Thursday, November 02, 2006

It is disappearing...

I am sad today because yesterday I needed more fabric retail therapy and I thought that I would take a quick trip to the garment district to relieve some tension. One of the little fabric stores on 40th Street is now a hair & nail salon!!! A hair salon on fabric row!!!!! It wasn't a major fabric store that everyone targets to visit when they come to New York but it is next to Fikret Fabrics (a favorite of mine) and I am sure people would stop in because they had some interesting laces in the window.

So another store on 40th Street has bitten the dust because The New York Times decided that they needed a new building. Look, I understand about change. Change is a necessary thing in life but this change is heartrending to me. 40th Street use to be a fabric wonderland! You would walk down either side of the street and there would be store after store selling amazing fabric fantasies. Each storefront window would have a totally different yet beautiful piece of fabric...pure eye candy! And now it is all gone! 40th Street is starting to look like any other street in NYC and it all just makes me sad....

I am almost tempted to tell you that if you haven't visited the garment district lately that you should soon or you may lose your way...but I don't want to be that pessimistic! I mean B&J has a wonderful new spot on 7th Avenue as well as Rosen and Chadicks! Both stores moved on, changed and became even better! I guess it is just some of the smaller ones that were unable to go on that I am missing...

Let's just hope that the district may be changing its size and location but not going away! And if you get a chance, do your part by buying a piece or two from one of the stores that are left. We have to preserve our sewing/fabric heritage!

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  1. Amen Sister! I just found out that Metro lost his lease. I don't know when or where he is going to move, but it's depressing to see the good jobbers and garmentos succumbing to real estate mania.


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