Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Just Love To Sew...

There will be no pictures with this inspirational statements or information shared, just a simple statement...I Love to Sew. And because of that love, I started this blog. I don't proclaim myself to be a sewing expert. Most times I am not even sure that I convey exactly how I make something correctly...or even if I use the "correct" methods to construct a garment. And I really hope that no one is looking to my blog and my ramblings for that information because there are just so many other blogs and sewing sites out there that provide that kind of information so much better.

My point of view, for better or worse is just to share what I know, to encourage others to sew, and especially other plus size women that we can sew and make wonderful garments, but mostly to ramble on about what I let's not get it twisted, okay!

And now back to the regularly scheduled programming....


  1. Carolyn,
    I love your blog because it's about "your sewing," not "sewing." Your sewing is real sewing, for a real body with a real life. That's what makes it relevant to other sewers with real bodies and real lives.
    I've started a blog and I'm just now working on a project that really exposes one of my most coveted secrets -- what I look like under my clothes! As I struggle with whether I have the courage to post the pictures, I am encouraged by your blog. I love it.

  2. Thank you for posting pictures of you in your garments - I do think it makes it easier for all of us to do the same and not feel ashamed of our bodies.

  3. The fact that the information you share is not the typical "technical" stuff you would find in a book or tutorial is what makes reading your blog such a pleasure! Please keep on doing what you're doing.

  4. Hi Carolyn...keep doing what you're doing, it works for me ( and a few other people besides...)

  5. I used to have friends who sewed living around me, right in my neighborhood. We picked out fabric and patterns and sergers together, and we encouraged each other through projects like bridesmaids dresses and boat covers and quilts. Back then, Walmart wasn't open 24 hours a day, but it didn't matter; if I needed a black zipper or a few inches of Velcro, Chris or Jan would have it - and they stayed up late to see Johnny Carson's monologue, so they were almost 24 hours a day. They have moved farther away and don't sew as much, so now I have you and others who blog about their sewing adventures. "let's not get it twisted, okay!" Why not? I *like* the fact that you're twisted! What's that? That's not what you said? Oooh - sorry......

  6. I don't understand by what you mean by saying let's not get it twisted, but I love your sewing site. It is the first one I always go to when I get on the computer. You encourage me so much. I'm finally not discouraged about sewing outfits for myself because I'm a large woman. Please, keep up your blog about your sewing. It really inspires me.

  7. Let's not get it twisted is just slang for "don't get me wrong." At least that is the way that I was using it! And no, my blog is not going away! How would I show off my new clothes...*LOL*


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