Thursday, March 16, 2023

It Feels Like Spring

The clocks have sprung forward an hour.  It's light longer and here on the East Coast it's been a relatively mild winter.  I, for one, haven't missed the snow piles or the bitterly cold days. So it's with a happy heart that I'm emerging from the darkness of winter and thinking of Spring.

My company has updated it's work from home policy and we're now required to be in the office 4 days a month. Since I absolutely HATE carting my laptop back and forth, I'm going to be in the office 2 days a week from now until at least October/November...which has made me want to sew some new garments.

I've been looking at the spring/summer offerings online, saving pics of items that caught my eyes.  These two interpretations of the same dress sparked an interest.

Probably because I've made it before and this dress is still hanging in my closet. 

It's from an out of print, Simplicity 2894 pattern. When I made it in 2017, I had planned to make more.  That never happened but I really want to make a few this year because it was an easy to wear, very comfortable dress.  I have several printed linens that would look amazing in this silhouette.  Of course I will maximize it since my ankles don't look as good as they did in 2017. 

I've been thinking about what I want to sew for spring.  Again it won't be a garment a week because I don't have the need even with going back to my office.  However, I'd like to add some different dress silhouettes to work with the dresses I made last year.  I'd also like to add some tops/blouses and toppers to wear over jeans. Realistically it doesn't get dress warm until late May/early June so a couple of those would be nice to add to my wardrobe too. 

Those are my thoughts as we roll further into March with Spring on the horizon... always more later!


  1. How disappointing S2894 is out of print. There are quite a few ready-to-wear dresses in this style in our boutiques, and I have been looking for just such a pattern too. I am sure you will make something absolutely fabulous and up to the minute. Can't wait to see it, and going back to the office is a good reason for a new dress or two. Happy sewing.

    1. There are still copies of the pattern available on Etsy and eBay. I would look there for one.

  2. I'm confused about why having to go in 4 days a month results in you going in nearly half time? But I just wanted to mention that a friend was having the same laptop schlepping hatred problem, and improved the situation a lot with just a little hardware duplication. Extra charging cables and mice for home are very cheap, and mean you're only carrying the laptop itself, which is a lot more manageable, lighter and especially less bulky. I also used for a long while a simple neoprene envelope, which means you dont need a separate laptop bag, you can just slip it into your handbag. In fact I just sewed a perfectly adequate one recently from bra foam 😁. So anyways, you might end up using a slightly larger handbag, but taking a laptop to work by no means requires extra luggage..

    1. M-C - I only carry my laptop, no extra cables or mouse. Also, I'm going in 8-10 days a month because of my dislike of carrying my laptop back and forth. Finally, I WALK a portion of my journey to work. I probably wouldn't mind so much if I got in a car, drove to work with the laptop on the seat next to me, pulled up to my job and got out. Instead I commute with the public and have a 15 minute walk once I get off the train. Getting a backpack has helped but I still hate carting the laptop.

  3. Carolyn, having read your above post a looked to a pattern that I recently.... (at least in the last 4 months) purchased. Simplicity S8983. Haven't used it yet... but it looks promising.

  4. Happy spring sewing!

    I’m glad you’re planning some goodies. That dress is really cute. I hope to get my sewing room set up some time in the next month. I’m ready to sew.

    We’ve only been required to be in once a week but, I dislike working from home so much. I just don’t find it all that awesome at this point. And I hate carrying a laptop back and forth too.

    I usually go in T/W and sometimes M/T/W just so I can leave it there. I don’t have the same commute but I do have about a 10 minute walk after parking my car and the extra weight of the machine is a burden. Meh.

  5. When I saw the inspo pictures I was thinking of a different Simplicity pattern, and I can see the pattern illustration, but have no idea of the number. Although 8983 would also work. I imagine whatever you use will be awesome! And yes - schlepping stuff back and forth to work is, well, work. g


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