Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fabric Therapy...

Today was a looong day at work...non-stop moving, lunch at 3 pm, didn't leave the office until 7:15 on a bus home at 8:00 pm and finally walked in the door at 9:15 pm.

So what kept me sane today during this extra hectic day...knowing that fabric was suppose to arrive today. It hit me about 1:00 pm when I was seriously thinking about doing some bodily harm to a co-worker, that fabric was coming, fabric was coming! And immediately those murderous thoughts left me and a peace descended upon me...thank God 'cause that girl was dead y'all! *LOL*

Here's what came:

From Fashionista Fabrics:
3 yards Paisley Wool Challis
3 yards Crochet Paisley

4.5 yards Chocolate Wool Crepe (I ordered 9 but the website's counter must have been off!)
3 yards Ivory wool/blend coat weight
4 yards of silk charmeuse (one of the Anna Sui's)
8 yards of Navy Wool Crepe

Now you would think I would be in heaven right??? Well sort of...Fabric Mart was sold out of the black/white wool blend which I really wanted. I was seriously thinking of a Stage 2 to my Timmel SWAP and this would have made a great jacket that would have played well with many of my original pieces...and a wrong piece was included instead of...and hopefully if its not sold out. I am sure that my peps at Fabric Mart will make it right.

However, I must tell you that the two pieces from Fashionista Fabrics were so much better than I imagined them to be. I am in love with the crocheted piece and that's not the one I was looking forward to receiving! *LOL* But fabric therapy did work today because my co-worker doesn't know how close she came to be vaporized! ROTFLOL!

Now two picture peeks and I'm off to bed...gotta get some sleep before I haul myself back to work tomorrow to make some more fabric money!

Me in the black jacket (I don't know why I didn't post this before!)

And a sneak peek of the CC Inspirational Jacket wardrobe. More details will be coming soon...I promise. I just thought you should actually see how far along I am since I keep "promising" to share something with you!

Oh, and swing by Cidell's blog, "Miss Cellie's Pants" and listen to her being interviewed on Toya's "Life Happens be positive" podcast!

I'm off to bed!


  1. Your post has me laughing. Have fun with your new fabrics!

  2. My fabricmart bundle came in too! I'm pretreating as I type.

  3. Great fabrics. Especially like the paisley. Waiting to see what you're going to make of it.

  4. LOL! Enjoy your new fabric!!!

  5. Oh Carolyn, I am drooling!!!What lovely fabric. Did I read your post right, Timmel SWAP-Stage 2. Are you back in? Yeah!

    Love the beige garments. Love the look!

  6. LOL! You're too funny! Who knew that fabric also had life-saving qualities?

    The fabrics are gorgeous! I've put myself on a strict fabric buying diet until I get some of my good quality stash actually sewn, but shoot it's hard to stick to my diet with your tempting photos!

  7. LOL. I had lunch at 3 yesterday and I have to work 'til 9 tonight. Does that mean I need to get busy ordering some fabric? I hope so! :)

    That does look like a nice bunch of fabric. I admire the way you often order fabrics in coordinating colors. I need to start doing that because I have too many random colors in my stash.

  8. Well, of course fabric has life saving qualities - the whole "opening up the box, etc." process has positively Zen-like effects on me. That is for sure. I'm not even counting the blood pressure reduction I get from sinking my hands into them and feeling them...mmmmm...(better stop now)

  9. Yeah, and nobody asked "can you sew in prison as a convicted murderer?"

    Probably not, with all the pins, scissors and other sharp objects involved in sewing.

    So, think of that, too, before you go doing something rash.

    By the way, those fabrics are just gorgeous and thanks for turning me on to the paisley at Fashionista Fabrics!

  10. You look very chic in your black jacket! I love it.

  11. OMG, love those new pieces!!!!

  12. Your fabrics are gorgeous, Carolyn. I think your black jacket looks dy-na-mite with the whole ensemble, love the shoes and the scarf, tres, tres chic!

  13. Carolyn, that last suit just took my breath away!! FABULOUS!!!

  14. I'm so glad you didn't murder your co-worker. It would be a little difficult to sew and post from JAIL!!!

    If your taking requests, sew the crochet first. I love that fabric and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  15. I can not wait to see the finished CC Inspirational Wardrobe-it looks fantiastic on the hanger.

  16. Carolyn, you in that black should getting aboard your private jet for a trip to the west coast. What a knockout outfit!


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