Thursday, March 18, 2010

A few things I want for Spring

I've seen this Macy's ad in several variations in quite a few of the spring fashion magazines.

It's caused me to yearn for some spring things and has ignited my creative imagination.  Out of this yearning and my apparent lack of ability to sew right now, I have formed a preliminary list of items I want to make for spring.

1.  A floral skirt

I'm sure that I have a wonderful piece of floral linen in the collection to make one.  I know I have a great white twinset from last spring in the wardrobe.  This will be a quick and easy update to my wardrobe...thank goodness for TNT patterns!

2.  An architectural dress

There were so many of these on the Red Carpet at the Oscars and there are just as many being featured in the fashion mags.  I definitely want to make the two dresses featured in this blog post and have gathered the fabric needed to make these work.

3.  A Liberty of London Sheath Dress

My fabric arrived and it's beautiful.  Now I just need the willpower, my TNT dress pattern and the time to make my own version.  And yes, ladies I realize the fabric is thin and have always had plans to underline the Liberty Lawn.  It will make an amazing dress for those really hot and humid days of summer.

4.  A nude or bone pair of shoes

I don't know why but this is really appealing to me now.  So I want to purchase a pair of nude pumps this spring.

5.  Blue and black pieces

I laughed out loud when I read Adam Glassman's column in the April 2010 issue of O Magazine.  Geeze he could be describing my SWAP collection, "Midnight in the Oasis."  I am going to add some bursts of color to it because it is a transition wardrobe but the basis of the collection is black and navy!  Am I on trend or what!?!  I've even bought a necklace similar to the one pictured above...not quite so ornate because I want to wear it to work but it is a little funky and trendy.  

I need to note here that I've finally settled on my own version of the professional dress requirements for my job.  It's about time, right! *LOL*  I've made peace with "pretty and professional" I just hear it too often to be offended now.  I've decided that while I've managed to carve out my own look, I've made my peace with the fact that it's professional looking and it also makes me look pretty too.

6.  A spring coat

photo courtesy of

Not a trench coat but an old fashioned 1960s era example of a spring coat.  I've got a thigh length beige trench coat and a longer black one so I'm looking for something a little different this year...something a little more me!  Something pretty, polished and that makes a I'm planning on using Vogue 8626 in a lightweight creamy yellow fabric to achieve this look.

7.  A vintage dress

I've been looking for this pattern for months.  I originally saw it on Lanetz Living in a smaller size.  After locating a larger one on eBay, I really want to make a version of this using the original Vogue pattern and my TNT dress pattern.

8.  The Border Print Dress Collection
I've bought several border print fabrics in the last few months...some knits, some wovens and I've finally decided on how I want to use them.  So the fabrics will become a dress collection this spring/summer using some vintage patterns, some new patterns and of course my TNT dress pattern.

Those are my thoughts on spring sewing.  What are yours?


  1. Oh, I like what you're planning. I've some similar things in mind: a floral print skirt - a refashion; a trench/safari sort of dress in red linen - I don't do khaki; safari/trench style jackets in white twill and denim; some sort of vintage dress, I love what you've shown, simple yet interesting; some neutral shoes, I was thinking a metallic of some kind.

  2. What is a Liberty of London Sheath Dress?

  3. I'm going to make myself a bright floral print dress. That's the only plan I have so far for spring sewing.

  4. Excellent inspiration. I am so ready for spring - I can tell you are too!

  5. What a wonderful line up.
    I want them all too!
    I love that vintage dress pattern, can't wait to see it.

  6. Very inspirational to see what you're planning to sew. That sheath dress sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see your version!

  7. I love that vintage pattern with the fold and button: too cute. It's going to look fantastic. And it's funny to hear that you've "made peace with" your style. You have a such a great distinctive style that fits beautifully with your work- and life-style. You're one of my role models for melding personal and professional in your wardrobe. You should be proud of the style you've come up with!

  8. I love your plan - I have been trying to work on one as well. I thought I might base it on the Ralph Lauren spring line. Lots of white, nude, soft colors. But then I see the jewel tones, ethnic prints, animal prints, etc. and I'm off in another direction. It is not quite sprind in Michigan yet - but I think I should clean out the closet and do a big donation - then decide what I want to make.
    I also have to do office wear and have frequent comments (what do people think you should wear - sack cloth?). And like you Carolyn, I just ignore and do my own thing. Keep up your terrific work and being the great inspiration you are.
    I LOVE dresses but now that my older self has decided it wants to have a box shape, I haven't found a flattering pattern. I think I may stick to the two pieces that look like one for now.

  9. Love the combination of blue and black! Must add something like that to my sewing list this spring.

  10. Wow - A flowered skirt (#1) and that *exact* grey dress (#2) are on my list too! Also some minimalist-but-drapey knit separates and some pants that *fit*. (I see a muslin in my future...)

  11. As usual you are going to be a very busy lady!

  12. I just ordered some navy silk charmeuse for the accent on my black dress after reading the latest In Style on combining navy and black. I like your choices, especially the spring coat. I have fond memories of them.

  13. I am so glad that spring is right around the corner even though I have already started my sewing.... The shirt dress in the Macy's ad is on my wall of inspiration. This one is a must have for me this spring.. I love your choses for the spring especially that vintage dress. Can't wait to see your version.

  14. Oooh Carolyn - you've got me all inspired and fired up. I love all the things you want. I'm especially looking forward to seeing your Liberty of London fabric, being a Londoner I have a special fondness for that store and their iconic fabric. Also I love your vintage dress pattern - it is so gorgeous, very you!

  15. Great list! In fact, your recent post about the Liberty fabric inspired me to finally buy some for a skirt. I opted for the Mark paisley in the teal/navy colorway from EOS. I'm really excited about it. Hurry and get on that dress because I want to ooh and aah over it. :)

  16. Great looks! I've seen two girls in the past two days in blue dresses with black belts (though they were more royal blues) and it is fantastic! I was loving the look.

  17. Great spring/summer wardrobe planning. I can tell you are yearning for the change of season.

  18. What a great plan! That could work for anyone doing some serious wardrobe planning. I love your idea of the black and blue. While I love Liberty fabrics I will still have to see how this works out for you. Underlining and lining, I hope?

  19. My thoughts on spring sewing? In a word, "ditto". I share so many of your thoughts . . . architectual dresses and floral skirts and floaty sheath dresses (already have the neutral shoes). Right now, I'm doing some "simple sewing" . . . giving myself a break from some of of the more challenging patterns I made over the winter months. In the last week, I've made three simple knit dresses and have cut out a vintage Vogue Ralph Lauren dress out of a lovely soft woven striped cotton. Ralph will get sewn-up when I get home next week!

  20. I have two large containers of fabric under my cutting table. All of it's spring and summer. My goal is sew it all. I think mainly flowing skirts and dresses.

  21. I really am not in a spring sewing mood yet. There was so much fall/winter, actually most of it left over from last year, that I wanted to do. I've got to do more sewing because I've hardly bought any fabric this year!!!! (oops, getting off the subject) I love the vintage pattern and plans for more, and am inspired by the floral skirt.

  22. If only... While I love your plans, I have no time to sew for myself this spring. Aside from the usual spring/summer collection for my niece, my sister is pregnant and due in June. And it's a girl. So I have a long list of projects to sew through between now and then!

  23. Carolyn, did you purchase the border prints online? I am having a heck of time finding ANY border prints that aren't for kids in my area. If they were purchased online, will you tell me where you found them? Just leave a comment at my blog ... or email PLEASE! Thank you!

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