Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Last Weekend of July 2013

This morning I was sitting in my newly renovated sewing room bemoaning the fact that I've rarely used it since putting it back together.  Usually the month of July is super productive sewing wise for me, not so much this year, and I'm feeling it. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that I had the time to get it put back together and I know that I'll get to use it in the future...I'm just missing sewing since I haven't done much of it lately.

I don't know how much I'll get done this weekend either since I have several things that I need to get done.  I don't know about you, but for me, there is no other place I'd rather be than in my sewing room.

+ + + + +

Okay I'm totally amazed by the number of entreats so far into the fabric giveaway and the supportive comments regarding my fabric diet.  I'm going to need a bigger jar!!! Although I do need to emphasize a few isn't a true fabric diet because I still get to purchase my monthly Mood allotment. The good thing about the Mood fabric is that it has to be used that lingering in the collection taking up valuable real estate...and it does satisfy that need to acquire new fabric.

My only true concern is going to be the Labor Day sales in early September. Those are usually fantastic so I'm going to have to be quick with the delete button to avoid temptation.  I think it will also help that I'm on vacation that week. Usually when I'm surrounded by my fabric, I'm least likely to purchase, because I can see what I own.

The hardest point for me is when I'm extremely busy at work, not sewing with no prospect of sewing soon. Since I've just come through three weeks of that and emerged on the other side fabric free, I'm hoping to build on that in the future. Now please realize that I'm going to buy fabric again.  I'm just giving myself a little rest and my fabric shelves some breathing room. Although by my calculations, I'm only going to end up losing two maybe three bins of fabric through this exercise. A drop in the bucket regarding the amount of fabric in my collection.

+ + + + +

So did you get some of the new Fall Vogue Patterns, in the last sale? If you missed're not alone. Vogue Patterns has come up with a new marketing tool. On the last day of the $3.99 non-Club BMV members/$3.19 Club BMV members pattern sale, Vogue released a limited number of the new patterns.  

Now this isn't the first time they've done this!  Same thing happened during the last pattern sale. I wasn't as busy at work during the last pattern sale and was able to get all of the patterns I wanted. It probably also helped that I didn't like the last collection as much as I like this one.

I want to stop here and say that this new collection won't be for everyone...but it works soooooo well for my corporate lifestyle. There were quite a few spectacular dresses, a couple of great suit wardrobes, a men's coat pattern and a few interesting Marcy Tilton patterns. Again, not everyone will be happy but that collection, made me decide that I want to start sewing fall right now.

There are plenty of wonderful spring/summer outfits in my closet to finish out summer. If I get the desire for a new summer dress, I can always sew it...but I'm pretty much sewing fall after this dress I'm currently working on...and I made that decision based solely upon the new Fall Vogue Pattern collection. Yes, it was that good to me! You can check out the Fall Lookbook on Vogue's site or the patterns at regular price. Just wait for the next sale if you decide they will fit your lifestyle. 

So you're wondering if I got any patterns this time, right?  Well I did. I was on the bus coming home, stuck in traffic because a truck driver inconsiderately rolled his truck in the middle of the afternoon. I pulled out my iPad realizing that it was the final day of the sale and maybe Vogue Patterns had listed the new patterns. Anyway, I pull the site up and my mind gets blown. There were still two pages of patterns up and I picked out 12 that I wanted. By the time I got home, I was only able to get 8 of my original 12...and when I checked the Lookbook I realized that even then, I'd only seen about 2/3rds of the collection.

Again let me state that this collection is probably not for everyone. It just really works for me!  Here are a couple of the patterns I still want:

Vogue 1360 - Kay Unger Dress
That even comes in a size 24!  Hallelujah!!!

Vogue 8918 - Very Easy Vogue Dress
I'm not sure about the neckline but I'm intrigued!

Vogue 8919 - I've already seen this one ridiculed
on the internet but I'm intrigued by this design
just not in this fabric combo!

Vogue 8925 - a top
I know I don't sew a lot of tops but I really like
the simplicity of this one!

