Wednesday, March 31, 2021

What I sewed in March 2021

I started March out like gangbusters.  My sewjo was firing on all cyclinders...

  1. Pembroke Tops
  2. Verona Maxidress
  3. Vogue 9299 Tunic

...and then nuthin'. Absolutely nuthin... So March came in like a lion and definitely went out like a lamb for my sewjo.

I can attribute this to several factors ~

1. Work - I got new responsibilities so I was hyper focused on work

2. My cut pile - has two pieces in it.  I want to sew both but am not inspired to sew either without adding more to the cut pile.

3. I haven't felt like cutting out anything.

4. Taking pictures - truly the bane of my existence this year is taking pictures. I discussed this some in my last post. To make picture taking easier, i.e., by myself, I need to make changes to several things and purchase some more equipment. I've been dragging my feet on buying more stuff. 

Fabric ~

As you know I'm the owner of my own personal fabric collection and am loathe to add more tenants to the co-op.  However, Mood Fabrics is stalking me on IG. I succumbed to temptation and purchased the following:

Now this purchase has done wonders for the sewjo so I want to spend a day cutting - both old and new fabric! BTW, both of these fabrics are AH-MAZ-ING! You should check them out.

Sewn but not Shared Garments ~

I really wanted to do a series of fall/winter/early spring Myosotis dresses so I cut out three.  Two of the three have been completed.  Instead of waiting for the third one, which was my original intent, I'm sharing the first two soon just in case I move the third one to fall sewing.

Again, sharing depends upon picture taking...*sigh*

Moving forward ~

My sewing list is still working for me...I just need to cut some things out so when I feel like sewing, everything will be there waiting. Oh and I want like four more Vogue 9299 tunics. I must wear this tunic once a week since it's been finished. So more of these will be coming to the blog this summer.

I'm looking forward to April because warmer weather, longer days and more sewing. always more later!


  1. I so understand wanting to have that cut pile...How it all starts there. The excitement and anticipation.
    Not only is my main machine down (a Janome btw) but the dog knocked over my backup machine and that is down too. It is forcing me to work on my UFO pile of buttons, hems, tacking down facings etc.
    Don't get me wrong, I do find handstitching relaxing but it means I can't move forward on new projects (aka creating a cut pile)
    In desperation, I threaded my old serger and have been cutting and serging up Ellie and Mac socks to feed the beast.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics from Mood. Can't wait to see them made up!

  3. I like your new fabric additions! I also think you sewed some amazing garments for March even if your sewjo stifled a bit after you finished them.

  4. Well done sis. I also have been sewing so many things from masks to hand bags and sports wear. I could open a shop.

  5. If it's a plain white wall you are missing for indoor photos, would it work to buy a tension rod to put up across a doorway and drape it with fabric? Either from your stash or a bed sheet. Or a long length of fabric to hang from the loft railing for photo sessions? Fixing the outdoor situation might be a bit tougher.

    You've made more garments in March than I have in the past 2-ish years! Since retirement, I seem to have crossed to the quilting side of sewing. And needlework.

  6. Gorgeous fabrics and I may have to check those out! You were very productive in March. My sewjo is here one day and gone the next. I have been struggling with a Burda pattern and decided I am just too old to stress over the pattern so switched to another which is similar yet different but it will work for my fabrics plan.

  7. Me again! I never take photos of myself with great results. I will be interested in knowing what you are considering to take photos to use when you are the photography, please share in a future post.

  8. Linda - All of the garments photographed above were taken by me. So I've been taking my own pictures for years. I make sure that I have a well lit area from natural light and I put my camera on a tripod. I'm thinking about using a plain white background and purchasing a photography lamp so I don't have to always wait for bright sunny days. Also, some of the angles in my apartment that I thought would work well for photography have proven to be too dark. Honestly, it's proven a little more difficult than I thought it would to take pictures...but then again doing everything inside my 5 room apartment because of Covid has probably affected me too. It's been a long year!

  9. That twilight blue is beautiful, but you are not going to sucker me into another purchase this month!

    1. SJ - you say that now. But that piece is on my cutting table right now. So when it's made up I don't wanna hear nothing about the fabric being sold out. Cause you know it takes a minute from purchased, to sew, to blog!

  10. Ahhhh. Those new additions are beautiful! And, your mojo is back - YAY!

    Always eager to see the pics and the plans :)


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