Saturday, May 06, 2023

A Blue & White Hope

Last year I was on a real tear to purchase blue & white toile type prints. I ended up buying a blue & white print that was similar to a toile and an actual blue & white toile. I was really proud that I only bought two pieces! I'm even prouder that I'm using one for my next Hope.

Of course this is the Hope Dress using the extension pack and it's exactly the same as the funeral dress.  As with all remakes, I improve something with the next version.  For this one, I shortened the length of the elastic I used in the sleeve hems.  I also left the pockets off this one too.

Materials ~

The fabric is a 100% digital linen shirting from StyleMaker Fabrics purchased last year and it's still available to purchase.  

The four 3/4" white buttons are from my button collection purchased so long ago I have no idea where I bought them. 

I used 26" of 5/8" elastic for the sleeve hem casings.  The pattern recommends 1/4" but that would get lost on my body so I changed it.

That's it.  A nice, easy, relaxing sew where I just took the journey.

A Few Pictures ~

(feeling like a matron on an English cliffside with the wind blowing!)

I have fabric set aside for one more version of the Hope Dress using the bias bound, tie front bodice and the original sleeves.  That will be enough for awhile since I will have three different Hopes in my spring/summer wardrobe (not including the funeral dress).  If you don't have this pattern yet, I highly recommend it! always more later!


  1. Well, this post finally pushed me over the edge and I just bought the dress and the expansion pack. The blue and white looks splendid on you!

    1. You will be happy you bought it. I presently have another one on my cutting table cause this pattern is that good!

  2. Such a pretty silhouette on you. I really like the sleeves and the fabric is so pretty. I think this might be my favorite "Hope" of yours. Jean

  3. So very pretty and the sleeves are such a lovely touch.

  4. This lovely and looks like spring. I need that fabric. Thank you for helping me grow my stash. 😉

  5. Okay - this is another winner! It's like the perfect summer dress. I like the wider elastic at the sleeve hems. Also, this slimmer fitting bodice is perfect. g

  6. Lisa PellegriniMay 06, 2023 6:03 PM

    I absolutely love that dress! It looks beautiful on you. The fabric is fantastic!

  7. I love this dress. It is perfect for spring and summer!

  8. You look so pretty in this dress. The fabric is lovely. My granddaughter wore a blue and white toile print to prom this year.

  9. Nancy Karpen. You look ready for spring. Beautiful dress

  10. so good to see your post again ,I was a follower yrs ago & recently hit back into blogging luv your dress & looking forward toote beautiful posts

  11. This is just really pretty and you look fantastic. I love it!


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