Saturday, July 04, 2009

More on Butterick 4980

I realized that yesterday's post was all about the construction of the jackets and that there were no photos of the finished jackets. So today's post will rectify that...

Green linen jacket alone:

White silk/linen jacket:

A close-up of the piping and button finish on the white jacket:

The white and green jacket together:

The white jacket and striped skirt together:

There were a few questions...

NancyK asked:
How big is your button stash? I have a very small button stash, because I never can make up my mind about how many to buy. Do you buy for a project or rely on stash buttons? If stash, how do you decide how many to buy?

Somewhere buried deep within three years of postings, *smile* is the fact that for many years I worked in the garment district...switched over to the financial industry when I got divorced. My last gig in the garment district was for a button company...hence the accumulation. I worked there for 2.5 years so I rarely buy buttons now. I rumble through my collection until I find something that works...if by chance I don't have anything...and I can't make a covered button...then and only then do I hit the district looking for a button...but I guarantee you that is an extremely rare incidence and I'm a little annoyed that I have to do it!

Now the question of how many buttons to buy is always an intriguing one. Because technically you should buy for the number of buttons you are going to put on your garment plus one. I always add one because in this instance RTW is correct when they sew an additional button into a garment. However, since many of us buy the fabric and/or pattern before we decide upon its use...this can be tricky! Especially if you are out and about and just see a great button but don't know when or how you will use it. If I find myself in that predicament, I usually buy anywhere between 6-10 buttons.

Since my collection was amassed during my button company gig and there we ordered sample buttons by the gross - I probably have a dozen or two of each style...some more than that. But I think a purchase of 6-10 buttons would make an allowance for any type of garment!

Elizabeth asked:
But you didn't tell us how you resolved the closing issue.

Sorry...when I'm writing up these posts I think I'm being methodical and concise and sometimes it's only in my mind! *LOL* To answer your question though, I resolved the issue by adding an additional 2.5" to the front of the jacket, the yokes overlap better allowing me to add a button and buttonhole. And although the jacket front still swings open, there is less space between the jacket fronts...thus giving me a slimmer silhouette.

Finally, thanks for all of your wonderful compliments and comments on the new pieces...and yes, Claudine, I think I have finally stopped sewing like the wind and am concentrating more on the construction details. I believe it's because I finally have a wardrobe that while it still has a few "holes" in can now stand up to almost any occasion that occurs in my life...especially work related! And Joanne M., in your honor I have renamed my collection from the bulky "Sunshine Yellow Dress and Jacket Collection" to the simpler and more refined "Gelato Collection". Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Tomorrow...Butterick 5347!


  1. Ooooh. Thanks for the button pic! Sooooo wonderful. I leaned in for a closer look, I'm droolin'. WOW. I'm so jealous! ;-) Marvelous, cmarie, just marvelous.

  2. Thanks for the pictures of the jackets. They are so fashionistic and look wearable with so many garments. Now I know why you always have such great buttons. I'm droolin' and jealous, too.

  3. Carolyn,

    These jackets are adorable and look so good on you!!! The white muslin (jaquard) is one of my very favorites. I especially love all the components in the gelato series. You are a true and who does glorious work.

    Karen aka Karendee

  4. Those are nice jckets for throwing on over your dresses, or ewith skirts or pants. Very pretty. I am really jealous of your buttons.

  5. Very nice jackets Carolyn. Ideal for putting together summer outfits.

  6. Pretty , pretty!

    And that color of green is one of my favorites. It's just so refreshing.

  7. Beautiful jackets! I love your button collection. I have a lot, but nothing like yours. Be sure and save the little plastic boxes that Gerber baby fruits and vegetables come in, now that you have a source. :) They are great for buttons and small notions.

  8. Your jackets are lovely and sew is your button collection! I worked for Jantzen before I became a nurse and had more swimsuit fabric than I thought was usable in a lifetime, but I managed to exhaust it! So nice to have a stash to dig through when you need a button!

  9. That's a lot of buttons! The jackets look great.

  10. How fun to have 2 new finished jackets. I'm hoping to get one white one made this summer. I'm not getting as much sewing done as I thought I would.

  11. Your new jackets look great as always!

  12. I'm a great fan of cardigans for comfort factor, but I prefer the look of jackets for work and often find them a little stiff to wear all day. These jackets are a great alternative, giving you a dressy look with a little more comfort. I think I need to expand my thinking a little more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Oh, my! What an amazing button collection! And so much better organized than my own, which consists of dozens of button cards thrown in a drawer!

  14. Wow. And I thought I had a big collection! With my six jars of buttons and all.... LOL You are such an inspiration! I love to check in to see how the "Gelato Collection" is coming! Keep up the fabulous work!

  15. Again you are such an inspiration....with your blog info as a spark, I made a few sleeveless dresses and used cardigans or existing jackets for a new jacket idea, thank you. Since the Butterick 4980 seems to be oop, I have found NL 6799 in my stash that looks very similar for a jacket and am off to pattern trace and muslin it up today..thanks again

  16. wfdeshawn@yahoo.comJuly 05, 2009 1:47 PM

    You sewing abilities are awsome. The green you use for that skirt is nice. Could you tell a beginner what TNT means and wher did you get that pattern for the skirt you made with the green stipes. Thanks.


  17. Your jackets are so nice but your button collection is awesome. So organized and vast. Love it.

  18. Mmmm . . . gelato! That's a terrific name for the collection. Thanks for showing these extra photos, I love the extra little detail of the white piping on the white jacket. It is not obvious, but is an excellent finishing touch.

  19. Did you just hear me screaming "Omigod, look at all those buttons!"? Don't worry, I don't count these as stash since you worked for a button company. Love those jackets, Carolyn.

  20. Your collections both the gelato and buttons are amazing. I noticed Butterick 5932 in your flicker photos--have you made it yet?

  21. I purchased the Butterick 4980 Sunday on eBay. Can't wait to receive it!!!


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