Tuesday, June 02, 2009

An update and some housekeeping

Most Januarys I restock my notions, lining & underlinings, interfacing and thread supplies. Last year though I went a little overboard so I didn't really have to restock as much this January.

However, as previously noted, I am a color coordination disciple. When going through my serger threads this weekend, I realized that I don't own any serger thread to coordinate with the yellows and green fabrics in my new wardrobe plan.

So I placed a smallish order with Atlanta Thread and Supply - one of my favorite online notion suppliers. BTW, ATS is offering a 15% off discount on many of their items. Maxi-Lock Thread is $1.80 per spool and Gutterman Thread - 1100 yd spools - are $2.51. I know that this is a much better bargain than your local craft/fabric store offers!

Can I take a minute here to say something...often I speak of a purchase that I made from an online or bricks 'n mortar store on my blog. When I post about them, I am sharing MY experiences with the supplier...and most of the time the reason they receive a mention from me is because I had a good experience with them, or they were offering a great product, or amazing customer service. I've purchased from them several times because I was satisfied with the serviced I received.

However, if someone else has a different experience with any recommended supplier...I'm sorry...but I really have nothing to do with that. I can not make a supplier ship faster, replace a product, etc. I also will NOT put a supplier on blast because someone else had an issue with them...especially since I'm only getting one side of the story and in my book there are always TWO sides to every situation.

Also I am loath to blast a supplier because many of them are small businesses with staffs of 10 people or less. In these perilious economic times, there would have to be major maliciousness and deceitfulness for me to blast an online sewing supplier...so please know from the get-go...I don't VENDOR BASH. Not when so many households could be in jeopardy and NOT when I've seen so many of these bashings almost wipe out a sewing companies business.

I will now apply a disclaimer...the above mentioned supplier provided wonderful service to me. I am expecting quick delivery of said product and this is JUST MY experience. I do not know what your experience will be if you decide to use said supplier.

NEXT - Chadwick Dress Update!

The dress shell is completed. The lining has also been sewn together but it still needs a hem before I insert it into the dress. The dress needs about 2 hours of finishing which I hope to work on this weekend so that I can wear it to work next week.

There was a comment posted that this dress is similar to my Menswear Lace Dress...ummm, no it actually isn't. It has the same bones but the details are different. The Menswear Lace Dress (MLD) has a pleat in the front with the lace sewn to the pleat. It also has a conventional zipper in it...yes, I'm going to go on and on about my invisible zipper challenge! *LOL* The Chadwicks Dress (CD) has a round yoke neck insertion and a center front panel, as well as, separate side fronts. Of course, the CD has an invisible zipper insertion that is okay...not perfect but not bad.

As an aside...Marji assures me that I will get really good at these after about 40 or 50 insertions! *LOL*

The dress is hanging and looking at me every day. The color makes me happy and my version will definitely emulate the original...but it will be slightly different since I have no idea what the back of the inspiration dress looks like...so I'm going with what I like. I've also added extensive amounts of topstitching and a lining to the dress which has given the fabric some heft.

As previously stated, I hope to finish this up this weekend and then I have two skirts that I want to work on before making the jackets. I'm not really sure if I'm on track to get this wardrobe finished before July 4th but I'm definitely enjoying the journey...

...as always, more later!


  1. I did not go back and check the details on the lace dress, but merely thought on first glance they have the same appearance... I don't like to bash vendors either, as it can be a chain reaction that could really hurt them.

  2. Carolyn, you are dead on right about how careless comments can completely wipe out a small business. Thanks for the reminder. I have been deeply saddened that some online fabric stores and my local knitting store have closed recently. I also heard from a close friend that he's closing the doors to his cafes in San Fran soon. We need to be mindful of others, especially now.

  3. Right on target about vendor bashing Carolyn. Can't wait to see the Chadwicks Dress.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished dress. I buy from Atlanta Thread too, but also often from http://www.cleanersupply.com/ Cleaner Supply- carries mostly the same as Atlanta with better prices. They charge very little for shipping and always very quick shipping.

