Saturday, June 25, 2011

I paid full price

...and gladly!

See I was on the Simplicity site checking out the summer patterns that they had on sale for $3.99 and I noticed that their new early autumn patterns were up.  Now I don't buy alot of Simplicity patterns for two reasons:

1.  Simplicity only discounts their patterns 40% on their website and run very few online sales.

2.  I don't frequent the craft store that masquarades as a fabric store, so I miss all of those great 99cent sales that many others participate in.

But this time Simplicity must have reached into their vintage vault and pulled out a pattern so extraordinaire that I had to buy it.  This pattern goodness arrived in the mail:

Simplicity 2154 - Misses' & Miss petite 1960’s retro style blouse, skirt, jacket and knit cardigan sewing pattern. Simplicity Vintage Pattern Collection...sizes 6-24! 

Now do you see why I had to pay full price (well 40% off the full price) for this pattern!  It is a compilation of some of my favorite 60s vintage suits.  You know the patterns that I have diligently collected over the years but have yet to sew!  The ones that when I look at them make me want to cry because of all the delicious details that are contained in an outfit but yet work so well.

This pattern has two jackets.  One for knits and one for wovens.  Then the most amazing sleeveless bow tie blouse and a pencil skirt.  Right now there are fabrics abiding in my collection waiting to become these pieces!  That's right...I'll be rambling around in it this weekend, trying out fabrics to use with this pattern.  I am sooooooo excited!

Now if you haven't already checked out Simplicity's early autumn collection, you can see it here.  And if you are waiting for one of the local "fabric" stores to have one of those awesome sales, I really hope you can find one in your size...because not only are the pieces great but the pattern instructions are pretty great too!

I will let you know what candidates I find in the fabric closet...

...and as always, more later!


  1. This pattern stood out for me as well. I don't work in an office anymore though, so I will reluctantly let it go by. I see that I mis-spelled your name on my blog. I changed that.

  2. ooohhh! I LOVE this pattern! Great catch and I can't wait to see it made up!

  3. That is a great pattern! I'm gonna have to go check it out. I'm surprised they don't come out with more reproduction patterns now that the "Mad Men" craze is upon us. (Or is is over already? I don't actually watch the show, I just like the fashion!)

  4. I like that pattern, too, because of the knit variation. Wouldn't the jacket look great in a thick, marled sweater knit?

  5. I can't wait to get my hands on this pattern. I live a 2 miles from Joann's, so I will wait for the nex t sale, maybe! But, it hasn't stopped me from shopping for the perfect fabrics for this pattern though! I wish the blouse came with sleeves. I love the idea of the sweater knit for the jacket Oh i just love sewing blogs!(smile) ~Valerie

  6. Oooh there are some cute and really useful things in the fall release! I found a couple of outerwear jacket patterns (I ALWAYS need jackets of varying weights and types, never seem to have what I need), a really cute knit top in a sportswear collection and some GORGEOUS skirts...might have to need a couple of the dress patterns as well, the color block one is really nice...

  7. Love that pattern! Here's another reason I don't buy many Simplicity patterns - their website blows. lol It takes so long just to see line drawings. The BMV site is so much better for browsing.

  8. Carolyn,
    I my last blog post I discussed Simplicity and this "vintage" pattern in particular. My feeling about this number are far from yours.
    However, I can't wait to see what you are going to make with it and undoubtably, I will love the result.
    That's what I like about blogging, confronting opinions, making up our mind and seeing things with different eyes, opening and broadening our minds. Sharing and tolerance.

  9. Normally bypass vintage garments but of late have been feeling the urge to venture. I really like that pattern.

  10. Ooh, I almost bought this one this week too! (I was at that "crafts store", haha). I'm waiting for a sale. I wish I could just order from the Simplicity website. Their site hasn't loaded for me in months. :(

    I have no idea's the only site on the internet that won't load.

  11. I like the concept of the style, but I tend to prefer less volume around my neck/chest area. That said, I'm really looking forward to what you come up with.

    And please, save a Canadian girl's sanity...what store is it that you prefer to avoid? Joanne's is the only American chain I've heard of, but there must be others...?

  12. Oh my! That is my wedding suit from 1963. The woven jacket view from teal boucle, & I made the pillbox hat, too. Not sure if the hat pattern was included or I found it elsewhere. Eager to see your finished garment.

  13. Oh dear, this looks just like the very first suit I ever made: med blue hopsack wool, jacket lined with navy/blue/white print and shell blouse to match. Nothing like beginner's confidence. And, I have a couple of vintage patterns my size that look very much like that. I don't NEED a suit, but boy, you've tempted me. Can't wait to see what you dig out of the stash! I bet you could run a sew along for this pattern.

  14. I hadn't been to their site in some time. Now you have enabled me to go check things out!

  15. That is the only fall pattern out that I absolutely must have....Waiting for a sale and then will snatch it up. Can't wait to see your versions...

  16. Reminds me of Jackie Kennedy and the pill box hat.
    Surely you will also wear gloves with your ensemble.

  17. I absolutely LOVE vintage and vintage inspired looks!! SOOOO happy I found your blog :)

  18. I just looked at that pattern yesterday! Fell in love, but confess I'm waiting for the $1.99 sale!


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