Wednesday, August 16, 2006


These are just some random thoughts I have been having during the day about my sewing and what I want to do. So I thought I would record them here:

~ I want to use my new Simplicity patterns, not just store them but actually make garments from them!

4014 - This one has a wing collar jacket with a matching dress that has princess seams and a flared bottom.

4093 - Raglan sleeve jacket with a v-neck dress and tank, pants and skirt (first thought to make it up in a blue double knit.

4050 - a Duro dress with princess seams and kimono sleeves - Khaliah Ali pattern

~ Topstitching ideas from the new Liz Claiborne ad - maybe flip the facings back onto the front of the jacket - maybe use this for the jacket in S4014

~ to try sewing a complete wardrobe from one wardrobe pattern, again S4093 comes to mind. I mean I keep buying these wardrobe patterns shouldn't I use them as they were intended at least once!

~ I hate lapped zippers - why???? I also hate zippers in side seams. Why would you just invest all of that time and effort in a garment and have it open at an inappropriate time!???

~ maybe I shouldn't sew from a list this season. Maybe I should be a little more sponteneous or maybe not!

~ I want to make a pledge to myself not to purchase any more fabric from
Fabric Mart for the next three months. I mean a box of fabric a month from them for the last eight months is a bit much isn't it?

~ Why can't there be another sewing show on TV like Sew Perfect was? I miss the daily inspiration.

~ I need to finish my "Cashmere Dreams" pieces and the maroon/navy twinset from last winter.

~ I need to buy a three subject notebook for Fall/Winter 2006-2007. All this online blogging has caused me to not keep a Spring/Summer journal. I need a piece of paper filled with ideas... one section to list ideas to sew; one section to tape inspirational pictures in; and the last section to make lists and keep fabric swatches. Because won't these be living testimonials to my art when I no longer exist? Won't my daughters treasure these later?

Possible Future Sewing Ideas:

  • a two piece dress and cardigan from the Eggplant knit from EOS using the my TNT burda cardigan and a burda t-shirt dress
  • a blue rayon twill from FM for a bias flare skirt to coordinate with the rust colored silk blouse in my closet
  • pink wool embroidered edge fabric for a flare skirt with a lining
  • print cotton twill fabric panel for a skirt with brown moleskin for accents and a vest.

Welcome to my randomness....


  1. I have been seriously considering starting a notebook lately.

    I need a place for sketches and ideas maybe with swatches. Maybe a place to plan mini collections. I had a place to put inspiration photos which I loved for a long time but I haven't been putting the photos there lately so perhaps it is time for a change.

    A design notebook. That just might be the ticket.

  2. I have a notebook, actually its an entire binder, trapper keeper style. I have very rough sketches, pictures I've ripped out of magazines, a list of must by patterns, etc. I like that version of the Duro, it doesn't have the "make you look pregnant" gathers in the front. Butterick has a pattern too, I may do that one in a matte jersey. Why don't you like side zippers? I love an invisible side seam zipper especially in dresses right underneath the arm and most definitely in skirts, that's the only place I'll put them... I'll change the placement from the pattern.

  3. Oooooooh, I like that first pattern a lot. The third pattern is being made by just about everyone, I believe....LOL. I have seen it on just about every sewing blog I have visited so it seems like I must sew it too! Would look smashing in velour and warmer too, I think!

  4. I have a great idea that will inspire you for those days when no inspiration comes to you. I keep a large floppy binder with clear page protectors (you can get them at a discount from Wal-Mart). I Keep clippings of any inspiring photos.

    Hope it helps,

    By the way your blog is an inspiration to me

  5. I miss "Sew Perfect" too! I wrote to HGTV (twice!) begging them to bring it back, but they didn't listen.

  6. I miss sewing shows too - especially sew perfect!

    I can't wait to see your Duro dress version!

  7. I'm so glad to hear someone else hates lapped zippers! I can't stand them, especially in dresses. Give me an invisible any day. Love 4014. I think it would look really lovely on you.


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