Friday, November 19, 2010

A Button Journey

Back to the Simplicity Jacket that's sitting waiting to be finished...

It needed buttons and I didn't have anything (can you believe it?!) in my extensive button stash!  And since the jacket needs button jewelry I decided to hit up M&J after work to see if I could find something special.  I brought home two choices:

paperclip buttons

leather flowers

But I was really unhappy with both choices...the buttons kind of melted into the fabric.  They are both amazing buttons and I will probably use them on future garments but not exactly what I was looking for.  So I remembered that LindsayT did a blog post on Botani Buttons and I decided that I would venture down there at lunchtime and see if I could find something better.

This time though I took the time to look at a few button sites to get a better idea of what kind of button I was looking armed with a picture of the jacket and a few new ideas I took the A train down to Times Square and walked over to 36th Street. 

I don't know if I've ever been in Botani Buttons before but people I'm in love!  LindsayT did not exaggerate the wonders that is this button shop.  It actually reminds me of how the button shops use to look in the district before they started to disappear.  The shop has one section totally devoted to handbag fixings, locks in all shapes, sizes and metals, chains, feet...seriously, I have never seen so many different kinds of feet for the bottom of a handbag! 

Moving to the next room, I was in button heaven.  There are buttons in boxes lining the walls.  There are tables of buttons in all shapes, colors, sizes, geometric shapes...*sigh*  Natural materials like shell and coconut buttons...plastics in amazing colors...buttons covered in rhinestones...and buttons on rounders like at the craft store...I got a bowl and started to shop...and then I started to edit...cause I went a little crazy! *LOL*  I was in button heaven, y'know! 

These are the choices that came home with me today:

These golden ones have a scored center

these wooden ones add a nice pop of color
but DD#2 didn't like them on the jacket

and these cranberry domed plastic buttons

One of the choices from today will go on the jacket because I wanted more of a pop of color, something that stood out against the busy fabric of the jacket.  But I have to tell you that Botani Buttons will now be my go to shop for buttons.  The women in the store were way more helpful than the staff in M&J (which is a constant problem there) it must be me right?  No one else gets ignored and basically brushed off when they are being helped, right?  Whereas in Botani, they answered questions, looked for prices and offered thoughtful opinions on my button choices.  Just how I prefer Daytona Trimmings or Pacific for purchasing trims...I will use Botani for buttons.  That other place isn't the only game in town, y'know! 

I didn't mean to turn this into a mini rant, I really just wanted you to encourage you to visit Botani the next time you are in the city.  Bring a list because any button or finding that you need can be found right here!  Two more quick things...and then I'm out.  The store is well lit and well organized ~ two really big pluses to me besides the great customer service and outrageous supply.  Lastly, not only do they cover buttons and buckles but they dye them to match too!  Somehow I missed that fact when I read Lindsay's review.

The jacket will be finished up this weekend and I have a piece of cranberry doubleknit that I want to use to make a dress to go with it.  Guess the fact that I have so much in my wardrobe that matches the jacket doesn't matter, does it!  *LOL*  I need a new piece!

It's a short work week...since this year I took a vacation day for the friday after Thanksgiving and I will be avoiding the Black Friday sales.  I will be safely esconced at home working on a sewing project...which one?  I haven't a clue...but I will work that out this week...

...more later!


  1. Hmmm, I actually liked the paperclip buttons that you rejected! Next choice would be the scored gold ones. Great choices, whichever the winner ends up being.

  2. My first choice are those leather flowers, but I also really like the scored ones.

    Botani sounds fabulous!!

  3. Are they just starting up their website? I tried your link and they have a site but the only products are the new ones shown on the home page.

  4. It needed buttons and I didn't have anything (can you believe it?!)
    WHAT? No, actually, I don't think I believe it!! ;) I do love the cranberry domed ones, though. I think they really nicely complement the darker shades in the fabric.

  5. I like the idea of some color in the buttons as well. I always have trouble matching buttons, and agonize over what matches the best. I wish we had better resources here, I guess I will just have to move to NYC!!

  6. My vote goes for the cranberry too, especially since you are planning to make a cranberry dress to go with it! As soon as a read "cranberry", I said to myself, "Oh, where has cranberry BEEN? Bring back cranberry!" I remember when it was considered a go-to color for business clothing, along with navy (of course I was always looking for forest green, which I STILL can't find). Oh, a cranberry dress with that jacket will suit you just fine!

  7. vacarisella@gmail.comNovember 20, 2010 8:43 AM

    Caroline! I'm watching the Today show and they are doing a segment on "The O magazine" and Gail is wearing your dress! The red black and white one! Cool!

  8. First it was fabric porn and now you are introducing innocents into this den of button booty. Naughty you!

  9. I think that all of these are lovely options but I am actually really in favour of the paper clip buttons. I do think they stand out quite a bit!

  10. Nice choices. I like those paperclip ones, too and the first ones of the new batch. Botani is on my list of places to go next time I'm in the city. I have a list and try to visit a few new stores in the district every time.

  11. Broderie AmericaineNovember 20, 2010 11:25 AM

    M & J's staff isn't that helpful and it's very crowded. They act as if you're doing them a favor, and at those prices .... *argh*

    But I didn't think the people at Botani were all that knowledgeable. Nice, but not that informative. Maybe it was the day. At least an M & J sales assistant gave me a little card with the button lines (sizes) so I could judge the size of the buttons on the wall.

    I like both stores and will continue to patronize both, but M & J is the button store I'd elect to live in.

    Williams-Sonoma is the home cooking equipment store I'd live in ....

    ABC Carpet and Home is the home furnishing store ....

    All the buttons looked good with the sweater, with the exception of the one that looks like a toggle button, which should be horizontal. It's hard for me to say more beyond that because photography can be misleading.

  12. I preferred the leather flowers, actually, followed by the paperclip buttons.

  13. sounds absolutely lovely and that jacket will be fabulous with a cranberry dress under it. g

  14. I like the gold scored ones. The shape and size seem just right for your piece. Since there are only 3 buttons I think they need to be significant. The color looks good, but it's a little hard to see on the computer. The other buttons are nice, but just seem too small. Just my 2 cents.

  15. Ooooo, I'm loving this jacket. I really like the leather flower buttons. Each of them give the jacket a special look though. You can't loose.

  16. Beautiful jacket--love the buttons! But mostly, I'm jealous of the access you have to such fabulous shopping! We've got great weather, but we don't have great fabric or notions!

    Lynda in LV

  17. I love Botani much better than M & J. The trim section is interesting too with stuff I haven't seen elsewhere. The help is actually helpful! I finally found my trenchcoat buttons there and they have the largest selection of oversized snaps in metal and plastic and silk covered. No it isn't only you who gets brushed off in the middle of being helped at M & J. Bottani is my first stop now too.
    Are you listening M&J? Carolyn has a lot of readers!
    All of the buttons are lovely, and knowing you they will find homes before long.

  18. If we're voting, mine is for the leather flowers. I think they are perfect for the tweed and do pop on it. I also like the scale of those vs. the others.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and holiday weekend, Carolyn!

  19. Cool jacket and like the paperclip buttons.

  20. Your jacket is gorgeous. The texture of the fabric is wonderful. And my vote is for the leather flower button... but they're all pretty.

  21. I like the paperclip buttons or the golden ones with the scoring in the center.

  22. "It needed buttons and I didn't have anything ... in my extensive button stash" LOL that sounds exactly like me!

    Do wish they'd put everthing thing on the web. I'm at the point I'd gladly pay for shipping or purchase enough to make it worth while.

    Love your choices even the ones you rejected.

  23. You're a better woman than I am. How are you going to choose?


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