Friday, February 13, 2009


Every morning when I get off the A Train at the Time Warner Centre, I walk past the Universal newsstand. Now let me explain, this is a store full of magazines, papers and tables where you can sit, read, drink a cup of coffee or hook up to the internet, not one of those little exposed stands on the street corners in NYC.

Several times during the month, I stop in and the morning manager always greets me and tells me what's in. Well, I guess I would greet me too if some mornings I slid up to the register with 3 or 4 copies of the Burda World of Fashion magazine...or when I pick up one of the Collections magazines...or let's not forget the day after the election when I picked up several papers and a couple of magazines...for my family! *LOL*

So this morning I roll in and he says the Marfys are in. Be still my heart! I love the Marfy catalogue as much as I love least years ago I did make something from my BWOF addiction...the same can not be said for the Marfys!!! Sick chick that I am, I pick it up, the People and Oprah (no subscription cause I buy her on a cover by cover basis) and my copy of the Vogue Magazine with the First Lady on the cover.

I hand him my debit card and he says $68 and something cents! WTF?! The Marfy catalogue is $ do I hand it back and say that will be I put it back and think maybe another day...Heck no! I bought the dayum thing with a big ole cheesy grin on my face! Just doing my part to stimulate the economy! *LOL* But to justify this purchase, Marfy is only published once a year now...and he only had 5 copies (Wendy if you're listening there were only 4 left this morning!!!)

So I am now the happy owner of a bunch of magazines, a few days off to sew, read and be inspired...and oh a list...yeah...after Marji posted about "the curse of the list" reminding me of what I said...I've decided to only share the two items I plan on making this weekend...

1. The Lisa Outfit
Felted Anna Sui fabric from Butterick 5187
Black wool crepe sheath from my TNT dress pattern with black piping

2. The First Lady Dress
From a royal blue wool crepe with a black wool crepe band in the center made from my TNT dress pattern. I am still deciding if I am going to put seams in the skirt and if I am going to add piping.

I have a few more items on the list...I don't know if they will make an appearance this weekend or in the future and to safeguard their actual construction...cause really how many projects have I discussed here and then they've never come to fruition...I'm gonna guard that list like KFC guards their fried chicken recipe...okay maybe not that closely! *LOL*

I'm off to relax with my new Marfy catalogue and get ready for three days of sewing...oh joy!!!

More later!


  1. Lord Carolyn. I sewed for hours this week and still haven't quite finished a skirt and a top. Still can't figure out how you do it even if you are organized to the hilt.
    Have a happy sewing weekend!

  2. oooo, Carolyn, I ran all over NYC last June trying to find the international magazine store that supposedly had Patrones and Marfy and I was only able to get Marfy. I was trying to do so much that day(I actually accomplished a lot - got Marfy, saw Kashi and bought too much, and met up with two cousins at Grand Central - all on a day that was so incredibly hot that I ended up having to quit early to go back to the Port Authority to cool off. So, where is this news stand again? I'm putting THAT in my address book if you give me the location! My sewing weekend is a lot shorter than yours, but I've already got a new shirt for my husband cut out and a muslin for McCall 8501 cut out. Let's see how far I get.

  3. I truly envy your magazine stand. Union Station (DC) is good, but no where near the same league. Marfy on a new stand? And you walk by BWOF daily? Dang, I love NY!
    Enjoy your weekend sewing. I'm trying something TOTALLY new this weekend. So far out of the box, I can't even see the box, LOL.

  4. Sounds bliss - enjoy your holiday weekend!

  5. I clicked away buying the Marfy catalogue online. It was over 20 euro including postage, and it sounded just too much to me, as I am trying to cut down a bit on my sewing expenses. Then I bought March Knip Mode for 8 euro's in the supermarkt and was sooo disappointed by the styles. Should have bought Marfy and skip Knip Mode. I'll probably will buy it eventually.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. There's something really exciting about rushing home in the evening with the latest sewing magazines. Do you have a ritual? I don't even open them until I am home, with a pot of tea, settled in somewhere peaceful and cosy and won't be disturbed.

  7. Geez, Carolyn, we have so much in common--love of "Lost," addiction to good newsstands, NYC, etc. When we ever meet up again, bring your Marfy so I can see what it's like, ok?

  8. You need that Marfy catalog. And don't let you tell yourself you don't!

  9. Have fun this weekend. The Marfy is tempting, but I've never sewn anything from the two I did buy, and as so many others, I need to cut down on my expenses. Considering that I just paid for my BWOF subscription and ordered a Patrones for a lot of money on Ebay, I think that I have spent my pattern money for the time being! The Vogue isn't out here on LI yet and that I will buy. Mrs O looks fabulous on the cover.

  10. Lucky you! Three days of sewing, a Marfy magazine and more!

  11. Sewing ladies must have that stamped on their forehead as any vendor knows we are easy prey! I'll bet he watches for you whenever a sewing/fashion one arrives. Don't feel bad though about the tab. My daughters buy loads of magazines(not sewing) and flip through then leave them with me and I periodically load the stacks up and take to the Salvation Army for those with more sense or less cents to enjoy. At least you might do something from the Marfy. I am sure I would have bought one had I had the opportunity and I don't even know what a Marfy is exactly but I do like sewing stuff.No danger out here in the boonies of finding the good stuff unless the postman brings it. Don't worry about the sewing projects, we like being exposed to the musings even if they get canned or you don't get time. I have enough projects in mind right now that would take several more lifetimes but feel sure I will add some more when I see what you have in mind. Wannebe sewing projects are my day dreamy happy place when life is messing up the sewing time. mssewcrazy


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