Friday, July 10, 2009

Notes from the Edge

...not the edge of my seat but the edge of my mind! *LOL* It's been a long week at work...really late hours...and lots and lots of I'm just very tired. So this is just a compilation of odds and ends thoughts from the week...

If you noticed there wasn't a June recap, it's not because I'm giving up on them but I do think I'm not going to bother to record how much fabric is coming in. I am engaged in a hopeless battle that I am losing each and every month! So I'm conceding defeat and crying uncle! I am a fabricaholic...there is no changing that fact!

I'm sure by now that most of you know that the entire website has been marked 30% off...even the box stuffers and Sample Cut Club fabrics! Now I know you are all wondering exactly what is coming to my a-p-t. Ummmmm, nuthin'. I'm just not interested in adding anything right now...probably because I've been opening that fabric closet door alot lately! But please go enjoy! Buy a yard or two in my is a fabulous sale!

Yellow Dresses
Did you see this?

picture courtesy of Getty Images

Michelle Obama arrived in Rome wearing a yellow sheath dress! I can't believe it but we are both channeling yellow...and with a fabu pin too! However, I wore so much yellow to work this week, that the head of the company noticed and commented. Nothing negative but he basically confirmed the fact that I've got three yellow dresses now and three is enough! And no...I DID NOT wear all three this week! *LOL*

Hot Mess
That's the striped skirt...

This is a pic of it after a long day at work...and I do mean long...14 hours worth...and it is a hot mess! Wrinkled, out of shape and just wrong...this skirt has totally flunked the wearability test! So much so that I think I'm going to recut it into a straight skirt and add a lining. I looked like I had rolled around in a bed and chased a ball down the street by the end of the it just can't stay the way it is!

Questions and Answers...

"Several of you have remarked that I must be the best dressed person in my office."

Actually, I stick out like a sore thumb. All of that color in the midst of a sea of black! Even on major meeting days, I'm usually in a brown or gray suit ANYTHING but all black! And I don't know if I'm considered best or well-dressed especially since I'm still getting those pretty and professional comments!

Sherril asked, "Did you actually use the pattern and alter or did you take the pleat design detail and draft it onto your TNT pattern?"

It never occurred to me to try and draft that piece onto my TNT dress pattern. I used the Butterick pattern and made a simple alteration to the hip area. I think changing the dress from a pegged skirt to a fuller skirt took about 15 minutes. I'm not sure that it wouldn't have taken me considerably more time to merge the two patterns...and you know's all about getting it finished and getting it onto my body! *LOL* Plus I keep buying new patterns so I really should use some of them now and again!

Marie Sews asked, "what does a "pegged hem" mean? Why would it be more slimming?"

I found a great website that describes how it works on a this! And this description, "The pegged skirt is a straight skirt narrowed a bit at the hem, sometimes known as a pencil skirt. The default length is to the knee." came from this website called, "The Complete Clothier."

Well it's Friday evening...and I know that I want to make the yellow paisley skirt this weekend...I don't know if I will do any other sewing...I have some things to do this you will just have to stay tuned to see what emerges from the sewing machine!

As always...more later!


  1. A full week for sure! I hope this weekend you get to unwind. Lord knows I could use a little bit of that myself. :):):)

    What a bummer about that skirt! I thought it was adorable...

  2. And there is nothing wrong with being a fabricholic! Sounds like you need some R & R! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw that picture of Mrs Obama was that she must follow your blog. Shared good taste.
    Its a shame about the striped skirt but 14 hours is a tough test for anything. I hope you can rescue it
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. I love that dress MO wore and when I first saw the picture, I immediately thought of you!

  5. There's no such thing as too much yellow! Or, in my case, lime green! Black certainly has its place in a wardrobe, but color is just so much more fun!!! Enjoy your well-deserved weekend; I'll be sewing furiously along with you!

  6. I agree that Michelle Obama must be reading your blog. Both of you look great in your yellow dresses and definitely are trend setters. That's sad news about the gorgeous striped skirt - bet you can fix it! Have a wonderful, well-deserved relaxing weekend.

  7. Carolyn,it's too bad about the skirt.I thought the stripes made it so unique.
    I'm so with you on wearing colours and feeling like I stick out like a sore thumb because I choose to wear skirts and dresses instead of pants and capris all the time.
    About yellow. I went to a funeral this week and even in the small town I come from, there was yellow everywhere. I saw purses, shoes,jewellery, tops, scarves,a yellow print dress(that was on me),etc. I was quite impressed to see so many women wishing to be in style!
    Unlike you,even after obsessing about having too much fabric, I brought five pieces home last night.My store is having a buy one get two free sale.But none of it was for me.Hooray!

  8. Love the complete clothier site, thankd for sharing.

  9. Ha! You are styling in the yellow. It's such a pretty color, but not on white-girl Irish mix skin, unfortunately. People ask me if I feel ok and if they can buy me lunch when I wear yellow. Oh well, more for you.
    Sorry about the skirt, I think it will look very nice as a pencil style and maybe not wrinkle as bad.
    The buttons will go on the front yoke of the skirt (its a false opening, complete with unopened buttonholes) and the pockets if I do them. I've cut them, but may not put them on. We'll see. And I'm stealing your piping idea - blatently and out there - for the front of the skirt.

  10. You have been totally working the yellow, and I like it. I think everyone should put some color in their lives, they might be a little more happier and up beat if they did. I also think Mrs. Obama feels the same way. She is a breath of fresh air that I think we all needed.

  11. Well, POO about the skirt. I've not commented recently because I've been buried with work myself, but I have been following and LOVE that skirt and all the recent Sorbet combos. I'm sure you can save it, so I'll look forward to hearing about that soon.

  12. I too thought of you immediately when I saw Mrs. Obama's yellow sheath. Love all your yellow wardrobe. I can see how you would standout amongst your colleagues and neighbors :-)

  13. OMG, the First Lady is following your steps, Carolyn!!! How cool is that? I think I have a green flower pin just like hers, lol! All I need now is a fabulous yellow sheath dress!

  14. OMG, the First Lady is following your steps, Carolyn!!! How cool is that? I think I have a green flower pin just like hers, lol! All I need now is a fabulous yellow sheath dress!

  15. Lol, like everyone else said, I saw Michelle Obama and immediately thought of you.


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