Monday, January 24, 2022

Playing with Stripes

This shirt is inspired by a fellow sewist, Pauline, who's IG handle is Jamaican Princess 215. I wanted to use a shirt fabric to make another version of the Vogue 9299 tunic. I've got loads of these "business" type shirting fabrics in the collection, so finding ways to use them for my lifestyle now is an ongoing challenge. Using the fabric for this tunic is more reflective of who I am now.

Because I chose to use a stripe shirting, I got to play with the stripes. It's the part that really excited me about using it for this tunic. It also went along with the fabric journey I was on using various borderprints to create new looks. 

Supplies ~

3 yards cotton shirting from the fabric collection via Fabric Mart

10 buttons from Nancy's Notions in Lancaster, PA

Pattern - Vogue 9299 

This is my fifth version of this pattern. I've made it enough times now that's all about playing with fabric to make each one different. I also changed up the sleeves on this one. The previous four had elastic sleeve hems. I added a cuff to these sleeves from my TNT shirt pattern. I wanted to pay homage to the fabric and give it more a shirting tunic look.

Because this one is made from shirting fabric it also fits a little closer than my previous versions. Adding a layer under it (the sleeveless turtleneck top) also made a difference. Finally it's always amazing how much fabric can change how a garment's made, wears and fits.

Ultimately, my goal is to have a wardrobe of these that I can wear in all seasons with either leggings, jeans or capris. It's comfortable, easy to wear and covers my body which is important to me. I have one more to share and then I'm giving the pattern a rest. At the end of 2020, I bought several indie and Big4 tops that I want to try.

So a Few Pictures ~

Conclusion ~

This is one of my holiday vacation sews. I got it to the point where it needed buttons and buttonholes and it sat. While I probably won't wear this until it gets a little warmer out, it did need to be documented.  

I have one more Vogue tunic on my cutting table in a quilting cotton borderprint that I bought from Zooks in Lancaster, PA during the August Sew Camp at Carriage Corners B&B

Next up are more holiday vacation sews. If you've been following along, you know I love a borderprint.  I made a couple of shirts using borderprints which are fun and interesting. Can't wait to share these with you! always more later!


  1. That's a great use of the shirting. I love the way you have used the stripes.
    I'm in a similar situation re work clothes and fabric stash - any idea what do do with the suitings and wools?

    1. I've actually cut and started to work on my TNT shirtdress using some stretch wool/rayon blend suiting. As I think of new ways to use them, I will share because I think it's a challenge that quite a few of us have now.

  2. Looks wonderful! Playing with fabric is what sewing is all about.

  3. Cute shirt! Love how you used the stripes in different directions.

  4. I believe this is my most favorite of your recent designs. The garment is very becoming to your figure and the stripe rotations are surprising. This seems like it's fun to wear!--anne

  5. This is cute and I want one. Thank you, bye :-p

  6. This looks great on you and I just love it. A good shirting fabric is wonderful to sew. The stripes make it fun (for me anyway) to match and work with. I also think this would be great for a zoom work call. There are a lot of beautiful makes out there but yours are always ones I want and feel I could wear. Can't wait to see the next ones. Jean

  7. Carolyn, I think that tunic is an inspired way to use up the shirting fabric, and I especially like the contrast of the stripes in two differnt directiobns. Looking at the side view of the stripes parallel to the floor, I think that patter could use a little more length in the area between your shoulder and the apex of your bust. You have it fitted so well i all other ways, that one tweek would make the front hang just a bit more smoothly and straight. Still, even without the tweek, that is a great way to use up “serious” or “business” shirting fabric.

  8. This is great and an easy, wonderful way to make your stereotypical shirting into a much more interesting and wearable shirt.

  9. Looks Good! Looks Comfortable! A total win!

  10. Stripes are such fun and offer such great creative opportunity. Great shirt, Carolyn.


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