Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I got nothing...

I got nothing and I am as dry as a bone...well creatively that is! And I am annoyed! I hate when I have down periods and don't want to sew. Especially since sewing is the one thing that defines me without involving someone else. Yes, I am someone's mother, friend, significant other, daughter, etc. but sewing defines just me. It identifies me as a creative person, talented, gifted, artistic, and no I am not bragging, just stating a fact. A fact that too many of us shy away from but that is a topic for another day!

I just hate when the sewing inspiration lays dormant and I have to struggle through the black and white world without my sewing colored goggles on!

I got nothing. I am mad and struggling!



  1. I've been like that for almost a week now. I may be coming out of my temporary slump.

  2. I think a lot of us are feeling this right now. For a bit of inspiration or just a different thought path, check out Gigi's blog. It's the dogs days of summer!I just struggled through the most poorly sewn garment I've ever made and I didn't even care. What??!!!

  3. Oh I want my sewing colored goggles too!

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  5. First off, I just want to say that I so enjoy your blog! Secondly, how long does a mood have to be to be considered a "down" period? I haven't been feeling creative in a couple of days and already getting annoyed with my lack of motivation.
    And last but not least:

    YAY to both of your statements...I tell people that sewing is the one thing that is something for JUST ME...not work, not my son...mine! And yes, people are hesitant to permit themselves to be proud of their accomplishments and God given talents. Nothing wrong with knowing where you stand!

  6. Oh Carolyn - this too shall pass! Did you ever get that great black skirt made with the loverly lace trim around the bottom? You know, the one where the model is riding a bike while wearing a slim skirt?

    That might get the juices flowing.

    Read a good book, relax, it will all come back in time.

  7. Creativity does come in cycles - this will pass.

    BTW, I do love your blog - many of your posts express the same things I'm thinking, but can't express as well as you do.

  8. Carolyn - here's what works for me...I'll start organizing or cleaning my sewing space, or patterns, or stash without pressuring myself to come up with an idea. The goal is to just be around your tools and materials and be open. Usually something strikes me and I'm off and running on a project in under an hour. I hope this helps! Sewer's block is no fun!

  9. Perhaps it is the transition from summer to fall coming up that has put some in a slump like yourself. Just going into my sewing room and fiddling around helps me get back on track. I think it is just the brain taking some R&R and then the creativity kicks in again.


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