Friday, October 26, 2007

More Fabric Dreams

Well it's finally Friday! And waiting for me when I got home was another box from FabricMart. That's right, I succumbed to the sale, yet again. Now over at Fabricaholics Anonymous ~ one of the twelve steps is to admit that you have a problem...

So I'm admitting that I have a big one...'cause I am gleefully and happily showing you what came today. However, I am now banned from the site. Yeap, can't visit it again until the sale is over! When the banner advertising the $4.99 a yard wool and the Anna Sui silks that are on sale comes down, will someone pleeeezzzee tell me! *LOL*

Here's what came:

The Anna Sui purple print wool challis followed me home because Barbara of Cat Fur Studio She wrote about it and then showed the picture from Anna's Fall 2006 show. Yeah, I needed that. Then I saw the seafoam green wool crepe...seafoam green, y'all for a great dress during the middle of the dreary and cold Northeast winter. At $4.99 a yard, I needed some of that too! *LOL* Finally the brown doubleknit was in the new arrivals section last week and I couldn't believe the price, $6.99 per yard. Yeap, needed some of that 12 more yards of fabric bliss arrived today. But now, I must, I must sew something and stop buying....

This also came in the mail today:

More patterns from my people' how did I end up with so many McCall's patterns after ranting about them folks....

But I did find this great herringbone in the fabric closet that will work with McCall's 5479 or McCalls 5480...haven't decided yet which pattern. BTW, the fabric is a silk/wool blend from...yeap...Fabric Mart! Any thoughts, comments or suggestions on the pattern or fabric would be appreciated.

I only have one day to sew this weekend...(I have college stuff to do with my baby on Sunday! My baby who will be 18 next month...ohmygosh time is flying!) and I have to decide whether to keep working on the SWAP pieces or divert and work on another idea I have percolating... I will definitely let you know what I decide!


  1. Great additions. Have not heard your podcast yet, by lack of time. Reading a post is a quick "in between" thing, listening to an interview something you must take your time for.

    The quality sewing issue: I agree with you on that, and want to add: achieving good fit is a part of that. You will never in RTW find a garment that really fits you if you have not a very standard proportion. (saying this right?). But I immediately confess that not all things I make are by the high standards of "quality sewing". Sometimes I just succumb to a serged seam instead of hong kong finish etc.

    Enjoy your sewing day and have a good weekend.

  2. Beautiful fabric. I love the herringbone you found and I like 5480 for it. I hadn't even noticed that pattern and I just bought some McCall's yesterday. I have 5479 on my table to cut out. Good luck sewing and doing the college stuff.

  3. that purple fabric is lovely - you HAD to buy it!

  4. Oh great - now I have 5 yards of the brown doubleknit, 5 yards of khaki wool crepe and 4 yards of silk charmeuse sitting in a FM cart, waiting for me to check out. Like I really need any more fabric - I haven't even recieived the last FM order I placed! Most people have an angel and a devil on their shoulder at moments like this to dissaude or persuade them. I just have you, on BOTH shoulders, whispering sweet fabric nothings in my ear! How can I be expected to be good?

  5. Great houndstooth - I like both patterns. They both say JackieO to me! If I had to pick, I like 5479 better. Now, off for some quality time with MG.

  6. Oh Carolyn, such lovely purchases. I have been avoiding FM's site while the sale is on because I don't need anything!

  7. Carolyn, you have a problem. Okay, you've taken the first step in admitting your problem - but you must take the next step. You need to box up all your lovely fabrics and get them out of the house. IM me for my address. LOL BTW I think M5479 is the perfect candidate for the herringbone.

  8. When I come and visit with the fabric (which does not sound like a strange thing to a serious fabriholic) can I "check out" fabrics as if they were books at a library?

  9. McCall's 5480 would look great with that fabric!


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