Friday, August 18, 2006

I would like you to meet

Hi, I would like you to meet Lulu. Lulu came to me about three years ago. I was looking for a used dressform and a friend of mine had one that she sold to me inexpensively. I had wanted a dressform for a while and after seeing how people were using them on the internet to show the beautiful garments they had made, I really wanted one.

I had to journey to pick Lulu up because she was living in a barn out of state. Lulu is from "The Uniquely You family" ~ the plus size branch. She had been residing out of state with several of her cousins from the Dressform Family but she had never been put to use. Since I was willing to take her "as she was" she seemed willing to take me too.

I spent a weekend getting to know her intimately. As in all of my measurements were taken and a moulange (well practically) of my body was performed on her cover. We were merged in a fitting ceremony and attempted to become one.

See, Lulu is still better endowed in some areas than I am and less endowed in others. I don't think I am as broad shouldered as she is and I know that she doesn't have my *ass*ets! No matter how we tried to pad her, it just wasn't getting as bouncy as I am...if you know what I mean! And then there is the matter of her bodacious bosum. It is a little pointer than mine and even with a nippleotomy and a good bra, she still doesn't quite resemble me in that area. A close second but not a perfect match.

So after the minor plastic surgery and a long awkward journey home...I mean she wouldn't fit in the trunk so she had to ride between some children in the backseat of the car. So we did get a few strange looks at the gas station but that is neither here nor there....Lulu came home. And for a while I tried to photograph garments on Lulu, and fit things on Lulu but Lulu is soooo still! I couldn't really see how garments flowed or how they reacted when I sat down or walked. So I noticed that over time Lulu became more of a holder of my latest fiber inspiration standing in the corner than an actual wearer of my newly made creations.

Then we moved. Now I am not quite sure that the movers knew what to make of Lulu. I mean once upon a time there was a Lulu in almost every household but when movers are amazed that you have over 50 boxes labeled "fabric" and for the "sewing area" I just knew they didn't get Lulu. I really knew it when after putting those same fabric boxes into their designated fabric closet - unopened - I happened upon Lulu buried behind those boxes shoeless. Okay, without her stand. I looked everywhere for her stand pieces, even calling the moving company but no stand. So that is why Lulu now leans in a corner of my sewing area. And why I had to take her picture on a rolling chair.

I have an idea to get Lulu standing tall again but I guess I just haven't gotten around to it because she is doing such a good job holding up the corner in my sewing area. Maybe while I wait for inspiration to strike me again, I should give Lulu a chance. Or then since she is not complaining and has obviously learned to live a very full life with her disability, maybe I should just enjoy her as she is....


  1. Isn't it funny that we all name our dressforms? Mine is called Ethel (Mertz, of course). Ethel doesn't, and never has, come close to resembling my figure. But, she's a great model. Someday I am going to make a duct tape double - someday.....

    I'd make Lulu a new stand so that she can once again preside over your sewing area.

  2. My model is Marilyn (Monroe, she wears a pink diamonds are a girl's best friend dress when not in use). She doesn't fit my shape that much either - but she's prety close. I keep telling myself I need to make a duct tape dummy too - maybe if we could all get together and have a DTD party, we'd all get motivated to make one!

  3. Hey Girl!
    At one time,long ago I wanted a dress form. But, as I live in an apartment, space was and is limited. So I find myself without a "Jada" to speak of. That's what her name would be. Anyway, the thing is, isn't it funny how we learn to make do when we have to? One day I do plan on splurging on a duct tape model of Jada, but until then, my thing is getting the garments constructed in the first place. So thanks loads for the inspiration!

  4. I didn't go the duct tape route as I thought it would take forever. After reading and seeing your adventure with Lulu, I am beginning to wonder what was I thinking.

    I will have to come up with a name for my new dress form once she is "covered".

  5. Ha,ha! You and Lulu together in the car - that must have been a sight. Hope you didn't cause any accidents!
    My skinny dress form is named G.G., short for Gravel Gerty, which is a nickname my grandfather gave me as a toddler. She models for me all the time although she's not as well endowed as I am. I'm still waiting for inspiration on the name for my other dress form.

  6. Belinda was sitting in my front window for months after we moved. naked. :0 now she has a stand, and usually wears whatever i have in progress. she needs to lose weight now.


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