Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where I've Been...

I know I've been MIA but I am in the last week of three weeks of all day long, mind-numbing, and totally exhausting meetings.  I have two more this week and I'm free!  During this time I haven't really been thinking of much else...and then add to that the cold from h*ll and well you will understand why there hasn't been much here...

I also haven't sewn a stitch since I made the alterations to and cut out Vogue 1127.  I have a three day weekend this weekend and I plan on immersing myself in my sewing area.  I need some new clothes!  *LOL*

Anyway...I bought three new patterns from the last Club BMV sale:

Vogue 8626

Vogue 8623

Vogue 8610

I also want to thank Christy for enabling me during the last fabric.com sale.  It was a pretty good one with alot of the Ralph and Vera on sale for 40 to 70% off.  I was waffling and then Christy found me an additional 30% off coupon and I ended up with 14 yards for $37 with free shipping!  So I wanted to give her a shout out and say thanks!  The fabrics arrived last night and they are great!

And continuing in the trade off tradition, I think I gave away a couple of yards to the wonderful ladies Sunday so there is a little more space in the closet for the new pieces.  The silk twill and the tropical wool arrived from Fabric Mart...ohmygod!  These are AWESOME pieces and they have already been added to my must sew list!

That about brings me up to date...there will be no New Sewists Thursdays post this week either...it's just too much with the meetings to pull one together but it will be back next week!  So until the weekend and some actual sewing!


  1. Wow, I really like 8610. That is going to make a gorgeous dress! And that orange and white fabric, wow! You are going to have some amazing pieces!

  2. Fabric Mart, Silk twill.........ah I think I will not give into ordering more fabric.

    While you were sewing, I spent to fabulous weeks in the Greek Islands, but when I found an internet cafe, after checking in at home, I read your blog to see what you were up to!

    Cheers, you are great!

    Enjoy your blog, great stuff!


  3. I really like all of these patterns, but have an especially good feeling about 2623. Now I want everyone to stop posting nice patterns because I have more ideas than I could deliver on in one lifetime!

  4. V 8623 is awesome. I love the collar and the back, so much style packed into a short jacket. Can't wait to see your version!

  5. Hope your cold is just about gone. Understand the meetings thing. I know you will enjoy your three day weekend.

  6. I hear ya on being too busy to sew. I haven't put needle to fabric since school started. Talk about stressed out - between being swamped with work and going into sewing withdrawal, I'm going nutso!

    I look forward to living vicariously through you!

  7. Oh wow -- that orange floral....

  8. I love your pattern choices. I like that 8626 and 8623 have really interesting backs as well as fronts. The dress pattern looks very promising - I love easy to wear dresses like that and in the winter it will look great with a pair of boots for a casual look or dressed up with some high heeled shoes.

  9. Lovely fabrics and the floral orange is beautiful. Looking forward to your version of S2566.

  10. That fabric.com sale was awesome! I also found that 30% off coupon! Very happy with my fabric.

  11. I am loving all of those patterns--the color blocked dress is cute!

  12. Just a few more hours til your 3 day weekend. Hang in there. LOVE the silk twill.

  13. That orange fabric is marvelous! Hang in there a little longer - the weekend is coming!

  14. I would like to make Vogue 8610, too. I think it would be *perfect* weekend wear with thick tights, flat boots, and a cozy scarf. Dying to see what it would look like made-up. Reader request: make that next! ;)


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