Saturday, March 11, 2023

Floral Pleather & Black Knit Wexford

I've hoarded this pattern since it was introduced for the Cashmerette Club. While it debuted last summer, I always knew I wanted The Wexford for a winter top. It reminds me of my Pembrokes and this white cotton top that I wear all the time.

Rambling through the fabric collection, I found this floral pleather that I used in a denim dress in 2016 and some black knit I bought from StyleMaker fabrics in 2021. I've used the black knit before in one of my house dresses.  

Seems like this black knit was purchased to be the assist in garments instead of the star player.  

Here are the players for this version...

This is an easy sew complicated only by the pleather fabric I chose for the front.  I like everything about this even though I did lengthen it 2" and may lengthen it 2 more inches for future versions.

I use to have a policy where I wouldn't wear a garment until it had been photographed.  Since I'm no longer always up to pictures, I wore this to work 2 weeks ago.  This was one time I wished I'd taken the pictures first because then I would have realized that my pleather was bad.

The pleather separated from the knit backing at the side seams and it fractured in other places on the front. It was so much that I was shedding white confetti or pieces of pleather EVERYWHERE.  The black knit pants I wore with the top were covered in white sprinkles.  Even my black sneakers looked like a box of confetti had blown up on them.

A Few Pictures of the Damaged Top  ~

This was definitely a fabric fail and not a pattern fail.  This top was very comfortable to wear and I will be making more. Actually have one cut out to sew now. 

This pattern is part of the Cashmerette Club of which I'm a member.  I don't download the pattern every month but the ones I do I really like. I really like this one so plan on seeing several more versions of it. always more later!


  1. The floral pleather is beautiful and it made a gorgeous top. How disappointing it was a fabric fail! I've had a few of those too, such is the sewing life. Looking forward to the next version of this pattern.

  2. The top shape/design does look comfortable, I can see why more versions are in the works. Too bad, the fabric did not hold up as well. Curious, how did the denim dress hold up the the pleather insert? Did you have the same issues?

    1. Graca - I donated the dress away about 3-4 years ago because I'd "grown" out of it. So I have no idea how the insert held up. Hopefully better than my top did!

  3. That was such a pretty top, pity it didn't even last one wearing!

  4. Thought/question on the fabric issue - seems odd that it didn't show up while sewing the top. Is it because wearing the completed top gave the fabric much more of a workout? Wearing the top would expose the fabric to more stretching, folding, and abrasion that it would have gotten during construction. Or is it possible that the fabric aged poorly in storage and maybe pressing was the final "insult" to it? Or who the heck knows and in the future any pleather will be tested thoroughly before being sewn up?

  5. SO SAD!! It looked great and must have been such a disappointment. I appreciate your honesty in sharing this frustrating experience.

  6. This had to be so frustrating but the print is darling. Can't wait to see what you sew up next.

  7. Sorry about the fabric. You just never know until you try sometimes. I’ve been thinking about the Wexford. I didn’t get to it last year and warm weather is coming so I’ve been eyeing it. Thanks for posting yours. It does look nice.


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