Thursday, February 08, 2007

Randomness From Fall 2007 Fashion Week

Below are a few pictures of garments that caught my eye while trolling through the websites featuring pics of Fashion Week Fall 2007....

I like this from Jason Wu's Collection. Look at the glen plaid fabric that he used and how he matched the plaid! I could definitely rock this next fall ~ well an "interpreted" version of it!

And this one from Diane Von Furstenberg made me think - yeap should buy a few yards of that wool doubleknit from Fashion Fabrics Club that is on sale this week for $16.95. Wool doubleknit is going to be soooooo hot next fall!

I am not a huge Betsy Johnson fan but I could see this one toned down (smaller collar & bow - shorter length jacket) with a cute pencil skirt as a suit for fall...

Loved, loved, loved how the pinstripes were manipulated in this very classic suit from Bill Blass! I really liked so many pieces in the Bill Blass Collection ~ see it here.

I am probably one of the few people who were disappointed in the Carolina Herrara collection...nothing just really floated my boat. But then again I am eyeing the collections differently this year...with more of a corporate slant so the Carolina Herrara collection had a nice ladies that lunch flavor but it just didn't do much for me!

And what is with Michael Kors...all the models had long straight hair aka the '70s and I definitely saw shades of Laura Bennett's Project Runway creations in there!

And this from Lela Rose is my Oscar dress pick ~ well if I were going!

I am off to sew...real clothes for a real body! Hope you are enjoying fashion week...check it out at and Mercedes Benz Fall 2007 Fashion Week's Official Spot!


  1. Thanks for sharing the website info. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise!

  2. I like the look of your blog, love the changes. Great photo of you!

  3. hey Carolyn-now, I realize that the looks featured on the Mercedes Benz website are edited-but now, is it just me or do most of the clothes seem to be black, grey and white with a splash of intense color? Hmm... guess I know what colors to use to be 'in style' for fall '07!

  4. love your commentary and your choices. Can't wait to see your interpretation of the glen plaid. I did not see the Lela Rose dress until I saw it here - LOVE it! Maybe we should get together a contingent and crash the Oscars, what do you think?
    I'd love a chance to walk the red carpet and we could all do it in such style!


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