Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Not sewing but prepping to sew

I was tired on Sunday and not very motivated to sew...probably because the upcoming work week was going to be intense.  I didn't want to waste a Sunday not doing anything sewing so I spent the day pretreating three different pieces of linen.

Last week I posted a pic on Instagram of a green floral linen and an out of print Tomatsu pattern ~ Vogue 2090.  

I've wanted to make a knee length shirtdress for awhile now.  I've bought several patterns that tickled my fancy over the years...but I haven't used one of them. When putting the sewing room back together, I touched this pattern and remembered how much I liked making and wearing the dresses made from it. So I pulled it out to make another.

This weekend, however, I realized that a solid color dress works better in my corporate lifestyle but I couldn't decide on a blue or pink linen. Since there is plenty of linen in the collection, I pulled three that I wanted to consider. They were all purchased from Fabric Mart last year or the year before.

A medium wt. pink linen

A denim colored medium wt. linen

This pink linen is brighter IRL than pictured

They were pretreated using the methods in this post.  Doing three pieces at once ate up a lot of my day and popped the fuse box!  Now that I have pretreated the three pieces, chosen the blue one as the one to make next and cut it out using my altered pattern, I'm all set for the weekend.  So even though I didn't finish anything, I did all of the prep work and that was good enough. always more later!


  1. Sometimes just touching the fabric is enough. The linen is lovely. I love the pinks - but then I'm pink girl. Will the denim-ish one work in your corporate world? It would only fly in mine on Fridays (when we win jeans wearing).


  2. Getting the prep work done is a sure way that you can get a project under way. There's nothing more demoralizing, than having a day for sewing, using up half of it on prep, and feeling as though not a whole lot of sewing got accomplished. That blue looks so pretty.

  3. It is good that the prep is done - now you can start fresh next time. Love that floral fabric.

  4. pre work its so fundamental and a great way to not 'waste' sewing energy

  5. Love your linen patterned fabric selection!! Can't wait to see your creation from it!!!

  6. I'm glad you chose the blue for the shirtdress. It will be beautiful and you were smart to spend a day pretreating. I find myself doing it right before sewing making me somewhat impatient. Look forward to seeing the dress!

  7. Lovely colors and impressed with your preparation. I am notorious for doing everything the day of, washing the fabric, thread selecting and the such. Looking forward to your shirtdress.

  8. prepwork is my least favorite part of sewing. Good to get it out of the way and ready for when the sewjo strikes!


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