Saturday, September 12, 2009

The September Issue ~ The Movie

Okay, I've decided that I'm the only one that didn't like this movie!  I saw it yesterday with my friends because we had to get out of the rain!  I mean it was drizzling on and off all day in NYC but when the wind picked up as well as the rain well it was time to seek shelter.  Our choices were to try and trek down to FIT and the museum to see the Toledo Exhibit or to hit up "The September Issue".  Since we were closer to 42nd Street and the movie was starting shortly, we opted to see the movie.

However, after reading both Karen's review, LindsayT's review and a folder about the movie on Stitcher's Guild, I've decided that someone did something to the cut we saw in NYC yesterday.  Because I have one word to describe the movie, BORING!  Thank God they gave Grace Coddington a bigger role in the movie because Anna Wintour may be a genius of an editor but she came off as bland, cold, and monotone.  The movie was so uninspiring that one member of our band of merry fabric shoppers (who shall remain nameless) took a nap during the movie and at times I had to pinch myself to stay awake.

Now I know why they jazzed up the storyline for the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada!"  Maybe it's also because I've worked at a magazine before so I realize that the day-to-day, in and out is just not that awe-inspiring, drop dead glamorous.  Maybe it's because I saw Valentino (which is a wonderful movie and you should run right out and buy a copy now!) that I'm so unimpressed with the movie.

Or maybe it was because it was BORING!  *LOL*  And the funny thing is that everyone in my group agreed.  So if someone would kindly tell me where that more interesting cut of the movie is playing...I would like to go and see it too!  Otherwise, I'm gonna stick with Meryl and Anne and the fictionalized Vogue Magazine...

btw...Meryl had Anna down to a T!


  1. I'm dying to see what you've made today. Post soon please!

  2. I'm agreeing with your observations about Ms Wintour; she is either cold and uninteresting in real life or she was very aware of the camera and uncomfortable.

    I loved the clothes, Grace C and all the work she puts into the photo shoots, she seems to the be only Vogue-er that will stand up to Ms Wintour.

    Still not feeling Vogue as magazine but watching a publication come to life on the screen was cool.

    Angie R.

  3. I saw the film on the weekend. I love it, especially Grace C who was the opposite of the elegant but cold Ms W. I especially loved the scene with her daughter who when asked if she wants a job at Vogue says she wants to go law school. Watch AW's is the only time she looks genuinely emotional in the film.

  4. Good review, and right on target. It was one of the most boring movies I have ever seen.

    I saw part of "The Devil Wear Prada" on TV Saturday night, and you are right, Meryl had Anna down to a T, except that no matter how hard Meryl might try to be monotone, the life and humor comes out just the tiniest bit.

    I did catch that bit with the eyes that Gail refers to. At that moment I am afraid I saw AW as a sad little person.

  5. Okay, I see that I should have prefaced my review of this movie by saying I enjoyed it because I work and have worked in industries that are very similar. So I could relate to it. Annie would agree with you, though, and she must have gotten up to pee at least five times during the movie.


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