Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Buying Fabric

Why is it that when I am not sewing, I buy fabric?

If anyone knows the answer to that question, I sure would appreciate knowing the answer! It just seems that everytime my life gets the better of me and eliminates all of my opportunities to sew, I buy fabric! Now is this a knee jerk reaction to the fact that I am not sewing? Or is this the way that I keep my hobby alive and close to me? Because as you all know, well those that "know" me through reading this blog, that I have a very full and varied fabric closet! So why am I purchasing more?

And here is another question ~ why am I buying more when I already have a very large and varied clothing closet? Doesn't this just seem like an oxymoron?

Lots of clothes + lots of fabric = buy more fabric? It just doesn't equate! But buy more fabric I have, from my favorite fabric source - Fabric Mart. And it's not like I can even show you what I bought because I purchased things from the Sample Cut Club!

Now that is on top of the eight, yes eight pieces that I purchased at Metro Textiles with Ann (Gorgeous Things Blog), her friend Sandy and Barbara Bell (one of my Saturday morning shout-outs!) in the middle of October! Have I sewn anything from that haul - noooooo! Have I sewn anything at all ~ one lonely dress from OOP Vogue 2828.

So if you have the answer to the mystery of why I purchase fabric when I am not sewing - please feel free to share!

And BTW, I'm back...hopefully with newly sewn garments to share soon!


  1. All I can say is I'm afflicted with the same condition and I can't explain it either.

  2. I do the same thing. I think we just find it necessary to be doing *something* sewing-related. It'd be cheaper if we could just buy some time instead.

  3. I do the same thing. I didn't do any sewing yesterday, but I picked up sew-related things (i.e. Schmetz Mixed Needles, interfacing, buttons for upcoming projects, tailor's chalk...).

  4. So far, it is 5 for 5. See you are perfectly normal. I also do it.

  5. 6 for 6. Me too. But I have been trying to sew from stash, if we don't count the fabric that's on its way to me. (Looks around)

  6. I like your reasoning that buying fabric keeps the hobby alive and close to you. That statement surely justifies buying more fabric. I think we all buy fabric when we just can't find the time to sew. Especially with the internet, hey, we can even buy from work--like I did on Monday. But don't you find you also buy more than just fabric--such as patterns, buttons, books, anything sewing related? It's an addiction for sure, but I have no desire to fight it and I'm sure most everyone else feels the same way.

  7. I do the same thing - buy lots of fabrics. Since it seems like I keep running across the same fabrics in the stores, however, I've now resorted to buying more sewing books. I have 4 new sewing books that I've gotten over the past couple of weeks. Can you tell I've been missing my machine? LOL

  8. One-Carolyn, glad to see your blogging again. I've missed you!
    Two-I have the same affliction, can't sew, buy fabric, patterns or something sewing related.
    Three-I'm stuck on finishing a little simple blouse and can't get it finished. Thus haven't moved on to another item. Need a shot of something to move on!
    Four-Did I tell you I am glad to see your post and that I've missed reading your blog!!!!

  9. Don't feel bad - I haven't sewn any of it yet either, and in fact, just ordered more fabric from Kashi for underlining the Laura Bennett fabric I bought when we were all together. I have the theory that we purchase fabric when we're not sewing to try to kick start our creative process. Hey, any port in a storm, right? :)

  10. When I can't sew, I read sewing blogs instead of buying fabric. It really works -- I can still think about sewing even if I'm not doing it. But I also don't like to buy fabric without a pattern in mind. Otherwise, how do you know how much to buy? Don't you end up with lots wasted? Maybe I'm just a cheapskate....

  11. agree with all the above. If we can't be creating, we are furthering the creative process by accumulating the elements.


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