Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Autumn Collection 6pac

I might have mentioned it before, but I've decided that I want my August/early September sewing to be garments made during the Autumn Collection 6pac sew-along that's presently being discussed on Stitchers Guild.  

Elizabeth (ejvc on Stitcher's Guild) has set up the following guidelines to use to plan a collection:

ONE jacket -- neutral
ONE bottom (skirt or trousers, though for autumn, I like trousers) -- dark neutral if you're pear-shaped, lighter if you carry weight on top
TWO underlayer tops, one ideally in a print combining your colours, one in a contrast neutral
TWO overlayer tops, one coloured, one neutral

and possibly

ONE more bottom -- skirt if you've done trousers, trousers if you've done a skirt, or a dress if you like them

Of course, I've already customized the plan to fit my needs:

One jacket from tan linen (NL 6788)
One bottom - pants (TNT pattern) from tan linen for a suit type look
Another bottom - straight skirt from tan linen again from TNT pattern
Two underlayers - will be dresses (both will be prints)
One overlayer - cardigan - Burda 8869 (TNT cardigan pattern)

I have another two/three pieces I want to add in a red linen to really mix and match with this but I'm using my underlayers as dresses and I've added one additional bottom.

So far I haven't been kicked to the curb for adapting the rules! *smile* I like the fluidity this sew-along provides and it will also allow me to complete two and possibly three more JAM's (Jacket A Month).  As I stated before I'm sewing my pieces during the month of August and into the Labor Day weekend for an early fall/transitional 6pac wardrobe while the regular sew-along lasts from August to October.

I've made my fabric choices...they are actually occupying one end of the loveseat in the living room and I have a general idea of what patterns I want to use but for the dresses that's still flexible right now.  I just know that I want to reproduce this pantsuit in the tan linen as the basis for my 6pac:

front view

back view

The jacket is from NL6788 and the pants are from my TNT pattern.  I made this pantsuit three years ago and it's still a hardworking outfit in my work wardrobe.  It's perfect for corporate meetings and goes with several other dresses and a skirt so a tan version would be great.

I haven't decided what patterns to use for the dresses...maybe a new one and one that is a rendition of my TNT pattern...I don't know.  I just know that I want these to be my go with the flow patterns.

There are a couple yards of red linen in the pile that I want to incorporate into this grouping.  From it I want another jacket and another version of The Rachel Skirt.  I've also got an idea for a funky version of a SW Mission Tank top to complete the set. I know that these extra pieces will put me at more than the six garments required for the 6pac but I have the fabric and a plan so I'm going for it.  

I'm really looking forward to sewing up this collection.  It's been awhile since I've sewn a planned group of coordinates and I like the challenges that this type of sewing gives me.

...as always, more later!


  1. You are so organized! You are also inspiring me to get started on a plan of my own. A nice selection of fabrics.

  2. Would you please come to my house and make a plan for me? You are SO good at it!!!

  3. I read your blog all the time, call me a cyber-lurker! I must comment though, I love that outfit, you look like a million dollars! (I read your blog through my google reader which means that if I want to comment, I have to open the blog, etc. I'm usually in a hurry to keep current with the blogs I read and don't take time to comment. But I am commenting today so you can hear my appreciation and wonder at your sewing awesomeness!)Look forward to seeing what you can make happen with that pile of fabric!

  4. Rest assured, you will not be rejected from 6PAC sewing. Elizabeth did lots of soul searching and posted her thoughts. The formulae she posted was a "suggested" plan. Elizabeth recognized that we each have varying needs. The true objective of 6PAC sewing is to produce a basic year-round wardrobe that can be supplemented for individual or weather related needs.

    I'm so pleased that you've joined the 6PAC thread. You've been my inspiration in many areas. I'm absolutely sure your perspective can only improve our current efforts.

  5. That is one SHARP pantsuit...you are wearing it well!!!

  6. I am also participating in the 6-pack. Though, like you, I am modifying it a bit for me. Just tonight I've started altering the pattern for the jacket I want to use. I'm glad you are participating too!

    That outfit is so sharp, Carolyn!

  7. I was just looking at possible fall palettes today and saved them on my pinterest. You have some lovely fabric picked out.

  8. How organized are you! I've always wanted to make a plan like that but somehow I can never find fabrics that work together for a whole plan. You've inspired me so I will think on it for next season.

    Can't wait to see how your 6pac collection turns out.

  9. Now you're tempting me with the sew-along. I have a navy cross-woven linen that I know should be a pant suit. And six pieces is not hard to sew up.

  10. I do so like that suit. Very smart looking! Looks like "we" as blog followers, have something to look forward too! Enjoy your sewing!

  11. That is a beautiful suit, Caroline. You are a better woman than me. I don't have the focus to stick with that much of a plan and envy those who do. I just keep filling holes.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had never thought of lining up things the way you have. I'm going to do it but I will need to include clothing I already have. What a wonderful world of possibilities you have opened up for me!

  13. Beautiful fabrics and colours - very autumn like.

  14. and we're looking forward to your postings...it's going to require a lot of photos!!

  15. That pantsuit is gorgeous! It will make a terrific base for your 6pac.

  16. Wonderful choices!
    I've been contemplating joining such challenges, but I'm afraid I'll get off track quite quickly. I make plans - I just never seem to be able to stick with them. There always seems to be something far more important to sew that just crops up.

  17. Lovely line-up of fabric and colors. I wish I was focused enough to participate.


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