  5. You are absolutely right on the vendor issue. Sometimes, I think people have in their mind that these are bigger companies than they are. I find that most sewing vendors really try hard to do a nice job. I've been pleasantly surprised more often than not.

  6. You handled that vendor "issue" very well, Carolyn!

  7. Living in a remote area, I have to order everything from websites and so I value them highly. I am smiling at how those of you who live in major metro areas use them, too. Now I don't feel so brick & mortar deprived !

  8. Thanks for those thoughts on vendor-bashing (we've adopted a name for it here on your blog!). Life happens in crazy ways, and I think for the most part, people who have a business want to STAY in business. If mistakes occur, patience is a good thing to have in abundance as I think these folks honestly try to satisfy.

    One of my friends who managed a bookstore for many years (closed in the aftermath of box stores and the recession) used to say that she loved people, but hated the Public.

    Too true.

    I love reading your blog--thanks for sharing!

  9. I can't wait to see your Chadwick's inspiration. What about the design down the front, what are you planning for that?

  10. Love altanta thread and supply. Matter of fact I just order alot of fabric and I definitely need to order some more thread. I'm eager to see your new outfit.

  11. Living in the back of beyond in the forests of Oregon makes a person very on-line ready. Atlanta Thread orders find their way to my door in 3 days...and I just bought replacement blades for my Havel seam ripper from www.cleanersupply.com and they beat everyone's price. If I could buy anything in town I would but we have the smallest poorest stocked JoAnn's in the chain.
    Hope you can get your yellow and green serger threads quickly! Have a super weekend finishing your latest beauty!!!!

  12. I'm like Donna, I live in a rural area and totally rely on mail order. These are people doing their jobs, just like the rest of us.

    As for the dress, I must say I am very curious about the shoes you will wear with it. Do you have something already or will this necessitate a shoe purchase?

  13. You know that old saw, if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything, your position on vendors is a sensitive one.
    I noticed that they had a sale on serger thread, but I bought my quota for the month, especially since I'll be in the city in a couple of weeks. Need to have some money for those I have to have it items!

  14. Carolyn this isn't really about your blog entry today, but you must MUST look at Summerset's blogpost for today, June 4, 2009. She has an invisible zipper tutorial where the zipper crosses a horizontal seam. Simple tips and her usual very clear directions.

    I felt so badly when your recent zip insertion didn't line up, I thought I would pass this info along.

  15. I agree with you Carolyn; I think we're seeing the negative effects of the "the customer is always right" mentality. I’m always floored by the number of people who have a bad experience and immediately go on-line and blast the merchant - without ever even notifying them of the problem or giving them a chance at service recovery! Americans are so spoiled and we have a raging sense of entitlement.

  16. I just recently found your blog! You have been given the “One Lovely Blog” award by–me! Stop by my blog, copy/paste the blog picture to your own blog. Enjoy!

  17. Hi. You have been awarded the Lovely Blog Award at http://djstoreroom.blogspot.com!

    Happy Sewing!

  18. Oh, and add an "Attitude of Gratitude to your award list, too!

    I always love reading your blog, even though I don't always comment. Thanks for sharing your well written thoughts.

  19. I sing praises if I've received outstanding customer service, and only comment on bad service if the vendor doesn't make it right. We have a small business, and are well aware that there are often not enough of me to go around. At one point, about 2 years ago, when we were refinancing a building,someone on the other side wanted me to get research project done immediately, and I told her it would take me about 12 hours. She told me to put a few people on it; I asked if my 10 year old and dog would be of much use. So I'm with you on not saying anything bad unless it's really well earned, and I would never repeat someone else's stories, either, since I wasn't there.

    Looking forward to seeing your completed wardrobe.

  20. I also like thread matches and shamefully admit to having excessive numbers of thread cones. Adding a coverstitch machine has even upped my thread pigging ways. I have used zipperstop for a large order recently and was happy with what I bought-lots of color choices there also.
    I saw a simple top on the shopping channel the other day with an embroidered band(maybe 2 inches wide) down the center front and thought about your recent dress idea. These bands must be popular right now. mssewcrazy


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