Vogue 8931 - Jacket
This has two collar choices - notched and shawl and would
be perfect for my Derek Lam knock-off jacket!

Vogue 8937 - Jacket
I have several boiled wools in the collection that 
I could use for this jacket

Aren't these pretty?!  Yeah I've got to start sewing fall from the collection. Yes, I'm so inspired, so so inspired and I have quite a few pieces from the fabric collection that I want to use for these garments.

I'll show you what I did manage to get into my cart before they sold out in another post. always more later!


  1. Totally loving V8931, I have burda 7149 and hope to use color blocking for it.

  2. Loved reading this post. As always, you are an inspiration to me.

  3. Oh, that Kay Unger dress just made it to the very top of my wish list but I may choose a lighter blue. Thanks for sharing and the very best with your fabric buying hiatus.

  4. I loved those new patterns too, especially both of the jackets you ordered. I live in Australia, and I've just started sewing for summer again so I can wait for the next sale.

  5. I loved all the new patterns, but also was not quick enough to buy any at the sale. So I will wait. Also interested in V1360 and V8918, and some of the others too. Exciting times for sewing!

  6. V8931 has my full attention, too! I've always loved shawl collared jackets!

  7. I love 8937. Enjoy your fall sewing.

  8. I am with you. I am ready to start making fall clothing. I just cast on a wool sweater yesterday. I will admit it was a bit hot knitting a wool sweater in 80 degree weather but fall will be here before you know it.

  9. I loved the fall collection too and am totally down with the intriguing neckling. Thank goodness they've moved on from the overload of peplums and mullet hems!

  10. Hi, Carolyn!
    I really loved the new Vogue fall collection, too. Can't wait to see what you do with the new patterns. Whenever I've been unable to satisfy my fabric addiction, it helps to go through the bins I haven't opened in a while (yes I have a good part of my garage devoted to fabric, as well as my sewing cave). Good luck with your fabric 'diet'!

  11. I really like this collection also. But you could make the items more or less corporate, I think, to reach a wider audience.

    And on the topic of the "stash diet", I didn't comment yesterday but I do want to say I applaud your decision. It's kind of like, if I decided not to buy any lingerie for 5 months. (I don't want to think about it.) Oy.

    May I suggest (though this might not be feasible :-)) that you just not go to the fabric sites? That would undercut the opportunities!

  12. Were you referring to me? :) I didn't ridicule 8919, but I had to giggle when I saw it. Just the night before the Project Runway judges hated a dress that had, what they called, a racerback on the FRONT of a dress. But, in that case, there was skin showing, so it would have been impossible to find a bra to wear with it.

    I hope you get to sew very soon! I do understand how it can be almost physically painful to be unable to spend time creatively.

  13. I'm very proud of your fabric diet!

    I've been too busy to sew up as quickly as I had been, and have had myself on a semi-diet for a while. Such a bummer, I did enjoy my Sunday afternoon forays to the fabric store, and those Fabric Mart sales.... sigh.

    But when my drawers and hope-chest full of fabric aren't stuffed, maybe I can start buying once again.

    Until then, don't feel like you're alone on the island of "too much fabric"!

  14. Thanks for sharing the new patterns. I love V8925 for me and have also pinned the man's coat pattern for my husband. Great menswear patterns are so rare!

  15. I have the last week of August off and I will be sewing fall clothes all that week. But I do need to choose fabrics and patterns prior, might even do a few muslins beforehand in order to maximize my efficiency during that week.

  16. The Vogue 8925 top does look so nice & wearable. I could see that being a real wardrobe basic.

  17. Just when I was trying to go on a pattern diet! I will be waiting for the next sale. Several of your selections are ones that I am interested in also; I too work in a rather business/corporate work setting.

    I took a look at the Lookbook this AM. Then scrolled throughout the website. I have a few more summer pieces and then onto fall sewing.

  18. I'm sure YOUR version of 8918 will be lovely. I too had to giggle about the Project Runway "connection". Timothy needs to tone his act down IMO. :-)


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