Monday, August 20, 2007

Pattern Shopping

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to my fall sewing. I have been wondering how I can incorporate some of the new trends into my fall "corporate" wardrobe? What new colors would be appropriate for my all black and navy office? Will I be able to sew several of the new shorter jackets and not overdo the look? Questions, I have a few...

And then there is the Sew Stylish influence ~ yeah I think that's going to be my mantra for a minute! I want to incorporate the fun of playing with patterns and design into my sewing mix... So when a girl has this many questions...what else is there to do but to pattern shop! (I have images of Wilma & Betty, from The Flintstones, yelling charge it as they head out the door to shop!)

So that's what I did...I shopped! First stop ~ Simplicity's website where I purchased a copy of 3631 - the Sew Stylish Pattern.

Next stop was Lanetz Living's Vintage Pattern Site. Now I know some of you live on this site but I am not a big vintage pattern girl for many reasons. One I've already worn several of these styles and don't need to do it again! *LOL* And two I don't think that some of the vintage clothing styles and my body shape go together. This time though I was only looking for inspiration.

So I found this little bit of inspiration:

And this little bit of inspiration:

Wait just one more piece of inspiration:

These will all be winging their way to my house especially since there's a 15% discount (for inspiration) that is being offered on the site now and free shipping when you buy three or more patterns. Who can beat that!?!

Last stop on the pattern shopping train...yesterday I opened my email box and learned that Vogue Patterns is having a $6.99 pattern sale which ends tonight at 11:59 pm. Now "my people" usually get Vogue patterns for me at the Hancock pattern sales but "my people" have been out of town alot lately. And the last time she was in town, a couple of these weren't available so I rectified that by allowing this one - Vogue 8134:

and this one - Vogue 8203:

and this one - Vogue 8208:

to come and play at my house!

Now with all of this pattern shopping, inspiration and thinking you just know that I have a concrete, written down, bona fide plan ~ right? Ah heck no! *LOL* I still only have an outline, a guide, a fill in the blank plan!

I know that I want my fall wardrobe to have a retro nod. I know that grey, brown and a touch of eggplant will be the primary colors I work with. I know that I will focus on sewing suits that will consist of either a jacket, skirt, pants combo or a jacket, dress, pants combo. And I know I won't be swapping this year. However, that's about all I know!

So how about you? Are you thinking fall? And what are you thinking about? Are you planning yet? And here is the million dollar question...If you don't plan your sewing for the next season, does it hinder your ability to sew a cohesive wardrobe that will work for your lifestyle? Think on that and holla back at me.

Finally Summerset, if you don't mind, I am borrowing your "Parting Shot" piece again ~ I promise to give it right back when I'm done! *smile* And thanks for noticing that the tie ends were cut to showcase the border print!

Me, in the dress and looking so slim (gotta love those spanx and a better picture!) *LOL* This is how I wore it today. This dress was a pleasure to wear even in the cooler temps and garnered many compliments.

I'm out...I gotta go do some more planning! *smile*


  1. Ive never seen that vintage pattern site!!! I LOVE the vintage patterns!!! How is the sizing on those???

  2. Great pattern choices! I own two of the same ones - the vintage S3056 (such a cute shirtdress) & V8134 (I love the skirt in this one). I am happy to see you venturing into vintage patterns - have Summerset & I been a *bad* influence on you? I do understand your reservations about vintage style though (worn it once, won't wear it again) - the thought of putting on anything fromt the late 70s through the 80s makes me shudder. Although, I think that's more about how horrific fashion was then and less about repeating myself!

    Can't wait to see what your "non-planned" sewing produces. I have a plan for fall (actually two plans), but each time I try to get going on them, something else catches my eye. I hope to finish off all my leftover summer sewing this week (it usually stays warmish around here until late Oct. so I still need "summer" clothes) and then start fall sewing in earnest next week.

  3. That third Simplicity pattern is an exact model of a $200 dress J. Crew had at the beginning of the summer. Great inspiration.

  4. I like Vogue 8208, really digging the safari style jacket and you look fantastic in the border print dress. What is Spanx…?
    I’m trying to focus on making fall pieces and have completed steps 1 & 2 of my plan - buy patterns & fabric….lol. After making a few skirts and totally loving the flair they have added to my wardrobe, which consists of suit after suit after suit, I’m so looking to add more separates to my wardrobe. Now if I could just finish up the last of my skirt projects.

  5. You can steal it anytime!

    I like the first vintage one, the separates for you a lot. It has an interesting neckline and sleeves. I have to agree with Shannon - she and I and pretty close in age and yeah, the late 70's/80's weren't a pretty time. Besides, we're both petite and that 80's silhoutte is a bit much!

    You already know I'm sewing for fall! I have sort of a plan, more ideas of what I want to make. I have the exact fabric/pattern for a dress, but the rest is just rather nebulus ideas at the moment. Such as, I think I'm going to make a jumper, another suit and whatever else strikes me, keeping in the black/white/red I normally wear to work, plus with dark charcoal grey and burgundy thrown in this year.

  6. Plan? I gotta have a plan? Oh shoot, now I've got to get a plan :-O

    I guess I just usually let the stash tell me the plan :-D

  7. I have never even THOUGHT about sewing with a plan till I met you, Carolyn. Yes, I'm thinking of a quasi-plan.

  8. Yeah, I'm trying a plan, too, but already impulse shopped 3 peices of fabric that lie somewhere outside the plan. Not to mention my yarn buying craze...

    I think all of your pattern choices are great! I'm not a vintage girl myself, but really respect those looks that have held up well over the years. I can't wait to see the creations come to life!

  9. Love this dress and what you did with the border. I made a dark olive skirt & jacket recently, then paired it with a bright pink top for fun! The new shorter jackets are everywhere; go for a couple! The olive one I made was about midway between waist & hip, and my beloved said it made me look skinny. Have fun with your fall sewing: that's what I'm starting this weekend, too.

  10. Love your ending shot! What a great looking dress! Love the fabric.


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