Sunday, February 14, 2010

Next Up is Butterick 5446

Lately I've been feening for jackets.  I mean really wanting new and different styles to put together with pants, skirts and dresses to wear to work.  As you know I work in a very professional workplace which requires a lot of suit outfits.  Now I have no problems coming up with outfits from late March to early December when the temperatures aren't in the single digits or there isn't so much snow on the ground.  However, from late December through the beginning of March I tend to live in pants.

I know there are many women who are fans of pants...and I believe they have their purpose in my wardrobe, but they are not my most favorite article of clothing to wear.  So now that I'm deep into the coldest part of the year there is just no escaping the fact that I wear pants more than skirts or dresses.  Of course to me, this is the area of my wardrobe with the biggest holes because I need quite a few jackets to balance out the pants and have a "proper" suit type look.

However, I HATE notched collar quite uncomfortable in them...and just don't wear them.  It has taken me a minute to acquire enough patterns and inspiration looks to come up with some different jacket now I'm feening for new jackets.

Butterick 5446 is one of the new spring pattern offerings from Butterick.  The description on the back of the pattern envelope is:

"Misses' Jacket:  Loose-fitting, unlined jackets, slightly below waist length have collar, double breasted front button closures and stitched hems.  View A has short sleeves with button and button loop closures.  View B has elbow length sleeves."

Butterick 5446
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I like this pattern because it reminds me of the yellow version of the Michael Kors suit that Michelle Obama has worn:

You know just to continue my ongoing fascination with her wardrobe! *LOL*

As usual I'm using the bones of the pattern with some slight alterations.  After reading through the instruction sheet, I realize that the only closures on this jacket are at the top neckline and I'm wondering if wearing it through the day will cause it to flap open unattractively.  So I'm going to add a side tie at the waistline to help with keeping it closed.  If that doesn't work I will try some snaps but the tie will be my first choice. 

My second change will be to the sleeves.  Okay, those large bell shaped sleeves are quite trendy...just a little too trendy for me.  I will shave a little of the width off below the elbow and add elastic to a casing at the sleeve hem.  Still trendy but a little more office appropriate, to me.

My fabric is in the dryer...its some of that blue/black polyester brocade from the Vera Lavendar collection from  It was one of the few $1.95 per yard purchases I made...I mean I've bought so much of it during the previous sales that there was very little left that I wanted when the last few pieces were reduced to $1.95 a yard. 

I don't have many pattern alterations to make and I'm also planning on making a pair of black lined pants to go with the jacket.  The black pants will be one of the bottoms in my SWAP collection so even though I am making something new...I am pairing it with something from the SWAP and killing two birds with one stone!

Well I'm off to sew and I'm sure that I will have more to share later!


  1. I have some of that Vera Wang blue/black brocade, thinking of making a skirt with it. Looking forward to seeing your jacket!

  2. I just bought this pattern on Thursday! I can't wait to see what you make with it. I was thinking of using a red embroidered twill that I have that I didn't realize until I started laying out the pattern that I originally had in mind that while the fabric itself is 60 inches wide, the embroidery doesn't go to the edge, and makes it the same as 45 inch wide fabric. I was thinking of making the short-sleeved version with it. I can't wait to see what your jacket looks like!!

  3. Super cute pattern, a perfect take off of the Michael Kors. Cant wait to see your jacket. I'm an absolute beginner, never sewn anything for myself, your a total inspiration.

  4. I'll bet you will have to add to the cap of the sleeve as well to get it to hang properly and not like a kimono. If after trying on the basted jacket, you don't need the extra height then you can slip it into the shoulder area and pin it where you want it.
    Love the thought of having such a modern jacket in the office setting!

  5. I really like the jacket, but not so much the wide sleeves - I agree, too trendy. Glad you're going to change that up.

    You should SO do a yellow linen short sleeve version in the summer! With a matching yellow pencil skirt?! It'd be divine!

  6. I used to really enjoy a nice, fitted took some convincing, since I initially thought they were in the realm of 'for skinny women only', but now that I've been reduced to a mom wardrobe of jeans and nursing tees, I really miss wearing jackets of any sort. I'll be living vicariously through your results!

    P.S...Good call on changing up the sleeves. Aside from whether or not the look is professional, I find belled or flared sleeves are always getting in the way.

  7. Very nice jacket choice! Very stylish and very trendy! It will suit you.

  8. Theresa in TucsonFebruary 14, 2010 8:24 PM

    Carolyn, just from context I understand feening, but I've never heard the word before. Is this a word you created or is it slang? Just curious, I'm a word nerd. Looking forward to the new jackets.

  9. 'Scuse me__ Ms. Carolyn? If you don't button that jacket, won't that part just flop back like an__um__big notched collar? Try on the tissue to be sure.
    I'm fascinated with Mrs. Obama too, she's so lovely. (8th grade crush!)

  10. I think you'll be lovely in this jacket. Can't wait to see your progress. Two questions... Are you going to line it? And, I've noticed a lot of patterns are unlined these days. Why is that? I hate having to think about how to line something.

  11. That's a great looking jacket pattern, I love the style. Looking forward to seeing your version ...

  12. I love that pattern (have it my stash) and think it will look terrific on you, with the alterations that you are doing.

  13. I'm a Michelle Obama style watcher too..I love nearly everything she wears. And I'm still in awe of the fact that she is our First Lady.

    That said, I love that yellow Michael Kors on her. He doesn't do much that I really love, but so far, everything you like of his, I like too! Definitely go for the cap sleeves.

    And to answer Theresa in Tuscon's question, "feenin'" is slang for "yearning for" or "desiring" something.

  14. How is buying fabrics online!
    I get so scared about the thought because I can't feel the material or see the luster, but if you've purchased it and haven't been disappointed!

    What's your experience with it and have you always been satisfied with what was delivered?


  15. I love seeing how you turn the inspiration you get from Mrs. Obama into garments that are uniquely your own. <3


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