Thursday, February 12, 2009


Braving the 50+ mile an hour winds...clutching my bag and concentrating on every step I survived the elements to do a lunchtime kamakazi run to Daytona Trimmings, Steinlauf & Stoller and Paron Fabrics.

A few pics of the haul:

25 yards of black satin piping from Daytona Trimmings

Zippers and a seam ripper (for the cutting table drawers) from Steinlauf & Stoller. I really wanted to get a few more hangers but I just didn't want to carry to much stuff in the elements.

Lining in three colors from Paron Fabrics - ruby red, off white and black

...and yes, this is a piece of fabric but it is so awesome! It was located on top of the shelves holding the lining and it was calling, calling, calling my loudly that I had a hard time concentrating on the lining fabrics until I pulled it down. There is 5 yards here but I only paid for 3...because there is a black mark on one side which I believe will come out in the wash. But who am I to tell the gentlemen cutting my fabric that he shouldn't give me additional yardage at a discounted price! *smile* Anyway...I am at my material limit for this month...thank God its a short month!!! But I had to have this yellowish cotton tubular knit. All I really want is a cardigan from it but will keep the extra on hand...cause who knows what needs will turn up!

There was another treat in the mailbox tonight...two patterns that I ordered from Your Pattern Shop. Now you don't think I recommended them and didn't purchase something from them, did you?! *LOL*

Here are the two patterns I purchased:

Butterick 4702 and...

Simplicity 6985

...and I know I said that I would share my sewing list for the weekend with you but...tomorrow...I promise!

More later!


  1. I can so see you in that second pattern. I love it! Just think of the things you can do with it. A contrasting collar, a contrasting skirt ... I'll be watching with interest for this one.

  2. That yellow fabric is wonderful! Well worth braving 50+ miles an hour wind...

  3. The wind today was insane! I wasn't sure if I'd make it to work or just tread in place all morning. LOVE that Butterick, and I am totally feeling yellow right now.

  4. I just read somewhere that yellow was HOT this year! I love the second pattern also.

  5. Wonderful fabric and great notions. It was well worth the wind. Can't wait to see your cardigan.

  6. 'Bout time you picked up some sponsorship too methinks.
    I'm loving the Simplicity pattern for your work wardrobe. It'll be awesome on you.
    So do you have a 3day weekend to sew?

  7. I love the neck detail on that first dress. I love that yellow fabric! I am making a yellow coat after all!

  8. I too love that golden yellow fabric. What a deal you got on the price. A quality shop will give you that discount for "damaged" goods, Joann's won't.

    I love the Butterick pattern.

  9. Wow, I'm impressed you ventured into the wind tunnel that Midtown must have been yesterday. But nice haul, Carolyn! I think I'll be in NYC on 2/24 for a meeting. I don't need any more fabric but I can always use supplies.

  10. The fabric is great - so glad you didn't end up a casualty of Mother Nature.

    I adore the first patternand the neckline on the simplicity. Fabulous. Will be watching this space. g

  11. I love the vintage patterns!! I want to add more to my collection.

  12. the Butterick is so cool. I'd love to know what the pattern pieces for the front look like :)

  13. Fighting against those harsh winds was worth it.

  14. Carolyn, yellow is the 2009 color and should be great on you. I love your vintage paterns. That low bodice was always a favorite of mine. So many ways to create for you. And the sheath with the interesting button top. Wow! Nice. Don't you love the 60's dress patterns? The great details are beautiful. look over the Vogue Designer stuff from the 60's. You'll see lots of structual details to copy.

  15. Great lunchtime haul. Wish I had been there to haul with you.

  16. I have that second pattern (Sim) and made it up last year. It's a great pattern!

  17. Wow, you were brave to fight those winds. We had them here and I thought I would not get from my car to the back door! Great haul!


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