Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm a copycat!

The October issues of the fashion magazines have been on the newsstands in NYC all week.  I know because they've been taunting me as I've walked by them daily.  And every evening I've come home and opened my mail box with much anticipation expecting them and they haven't been there.  Some days there's barely been anything inside and for a girl that loves mail...its devastating!

Last night, however, there were quite a few of the October issues waiting for me!  I won't bore you with how many magazines I subscribe to (Let's just be thankful that the mailman drives a truck!  BTW, do mailmen walk around and delivery mail anymore?) it's cheaper and easier tho' to subscribe than to truck magazines home on the bus with me.

So back to the magazines that arrived...InStyle - one of my personal favorites - showed up last night!  And it is a wonderful issue...especially because they had two sections that are near and dear to my heart.  One - an entire piece with photos on Michelle Obama's style.  I love how she dresses.  It is a clean, concise style using a lot of color to accent her personality but without frou-frou.  It works so well in corporate environments - I'm sure because she came from one - and her wardrobe showcases her figure.  Now while I don't have a Michelle Obama figure...I will never have those arms without surgery and leaving my day job to work on them...I can copy it!

Here are the pics from the article, "Power Dressing" InStyle Magazine (October 2009):

Dresses and coats

Bold Cardigans

Bright Sheaths

Textured Skirts

Key Accessories

The other article was about home sewing.  First Vogue Magazine and now InStyle!  You can tell the economy is in a recession because when was the last time you picked up a fashion magazine and they had a two page spread on home sewing!  Yeah...I know!  The article is called "Project Disaster" with the tag, "Are Home Ec sewing skills and a 10-year-old machine equal to the task of creating a three-piece designer outfit?  Columnist Faye Penn puts her fearless foot to the pedal"  It is a very funny article about someone diving back into sewing after a hiatus...a must read for anyone returning to sewing.  You will find you are not alone!

Anyway...pick up a copy of this month's is full of wonderful yet useful fashion advice...a homage to the sewist contingency...and just a very fun issue.  I do have two ideas as a starting point for this weekend's sewing adventure.  Neither one of them are instant gratification sewing...boy, I'm missing last week more than you know!  But both of them are pounding at my brain and insisting that they be released!  So  updates later!!!


  1. OOOh Carolyn! I'm a magazine junkie too. I picked up the October Vogue, Bazzar and Vogue Pattern mags just yesterday. I should do like you, and subscribe; but I'ma magazine rack freak.
    I didn't see the InStyle, but I'll be on the lookout! Thanks for the picture preview!

    Oh yeah, I caught the sewing article in the September Vogue. It's wonderful to see that people are turning towards their sewing machines again. I'm sure that Project Runway type shows and the economy are largely responsible.

    Thanks again for the heads-up!!!:-)

  2. Lovely article. I am working toward defining my style this Fall and fitting the body I live in. That's so much easier to say than do - the instinct is to throw on a huge oversized jumper - but the look is horrible.

    After attending the NNR seminar last weekend, I realize that I often hear "that's a great skirt" and rarely hear "you look great." Nearing 'middle age' *I* want to look great!! g

  3. I haven't gotten mine yet! Now I can't wait!

  4. Almost forgot! In the new issue of Vogue Patterns mag, one of the captions reads: "Work a little fabric magic. Easy adjustments give tried an true patterns brand new options."
    I think the editors have been perusing the sewing blogs, and got a really good description from cmarie12. Pretty cool.

  5. I may buy that magazine just for the sewing article!

  6. Do you remember when Vogue magazine used to have a section in their magazine that featured garments made from Vogue Patterns? The garments fit right in with their designer fashions. Let's suggest they return the feature!

  7. I WILL be purchasing a copy of In Style- thanks for the review!
    I have simplified my life to the point that I rarely get any magazines anymore, so I appreciate the heads-up on this one.

  8. hey Carolyn
    I love the first lady style article but I didn't care for the one on sewing, somehow I'm having this eerie feeling like it was a way of turning OFF people on the idea of making there own clothes, I can go on about this but one this is for sure, if she had experience sewing how did she not known to make a quick muslin for fit or how to chose suitable fabric, doesn't make sense to me. she waited until last minute to sew the garments which shows she was not serious about it in the first place.
    I'm not impressed that article was not amusing to me

  9. Ohh I so tempted by that. I wonder if the Australian issue will have the same article. I shall have to check it out. otherwise, just this once I might fork out for the imported version. It's about $20 here in New Zealand. heh!

  10. Hi

    I would like to know witch TNT burda pattern you used for your green cardigan ?

    Annette, Denmark

  11. Here in the Midwest the mail is delivered by the carrier mostly on foot. Our carrier has a truck that he parks at the end of the street and then he makes the rounds. He brings my packages to my front door and hands them to me in person. My mail slot is in the front door and my mail drops inside. I know my carrier by name and we enjoy our brief visits. He even knows the dog's name!

    Thanks for the review on the InStyle issue. I don't buy it often but will look for this one!

  12. Haven't gotten my copy yet. Do you remember when Vogue used to have several garments made from Vogue patterns? I can't remember how many years ago, but I always looked for them. How to make stylish clothing at home. They were always high end.

  13. I like Mrs. Obama's style, but it is not a look that is easily duplicated by a petite plus sized gal living in hot, humid Florida! I can't even imagine adding lining and spanx!

  14. Carolyn, thanks for the heads up on the INSTYLE article. What I would give to be tall and wear clothes like Michelle Obama. I think her looks are already catching on. The tweedy skirt, white blouse and belted cardigan should look good on even us short people! I do agree that sewing must be having a rebirth of sorts, at least a rebirth of interest. And like Dana and Nancy K, I remember when Vogue had the patterns featured in their regular magazine. McCalls did too. And mags like Good Housekeeping and Family Circle always had a page or two or current patterns. Remember the Family Circle article about the Palmer Pletsch 8 Hour Blazer back in 1980?

  15. Along with others, I am a true MO fan... love her sense of style. I try to keep my magazine purchases to a minimal, but will head out tomorrow and pick up InStyle. Thanks.

  16. I'll have to pick this mag up, thanks for the preview :)

  17. Don't feel bad about receiving your magazines later than the newsstands, I just checked their website and they don't even have the October issue up on there yet.

  18. I got mine the other day! Isn't it a GREAT ISSUE!?!?! I loved the section on Michelle Obama! I *heart* her lol.

  19. Michelle Obama is one stylin', gorgeous woman, and an excellent role model. Can't wait to get my copy of In Style . . . thanks for the heads-up!

  20. When people ask me why my clothes never look home-made, I tell them it's because I spend more time at the ironing board than I do at the sewimg machine - and that's the truth!

  21. kudos to you, sewing fanatics! I wish some of your talent would rub off on me... i have to say i am thoroughly humbled and awed by some of these pix.
    happy stitching!


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