Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday's Bits and Pieces

I am working on the next pieces of the Yellow Wardrobe and I really don't have anything to show yet. But I did want to share a few bits and pieces that were running through my mind.

1. I received this email from Neiman Marcus back in February and I saved it. When emptying my email box today, I realized that it was a list that I've been subconsciously working from...

The list is called "Dressing to the Nines" and it suggests 9 things you should buy this spring/summer....

a. Something pink
(have a skirt cut out that needs to be sewn up in shades of pink print)

b. A pair of statement shoes

c. Something with ruffles

d. A great carryall
(picked up an amazing teal bag that everyone is drooling over and that I need to hide from my daughters)

e. Something with a graphic print
(one kewl, trendy pencil skirt finished!)

f. A one shouldered garment
(okay this just ain't happening!)

g. Bold jewelry
(check, check!)

h. A colorful cardigan
(check, check!)

i. A snakeskin accessory

2. Then this week I got this pdf in an email from Edris. It's taken from the July 2009 issue of Glamour magazine. I love all the versions of yellow dresses and its nice to be in fashion with my own versions, especially since I've made two and have one more coming.

3. In the July 2009 issue of Oprah, there is the O Style Report by Adam Glassman. He has a list called "Adam's Low-Fat Dressing." It had some great points that I wanted to share with you:

~Ditch the sack.
Wear body conscious - but not tight - clothes in your size.

~Think vertical
Seams, piping, stripes or a deep v-neck stretch you out.

~Equalize your porportions.
Pear shapes should offset a bigger lower half with details that broaden the upper body, well-endowed women can downside their busts with simple tops.

~Disguise thighs.
Adam says that skirts should hit at mid-knee, where your leg is slimmer

~Emphasize your waist.
Carolyn says even if you don't have one, since we sew, we can make it look like we do with shaping and seams.

~Avoid flimsy fabrics.
Materials like gabardine, stretch cotton (or linen) - especially in a tailored form - give the body structure. Thin fabrics show every budge.

~Invest in shapewear
Suck you in lingerie can take off five pounds (or more!)

Italic emphasis is all mine!

The July 2009 issue has a great style section, so if you are looking for a good magazine for the beach or vacation, pick up this issue of Oprah.

And the last bit is that I opened an email a couple of days ago from Fashion Fabrics Club advertising silk twill for $6.95. Now, I love silk twill so I scrolled through the offerings...and I was pretty safe because there were a lot of solid color pieces listed. Then I found this:

...and I had to have 3 yards of it! It reminds me of a Roland Mouret dress so it had to come to live in my fabric collection. Hopefully, it is a piece that I will get to soon. It will be used to make another one of those Fashion Friday pieces...a little too forward for the regular work week but perfect for the "casualness" of Fridays!

Okay I'm off to finish sewing...and since there hasn't been a photo of the Little Prince lately...I will leave you with one!


  1. See, you really ARE on the cutting edge of fashion!

    Most of my house is painted in buttery, mellow yellows, so I'm happy to see that it's a popular choice this season.trabic

  2. Great style advice!
    Your grandson is adorable. I have a granddaughter who was 1 year old in April. Aren't they wonderful?!

  3. Cutie pie, the wee one. About yellow, one of my favorite colors too. Where do you buy your shapewear? I need something and out here in the sticks, we ain't got it. I may need to order... Also, about one-shouldered, maybe you could do a sheath with color blocking that would *imitate* a one shoulder look??? Say a curving line from the shoulder?

  4. Oh Carolyn,thanks for all this stuff. I love checking off items from lists and was able to check off quite a few from both. And i wpre a bright pink cardigan today.
    The little prince is Gorgeous!!

  5. Carolyn..great information...keep it coming..Your grandson is such a cutie....

  6. He is just getting cuter every day! What a love!

  7. I think yellow is the best color in the world. It is so happy. It makes all around it happy. I am going to have to have more yellow in my wardrobe. Not everyone looks good in yellow, but I've had compliments when I wear it. You, by the way, look awesome in yellow. Love that new dress you posted about recently. The little man is toooooooo cute. Look at those big eyes.

  8. Oh they grow up so quickly..

  9. Lovely baby, makes me want so kiss those cheeks! The fabric you've bought has an almost snake like quality to it, so it fits with your list!

  10. The prince is losing that tiny new baby look. He's a very handsome prince.

  11. Daniel is just too cute for words! That reptile print is fabulous. I never buy online (no need, really) but I would have bent the rules for this fabric. Love the tips.

  12. Thanks for the good info. The great thing about sewing, in MHO, is the trends can be applied to suit figure, lifestyle, etc. The prince is growing up fast. He's so cute and looks ready to encourage a good spoiling (hugs and anything else he wants).

  13. I'm a regular lerker here so you don't "know" me but wanted to say I love your blog and your little prince is so cute!

  14. You have done it again. Your site is better than any magazine I currently receive. Little guy is adorable.

  15. Another fashion information fulled post! Thanks.

  16. As I was switching my closet to summer clothes, I discovered a yellow dress I made about two years ago. I guess I was ahead of my time!!! LOL

    LP is amazing! Growing so fast!

  17. I just saw that LYD spread in Glamour yesterday. (Did you See the Beach spread?...I'm getting old)
    Love the yellow dresses, Love your yellow dresses, lovely to see that you're right on trend.
    Thanks for that list from Niemans - fun list and I can check quite a few things off too.
    And Daniel, what a sweetie-pie. Thanks for the updated pic.

  18. You've made some great points, but you had to save the best for last - that little grandbaby! He's so cute.

  19. I think I'll pass on the one-shouldered dress, too!! But I love the spread on yellow dresses. I always pass on yellow for some reason, I think I'll have to take another look!

  20. I am offline as the weather killed our phone line and my dial up connection. I had to see what was happening here and at PR while I was in town. The phone company estimates Thursday the lines will be fixed. They don't know how the sewing ladies need to check the blogs daily.
    I have 3 little princes now and hoping for a princess in December but will take another prince in a heartbeat. Your grandson ( precious prince) is adorable and growing up fast. mssewcrazy

  21. Love your response to the one shouldered garment requirement. Love the baby pic, too; none of my babies ever had hair, and I'm a sucker for big eyes and baby hair!

  22. He's just chillin, too cute! Is he still quiet???? LOL. I'm loving yellow.

  23. Carolyn, your grandson is gorgeous! Love those big eyes. :)


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