Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February's Totals

February wasn't as good to me as January was sewing wise. I only finished three pieces - two pairs of lined pants and a jacket...way below the 10 pieces needed to meet my annual goal. Hopefully I will make it up when summer comes and I start blowing through those pieces. But who knows since the garments that I will add to my wardrobe this year will be more detailed and tailored...ah the dilemmia!

However, I do have my Tamoutsu dress hanging waiting to be finished and a jacket semi-completed that I am dithering on. I am definitely going to get the rest of my SWAP pieces completed this month so I have a plan and know where I am going...well hopefully! *smile*

Fabric *sigh*...well I started the month strong. I was even good in the middle of the month only acquiring 15 yards of fabric...pieces bought to make more corporate chic garments. But then the end of the month snuck up on me....and I stopped by Fikret Fabrics (one of the few fabric stores left on 40th Street) after seeing the Ralph Rucci Exhibit and I had to offer a little 4.5 more yards followed me home. Now I was up to 19.5 yards...still not bad...I could work that out.

Then "the manilla envelope" arrived in the mail...and all sense of rhyme and reason flew out the window! Now before you start moaning let me explain why! First you have to be a member of Fabric Mart's Sample Club which you earn by paying a fee. Half of the fee is returned to you in a $25 off coupon that you can use anytime during the year...I have never held onto the coupon longer than three months...but I digress. Then FM offered 20% off all the sample cut fabrics, the website and all of the notions...I might not have fallen and so hard at that, but they also let me use my coupon alongwith the 20% off!!! The only good thing about falling is that the fabric won't arrive until March so it will go against my March totals.

Finally fabric out this month - 7.5 yards vs. 19.5 yards in. My YTD totals are 9 garments made, 16.5 yds of fabric used and 21.5 yards of fabric purchased....those other yards aren't here yet so they just don't count now! *LOL* I have a ways to go to meet my goal of 100 garments constructed this year but it is too early in the year to call uncle yet!


  1. I think you are making great progress! Remember that summer garments are much quicker so you'll catch up soon!

  2. You crack me up - there's no way I'd could or would keep track of what goes in and out and what I've made!

    Good luck on your goals!

  3. did you say 100?

    wow! i bow to you.



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