Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sew Camp ~ August 2021

I got home from Sew Camp last Monday and I had an absolute blast! It was so invigorating to meet up with my sewing friends, talk and laugh, watch movies and TV shows together, fabric shop and sew a little bit. 

Sew Camp pre-pandemic was all about the sewing. This one was definitely heavier on the relationships and talking part. It's been awhile since I've seen my Sew Sisters in person and I wanted to drink them in! LOL! I took a lot of pictures so this post is very picture heavy!

Once more this was a private Sew Camp. My friends and I rented out Gaylen's B&B for a four day weekend. Did you know that she did that? I know she advertises it and a couple of other sewists have done it. If you want to spend some quality time in a safe place during these pandemic times, I would definitely reach out to Gaylen.

I left for camp on Thursday morning, headed to Lancaster via Amtrak. I have to say this was one of the nicest trips I've taken on Amtrak because I rode in business class. Loads of legroom, outlets to charge your phone and thankfully 2 seats to myself. 

I did take my Janome 9450QCP to Sew Camp and taking it on Amtrak was really easy. My regular little rolling suitcase is strapped to the top of my Tutto Sewing Machine Case using straps provided in the case. I love this case because not only did my sewing machine fit in but all of my sewing tools and projects fit too. There are so many pockets to place items which makes it a perfect carrier for sewing adventures.

We did base our Sew Camp on previous Sew Camps we've attended.  Everyone arrived on Thursday afternoon/evening/night. Most of us had dinner together and set up our sewing spaces.

Andrea and her Bernina Sewing Machine and Serger

LaQuana sewing on her Janome back-up 

Carol who flew in from Chicago is sewing on the Janome Gaylen keeps on hand

Friday ~

We traveled to Fabric Mart and shopped until we dropped. Fabric gems were purchased by us all.  Carol even came with an empty suitcase to fill, which she did!  

The obligatory shot with our goodies outside of Fabric Mart with Julie

Shopping in the store - so many goodies


LaQuana did not buy this piece!

Gaylen and LaQuana wearing Me-Made
(I may have bought some of that paneled fabric that Gaylen is wearing)

Carol in Me-Made

Julie cutting for the team...

We stopped for lunch at an Italian restaurant that I would like to eat at again. Next was a trip to Cedar Lane Dry Goods Store where we picked up buttons, bias binding and I got another cotton quilting panel print. I'm determined to get another panel print shirt made!

Last stop for the day was the Centerville Bulk Foods store which I highly recommend.  We bought candy, spices, and soup mixes. I've already used the chicken rub on a pan of baked chicken that was gobbled down quickly by me and my granddaughters.  

After that we headed back to the B&B. My fellow sew sisters headed to the Sewing Room after dinner but I did no sewing on Thursday or Friday evenings. I was so tired from my work week that I needed to decompress.

Saturday & Sunday ~

We decided as a group that we were only sewing Saturday and Sunday and not visiting any of the other fabric/notions stores. I mean we did come to sew and along with many conversations, that's what we did.

Q is the Queen of the Selfie and I loved this picture she posted to Instagram

...okay we also watched every episode of Making the Cut Season 2 and a few other movies too while we sewed and chatted.

So what did I sew? While I brought four projects with me, I only worked on two while there. I made another Vogue 9299 tunic and a seersucker version of the Verano dress. When I got home I worked on a maximized version of the Style Arc Jules Tunic.

Carol left Sunday evening. LaQuana left Monday morning and Andrea and I left Monday afternoon. It was THE perfect weekend! I highly encourage you to get your tribe together and plan a weekend. The last scheduled Sew Camp is this week and then Gaylen will release a schedule for 2022.

I will say finishing up these pieces at home sparked my sewjo. My cut pile is calling my name, as well as several of the new pieces of fabric that came home with me. There will be formal blog posts later this month/early September. My daughter has a full August with birthdays and school starting soon for the first time in 18 months.

Parting Shot ~

The granddaughters spent the final days of my vacation with me and I can't believe how much they've grown! always more later!


  1. Sew Camps are so much fun and so glad you managed to have a gorgeous weekend away with your sewing sisters, they are the best.

  2. Your Sew Camp break away sounds perfect! And what a lovely way to end your holiday, with your grandchildren :-)

  3. Lovely to see what a fab time you had at Sew Camp. Plus you have the most gorgeous grand- daughters! They have lovely smiles :-)

  4. I just love your seersucker shift. Really enjoyed finding your blog!

  5. That was a great sewing camp. Loved all the pics. Your granddaughters have truly grown.

  6. I would be so jealous except I too had a sew away in Maine last week with my two heart sew sisters. We ate out once and sewed and sewed and talked. Although visiting in the yard and garage briefly last year, it was so marvelous to sit (in PJ's, no masks ) and talk talk watch movies sip a little! wine and just relish the joy of loved friends who share so many commonalities. I love the idea of Galen's getaway and may consider this in future especially since the shopping is amazing-nothing in Maine like that!
    Glad to hear of your spectacular weekend.

    1. Peg - you should definitely contact her! The ambiance for sewing is fantastic. The rooms are beautiful and the food is fantastic. I highly recommend you and your friends picking a date and visiting together.

  7. So happy for you and your friends sew camp. Looks fabulous! Sewing, friends, shopping.... what's not to like.

  8. This looks so fun! Glad you were able to have a good time and have a nice vacation!

  9. what a fantastic trip - sounds like so much fun, especially after this crazy year.

  10. I didn't know about this, sounds like a great idea, live in Westchester ny,do you know if there's a group here, is there an age limit my mom is 98 still sewing,

  11. Oh My Goodness...I WANT TO COME TO CAMP WITH YOU LADIES!!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your sew camp. It always looks so much fun. We have just gone into lockdown due to the Delta variant finally hitting our shores. As it is only for 3 days at the moment we have been told to relax and not worry about work so I’m sewing. I have the Jules tunic so will check out your post on it before cutting. Your GD’s have grown so much, it has been wonderful to see them through the years. Jacqui from NZ

  13. Sew Camp looks like it was a wonderful time!

  14. Yay! Sew Camp is the literal best. Missed you guys.

    Love your new garments and can't wait to see the panel print shirt!

  15. The fit muslin on LaQuana is PERFECT! I aspire to be that good with my alterations.

    Your grand-daughters are lovely!

    It's so nice to see the people that you've posted about and with over the years, both friends and family. We've all watched the girls grow from sweet little infants to the young ladies they are becoming. Makes the world seem a little less large and unfriendly to know that friendships like this last for many years, despite hardships and world events. :) So glad you got to go and see your friends!

  16. First thing's first, the grandbabies are getting so big! Not really "babies" anymore, hunh? And so pretty. Next, thanks for taking pictures inside FabricMart. You know, you turned me on to FM many years ago, and I've gotten SO MANY wonderful pieces from them. Thanks for that, btw.

    Having seen the inside, it's kinda strange to see that it isn't as big as I'd imagined. Their website has so many wonderful things, I just figured that the brick and mortar, IRL store had to be massive. But, come to think of it, Ann Steeves' of Gorgeous Fabrics doesn't have a great big warehouse full of goods, but her website showcases lots of fabrics, as well.

    So glad everyone had a great time at Sew Camp!

  17. I am reading your blog with a big smile on my face, sew much fun!! What a fantastic weekend you had! I am attending a lingerie sew weekend in October (postponed for over a year due to covid) and organize one myself in much catching up to do!!


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