Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It has been mentioned several times that some of my pictures don't click into the humogous size. This is due to the blog owner's ignorance in all things HTML! *LOL* It can also probably be chalked up to the fact that I am using a pretty big computer screen at home and can see the large pictures quite clearly in my posts.

Now since I probably won't be learning HTML any time soon ~ I will admit that I have limited time and even more limited interest ~ I am posting a link to my Flickr album. I have also included this link in my profile...most times when I post a picture in my blog, I also save it to my Flickr Album. Flickr is a lovely online photo site because it will let you view my pictures in the humogous size, thereby seeing every nick, thread, mistake, etc. in my outfits! *LOL*

I also post way more pictures of my sewing process there since Blogger does have a space limitation on photos. Oh and since I pay Flickr to keep my photos safe, you should drop by my photo albums, sit down with a cup of coffee or Mountain Dew and visit awhile...I've got quite a few sets there...

Finally if any poor soul wishes to explain HTML to me in easy, easier, easiest terms, please feel free to drop me a line at my email addy!

I'm out and thanks for coming by even though I am a lousy HTML writer! *smile* Hey, a girl can't be great in EVERYTHING!


  1. easy peasy directions coming your way from someone who isn't the best computer geek but has figured this out, due to bloggers inability to accept pics a year or so back.
    i need to do a couple of screen shots and I'll email you illustrated directions.

  2. I purchased the book "HTML for Dummies". I also purchased a brief from Secrets of Computers (or something like that). Their information was most helpful. I got bored with the "Dummies" book but then HTML to me is boring. Like you I don't think I have to know or do everthing!

    SWAP is looking great!


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