Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vogue 8209

Last weekend I bought three pieces of fabric from FabricMart's 50% off Blowout Sale. One piece was a brown pleather piece (that I am using for some pillows), another was a poly/cotton white eyelet piece and the final piece was a gray/black/white stretch seersucker. All the pieces were at rock bottom prices and I had been watching them for some time on FM's site.
When the box arrived I was working on the red dress so I put the two apparel pieces into the fabric pile in my sewing area. The other day I was staring at the pieces and realized that they would make a cute suit. The two fabrics had an interesting play against each other so they never made it to the fabric closet but straight onto my cutting table.

Vogue 8209 which is a "Five Easy Pieces" pattern had been skipping around in my mind. Then when I saw Nancy's version, I knew I had to use this pattern.

The pattern envelope's description is:
Semi-fitted jacket in two lengths has neckline and sleeve variations.

Grey/black/white stretch seersucker from FM

Actually not many. After checking the finished measurements on the pattern pieces and flat measuring the pieces I cut a size 20 at the neckline and sleeves and a 24 for the body. I then added 1" to the center back seam, leaving the neckline alone and gradually adding the inch to the main body and hemline. I used the sleeves and neckline from the View A jacket but the length of View B jacket. I also omitted the side vents that I only noticed in the pattern instructions after I went to make sure that I didn't leave anything out.

This pattern is actually a very quick sew. I mean if you don't add binding to all of the seams, including the shoulder pads, you could probably knock this pattern out in 2 or 3 hours including cutting. My version of course took much longer! No easy sewing for me! *LOL*

I used my TNT pants pattern and I made a slight alteration to the back leg of the pattern. This seersucker had a lot of stretch in it and I thought a little closer fit would work better with this fabric. I am happy with the alteration in the finished pants. Again, I don't have pictures of me in the finished pantsuit...and I think the picture above really makes the outfit look like pajamas, but it is what I am wearing to work tomorrow. I will have one of the DD's take a picture of me in the pantsuit after work tomorrow.

I still have plans to make a quick shell from my TNT SW Mission Tank out of the white eyelet fabric. Tomorrow though I will wear a regular cotton tank top underneath the suit.

Final picture of the red dress and pantsuit - weekend sewing!

I promise to add pictures of me in the outfits soon!


  1. Wow! you got busy this weekend after a slow start Sat AM.

    Yes, we do need to see pics on you, they always look much better on you than the hanger.
    Interesting that you put those fabrics together, but I bet altogether it'll be a nice fresh summery looking suit for August.

    Meanwhile, Sisyphus is still shouldering that boulder.

  2. The pants suit looks really promising (it is true that the pics on you always look much better). Seersucker is such a nice summer suit fabric for the hot sticky weather.

  3. I can just hear all the compliments you'regetting today on your brand new, summery suit. The red dress is hot - it looks very Spanish to me with the red/black colour and the polka dots. Very nice!

  4. Wow! What a productive weekend! I can't wait to see both outfits on you.

  5. Considering the weather here in NY your seersucker suit is certainly appropriate, as well as great looking. What did you do to take in the back leg?

  6. Great looking outfits. You will definately be cool.....

  7. Great stuff! you had a productive weekend!

  8. Is there a reason why the pictures of the finished garments cannot be enlarged?

  9. Great outfits! The seersucker is perfect for this time of year. I love all that binding - it takes extra time to do, but the finish is fantastic.

  10. Great outfits Carolyn! You really have been productive. Your binding is perfect!


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