Friday, July 01, 2011

A few things on my mind...

*I took this style challenge on (btw they have over a million followers on Facebook - I'm totally amazed!) I was a little intrigued by the fact that you needed to take a quiz to buy shoes but after answering all of the questions, the quiz determined that my style is timeless, polished and elegant.


And the site actually picked a couple of pairs of shoes that I would wear!  The entire process was very interesting especially since all of the shoes are $39.99 a pair.

*Learning what garments work for your body type and your lifestyle is a process especially when you sew and you realize that almost any silhouette is available to you.  There are a couple of bloggers writing about their journeys now (Elizabeth and Myrna) and its interesting to read their takes on the process.

Of course all of this ties into my thoughts about the shoe quiz results and how it defined my style.  I really like classic shapes with a touch of color.  I love dresses or a dress/jacket combination.  I only wear pants in the cold weather.  I love a cardigan and have a passel of them in every color I can find...never mind the ones I make myself!

I guess my style can be a little boring if you are a frequent reader because it's almost guaranteed that when you surf in you will see a dress...but to me what is the sense of sewing something I wouldn't wear...and I love wearing dresses.  Also since I've been sewing awhile, I've made a little of everything...maternity clothes, children's clothes, the original DVF wrap dress, a coat or two, nightgowns, curtains...etc.   All of that might not make an appearance here because I sew for where I am in my life right now. 

My guess is that once you've determined which garments not only work for your body but suit your lifestyle, you end up sewing variations of them.

*My August/September Vogue Patterns Magazine arrived today.  I have to tell you that I was waiting with some anticipation for it to arrive since I received the email heralding it's coming earlier in the week.  It's an issue full of designer fall you know what that means right?  Not much for a plus size woman like me.  At first I was pretty disappointed...but I've chosen to believe that there will be something for me next time...which is a good thing because I haven't made half of the wonderfulness that Vogue made available in it's last offering.  Also check out the article by Erica Bunker of EricaB's DIY Style, beautiful outfits Erica!

*It's the 4th of July weekend here in the US and I don't have much planned besides some fireworks watching Sunday evening.  The rest of the time I plan on spending in front of my sewing machine.  My list is of course way longer than I will be able to complete...unless I never sleep and just sew...and since that ain't gonna happen *LOL*  I will pick and choose from the list and I will share what finally emerges from the sewing machine.

*I won't be doing my September Sewcation this year.  I know right!  I've done it for the last three years and have had an awesome time...9 days of sewing and indulging my creative passion.  However, due to some things going on in my office, this year I will be taking Mondays and Fridays off during September.  I've got a small vacay planned for one of those 4 day weekends so hopefully I will get some serious sewing done during the rest of them.

Finally a parting shot:

Please excuse the picture it
was taken on my blackberry

Michelle and her lovely daughter stopped me as I was headed for 57th meet Michelle...a loyal reader of my adventures. always, more later!



  1. That would be so cool to just run into you on the street! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Hi Caroline, one thing I love about your blog is how different your garments look. It is very inspiring to see how a few changes here and there can change the whole look of a garment. In my experience most people wear the same 'uniform' of styles so it's always good to see how you change that up.

  3. I think that one of the (many) advantages us Sewists have is that when we do find a style that works for our body and suits our lifestyle we can replicate it in different colours and fabrics and add interest with different trims. You are superbly skilled at this so it is very interesting and inspiring to see your work. Have a great 4th July weekend!

  4. I think that is one of the best things about sewing, that we can always create what works for us, allowing us to be inspired by fashion without being chained to it. Shoe Dazzle pegged my style, but hasn't exactly found any shoes I would actually wear yet.

  5. I don't think your style is boring at all. I think you and I are in the same place in our sewing lives. We know what we like, what looks good on us and are not trying to re-invent the wheel. Of course if you ruin one more piece of fabric on a Connie Crawford pattern I'm gonna have to come over there and whomp you! I'm going to be having a three day sewcation this weekend and hope to get at least three garments done. Of not...oh well.

  6. I agree with what Eugenia said. We have an advantage. I'm spending a lot of time in front of the sewing machine this weekend also. I'm loving every minute of it. Question: My work environment requires that we wear hose or socks at all times. What is your favorite brand/style of pantyhose?

  7. I think that the fact that I sew fairly repetitive styles isn't's just that I am getting to a point where I know what works for my body, I know what my preferences are in fabrics and colors...and that means that I spend my time wisely.

    Yes, on one hand I have an entire wardrobe of gray, black, and white...but on the other hand, it has been a VERY long time since I have sewn something that I don't wear regularly.

  8. So.... are there any Issey Miyake's in the fall edition. I just came back from J's today and they don't have the magazine yet.

  9. Oh, I lived the ShoeDazzle quiz! I got: Cultured, Refined, and Classic. I feel like that is pretty spot on! It had images of Burberry and Channel, which I can't afford, but is the style that I love. Thanks for sharing!

    I have been following your blog for quite a while, and I never find your style boring. I find your passion for sewing and making what works for you inspiring!

  10. Thanks Carolyn! And you are not BORING!!!

  11. The shoe dazzle quiz was fun! I'm creative, carefree and vivacious! Thanks for posting about it.

  12. My take on boring is when no one takes notice of what one is doing, saying or wearing. YOU are Not boring! I love your stye and your confidence. God Bless.

  13. Your blog is the opposite of boring! You have a clear point of view and a clear sense of style - two things I hope to have some day!

    Mondays off can be a good thing - I hope you will find time to recharge your batteries in September despite whatever life is throwing at you.

  14. I Googled "shoedazzle", and ran across this webpage that gave me a significant case of the "Whoa!", You should check this out for yourself before ordering anything from this site:

  15. I am apparently - Refined, Cultured and Classic which is rather nice.

  16. Hi Carolyn, it was such a pleasure meeting. Thanks so for taking the time out to talk with me and my daughter.


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