Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Morning Shout Outs

I went to bed last night with sewing on my mind. Maybe it was because I had a new idea perculating in my brain, or maybe it was because I had seen some great inspirational pictures from my fellow sewing friends on the internet or maybe its just 'cause I am obsessed. I am of the mind to think that it is a combination of all three.

It lead me to want to pay homage to some who have inspired me! Today I am going to list three wonderful women because their garments have really been circling around and around in my head as I have gone about sewing. Two I would call friends and I would be honored if they considered me a friend! The third is someone whose work I have admired from afar and been amazed at the generosity of sewing information that she has shared.

This morning my three shout outs go to:

Kathryn ( who logs in on Sewing World as fzxdoc. Yesterday she posted the most amazing little black dress! This ain't your mama's little black dress and most designers would try to duplicate it. I can just see Allan B. Schwartz (you know the guy who knocks off the Golden Globe and Academy Award dresses) out there sketching his version of the dress for only $199. But it is not just the clothing she makes, it is how freely she shares her sewing knowledge, her ability to always be kind to everyone via cyberspace (harder to do than you think sometimes!), how she gets so excited and inspired over other's creations and she gets it! She understands the need to put fabric and thread together to come up with a delectable 3D creation! So Kathryn here is a shout out to you!

Liana ( logs into Sewing World as Liana. Liana knits, sews, gardens and has the coolest embellishing machine on the planet. Okay, I know others of you own the machine but Liana really works that thing! Just look at her photo albums and you can see how much she likes to play when she creates but it is all done with such quality! The other thing is that Liana is as obsessed as I am about fashion as evidenced by her fashion blog, aptly named Fashioned ( I know that in the middle of the night when I am up watching Fashiontrance on the Style network that somewhere in the west, Liana is up watching it with me! So Liana, I am shouting out to you a fellow fashionasta!

My final shout out for today goes to someone that everyone loves at Patternreview...Gigi! I can't call Gigi a friend but I would like to! Gigi's spot ( is full of kewl clothes that women would wear everyday! I love how she takes a simple pattern and reinvents it four or five times using different materials and notions to get a different effect with each garment. Visit her site and see how she works a Loes Hinse pattern like nobody's business. Again someone who is kind and willing to share and has a love of what she does! Gigi, I am shouting out to you this morning!

These three women's garments have been circling round and round in my head! All are imaginative, innovative and love to sew. You can tell that they cherish, fit, good looks and love putting needle to thread. So to coin a phrase from one of the hosts on QVC - here are my "Saturday Morning Shout Outs!" And I would personally like to thank the three of you for providing many hours of inspiration, laughter and fun! Keep on doing what you do!

Finally, these won't be my last Saturday morning shout-outs....I can think of about 10 other women right now that I could add to my list but then it wouldn't be special y'know. So look for more Saturday morning shout outs in the future! And know that if you love to take a needle and thread and create a garment or a quilt, you are someone who I admire sooooooo much! And lastly, sorry about the links. I am a much better writer than I am a computer geek!!!!!! Can we say technology challenged! *smile*


  1. WOW!! You really picked some great stitchers and sharers for your first ShoutOut! Couldn't have done better myself.

  2. Three of my Sewing Heroines, too! Glad you gave them some kudos!

  3. Ooh, Carolyn, I'm so flattered! And so thrilled to be in such good company. I feel like we're friends too, even though we're so far apart. And yes, I am up watching FashionTrance with you. I never knew what a ShoutOut! was, but I see it's like a Ta Da!, so, thank you so much!!

  4. Liana,

    A shout out is more like an acknowledgement that we are kewl like that! It's like saying hi but really big!

  5. Second attempt at comment.

    I too like your three sewists. I read Liana's blogs and visit Gigi's site regularly as well as reading their reviews on PR. Thanks for sharing information about Kathyrn. WOW!!!!Great photos of great work!


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