Monday, February 19, 2007

Chapter Two Suit Completed

I have finished the Chapter Two suit which means two more SWAP pieces finished too! I usually don't hop around in my sewing projects. Normally I conceive a project and work on it until its completed and I can wear it out the door. But this time, even though I am pretty far along into the boiled wool/glen plaid pantsuit (Chapter One Suit) and actually did some more work on it last night, I really had an urge to move onto Chapter Two.

And to let you know, this is very similar to how I read a novel....just when the story starts to get really intense, I skip to the back of the book and read the ending. Yeah, I know its kinda sad but knowing how the story ends allows me to calm down and enjoy the minute details of the story otherwise I skip right over them in my hurry to find out what happens. I had reached some challenges in the Chapter One suit and since all the pieces of Chapter Two were sitting there waiting and I had started to dream about them....I moved onto Chapter Two.

The Chapter Two pantsuit is a stand alone outfit and also meets two of my requirements for my Dress SWAP. I used what is fast becoming a very wonderful TNT pattern:
Vogue 7944 which it saddens me to say is now "out of print" but still available if you move quickly on Vogue's Pattern Site.

The pattern description listed on the back of the pattern is: MISSES’/MISSES’ PETITE JACKETS AND PANTS: Unlined long sleeve jacket has topstitched collar and front opening edges. View B has slits at sides. Pants have waist facing and back zipper closure.

I used five yards of black wool crepe from
Fabric Mart to construct these two pieces. 2.5 yards of the fabric was felted slightly by washing and drying it two times. This piece was used for the jacket. The fabric had a real sweatery feel after going through the felting process so I opted not to line it and instead finished all the seams with black Seams Great. My thought was that by using this tailored jacket pattern in a softer fabric that it would give the resulting pantsuit a softer look...a slight twist on the typical corporate black suit.

The Seams Great idea was wonderful in theory but a little more interesting in real life application. The felted wool crepe needed a lot of steam to make the seams lay flat. All of that steam, of course, melted the Seams Great. So I needed to use two silk organza press cloths to get the steam that I needed without damaging the Seams Great that was used as a seam finishing. That challenge aside, the pattern advises you to topstitch the collar and front jacket openings. Since I was opting for a sweater type look, I nixed the topstitching which meant I used my clapper alot to achieve a flat collar and front opening things topstitching definitely assist in achieving.

Because I did not manipulate the fabric used for the pants - the wool crepe is sleek and smooth. I made my regular TNT pants adding a lining and the resulting pantsuit has an interesting look. The jacket fabric is slightly darker and blacker because of the felting process and the pants are a shade lighter but it is a kewl and different look - well at least to me!

I am heading back into my sewing room to work on my black wool crepe version of the Tamotsu dress which I am lining in a lightweight gray sueded silk. I am also changing the sleeves from short sleeves to full length sleeves.
Here is a picture of my SWAP so far:

And a picture of the Chapter One suit in progress....

I hope to have it completed soon. BTW, the reason I am not posting pictures of me wearing my SWAP garments is because I am leaving that for the final presentation! Hope you had a productive sewing weekend also!


  1. Way to go! You are really coming along with the Corporate Chic outfits.

  2. Very nic! I love the idea of the felted wool for the coat - what a nice texture it must have!

  3. OMG, I haven't even finished reading your whole post, but I had to skip right down to the comments to say "I do the same thing!" When the story gets intense I go read the ending, then I can read the rest of the story in peace and enjoy the writing and the plot development. It's such a guilty secret I carry - no one I know "gets" it, so I don't tell anyone anymore.
    Thanks for 'fessing up.

  4. Love the idea of felting the jacket fabric and stitching the pants from the unfelted version. I hear you on trying to get great photos of black. Still, I can't wait to see you in your SWAP garments. It's all looking wonderful so far.
    How did you do on finishing the Chapter 1 suit?

  5. Carolyn,

    You are really creating your dream work wardrobe! These will be classic pieces to enhance any other pieces you add in the future.
    Black and white are so versatile. Nice work!

  6. Forgive me for asking this (I'm a new reader of your blog), but what does "SWAP" mean? I hope you're not really going to swap those beautiful clothes you've made, right? (I know I sound like an idiot, but I've read around in your blog and I can't find a reference to it).

  7. SWAP - Sewing With A Plan...a contest that is run yearly by Julie Timmel of Timmel Fabrics based upon a magazine article from Australian Stitches. Check the link to Stitchers' Guild on my sidebar and it will take you to an online sewing board that discusses the contest and the concept.

  8. Carolyn, I love you Corporate Chic wardrobe. It is so classic and endearing. I am watching along and eyeing some of these patterns for me.

    I have been known to skip ahead and read the ending of a book before I am done also. I know what you mean by the being able to enjoy the book. I haven't done it lately though. Hmmm....I need to find some better books to read!

    I can't wait to see the final SWAP. Between you and Marji I am getting some great ideas, plus I am a little envious of your beautiful fabrics too.

  9. Thank you, CMarie12! And thank you, Carolyn, for a great blog with great inspiration.

  10. I'm really LOL now! I just figured out that CMarie12 and you, Carolyn, are the same person. :D

  11. Carolyn, Marji, another one here to fess up about reading the last few pages of the book when it all gets a bit tense. LOL.
    I remember as a kid reading those true life adventure stories in the Readers Digest and being terrified about the plane crash/hiking accident etc before I realised that ALL the stories are written by the person in it, so of course they survive.


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