to my back up of sewn garments making it to the blog. Once spring arrives and the trees bloom, there are loads of places in my new complex that will work and I hope to use.

o Learning new techniques

Due to my partnership with Janome, I feel like I should use the new features that Instagram offers, as well as learning to videotape some of the things I do at the sewing machine. I've purchased a ring light and I'm still working on making videos but sooner or later links will show up to online video shorts. No I'm not starting a YouTube channel. Maintaining a blog and an Instagram feed are about all I can handle and still sew.

o Burda Pattern Magazine Inspiration 

Along with using more of my fabric, notions and pattern stash, I took the time to review some of the Burda Pattern Magazines I have stored. I found so much inspiration in those magazines, that I've added a few patterns to my spring/summer sewing. Because at this point what's the difference between tracing a pattern and altering it to downloading, printing, taping, tracing and then altering a pattern. Especially since I'm not finding much inspiration in the Big4 patterns.

Here is some of the Burda goodness...

o Repurposing my sewing loft

I really like sewing in the winter sewing room probably because I just cut and sew there. The way the room is set up you can't see a lot of the sewing paraphernalia when you enter my space. So I have plans to put some shelves on the walls and lift everything off the floor. Add some pretty baskets to use on the shelving, curtains and putting the Mixtiles I purchased on the main wall.

The Sewing Loft will become a resource center. All of my fabric, patterns and sewing extras like buttons, zippers, bindings etc. will continue to be stored there. It allows the winter sewing room to be used for sewing and cutting and the loft to be a center for everything else. Nothing will be cramped or overcrowded and both spaces will allow me to breathe creatively.

Now I have a plan I need to execute it. When its done I will share pictures of it here.

That's my mid-March update! There are more garments to come since I have been sewing. always more later!


  1. You've been a busy bee. I don't know how you get the energy but your sewjo is sure back. I really love the beautiful floral on black you used for your Pembrook top. Good to hear from you again.

  2. Wow, you are back with a vengeance and we are going to be the happy recipients with all your wonderful blogs. I love how flexible you are with using the two rooms and setting new goals. Agree with your assessment of Burda magazine too. There was always so many different styles that you couldn't find any where else. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Finally, glad you are doing so well and hopefully staying safe. Jean

  3. I think our spaces are such fluid things and realizing that and adapting so it works for you is super important. I'm so happy you are figuring out how to really make it work. Again, I'm so inspired by you, what you've made, the beautiful Burda patterns you found - it's all just so good and I know when you are done with it - it will be fantastic! g

  4. I'm feeling the Burdas, I've struggled with inspo lately.

  5. So glad you're using your space as you see fit.

    I love me so me Burda. LOVE the patterns you highlighted.

  6. OOh, just look at your sewing rack! Your are really sewing up a storm, and I love it. We will all enjoy seeing some Burda inspiration appear. The green one looks very clever. I have not done Burda for years as tracing off the patterns always seems difficult. But their designs are great. happy sewing.

  7. Carolyn, have you heard of using a projector for sewing? It's where you use a .pdf pattern and project it onto the fabric and then cut your pattern out directly on the fabric, without printing and taping the pattern first! It's awesome! You can do grading on the computer first, too, or you can adjust it by tracing directly onto the fabric, depending on your needs. I'm a member of a Facebook group at that you might want to check out.

    BTW, I love seeing all of the clothing you make, you're so inspiring!


    1. Connie - yes I've heard of it. I've seen some sewists use it. I just haven't been impressed enough to purchase the equipment necessary.

  8. I've been debating a pulldown screen in my sewing space. Like you, I just don't have a free wall for photos. I can do some on my deck, but I don't like it when it's too hot or too cold, lol.


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