Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Ten Yard Adventure

I know I'm not alone in having fabric speak to me.  Fabric speaks loud, often, insistently and it's quite clear about what it wants to be.  No matter if I'm touching it in real life or if I'm visiting it on an internet website, fabric speaks to me.  So does this make me a fabric whisperer?  *LOL*

What does this have to do with the title of the post?  Friday morning I was reading my email on the bus and flipped into Fabric Mart's site after reading an email from them.  To be perfectly honest, I flip into Fabric Mart's site at least once a day...and 90% of the time I flip out without purchasing a thing.  But this time, when I saw this fabric, it wasn't just speaking to me, it was shouting at me!

I was on my iPad on the bus so I flipped out of the site...but I couldn't get the fabric out of my mind.  I just knew that I needed 10 yards of it and before the bus pulled into Port Authority in New York City I had planned out the items I wanted to make from the fabric.  I had also gone through my fabric collection mentally and pulled some coordinating fabric pieces to use with the base fabric.

By the time I got to work I was itching to purchase the fabric.  Of course, I had to do a few work related things...really didn't they know I had fabric to buy!?!  But I have to keep my handlers at my day job happy or I won't have an income to continue to buy fabric...y'know what I mean?! *LOL*  I got around to purchasing the fabric at 9:30am.  So imagine my surprise when I got the email later that afternoon that the fabric had shipped.  Now that's customer service! Yes!!!

Even better, the fabric arrived Saturday afternoon...Shams I'm telling you I love Fabric Mart way more than you do girl!  So when I should have been sewing, I was pulling patterns, coordinating other pieces from the fabric collection and dreaming up an entirely new wardrobe.  

As with other magpies, I love new and shiny things...and I couldn't possibly let this fabric sit.  So after the dress I'm working on is finished, I will be working on these pieces...and I'm so excited!  A picture of the coordinating fabrics is below:

Ivory Poly Crepe base fabric with coordinating fabrics

Acrylic "missoni-type" pink/brown fabric, ivory wool/silk blend plaid
brown ikat ltwt linen, blue print cotton/silk blend, 
silky beige & taupe print and a printed pink/magenta cotton voile

I'm using some new patterns and some TNT patterns for this wardrobe.  I know I need a better title than "The Ten Yard Adventure" but that's what I'm rolling with right now.  Once I've started working on the pieces, I will list pattern and fabric combos and possible additional fabrics cause already I'm thinking of more combos...but now I need to get back to the dress. always, more later!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about fabric speaking to you and I often speak back. Only sometimes over the years I do forget what we had talked about, so we may just start up another conversation.

    Can't wait to see your pattern choices, because even online your fabric speaks to me also, don't get jealous, fabric is just like that. So, it will be interesting what your fabric is telling me and what it is telling you ;)

  2. Fabric whisperer haha! I must be one too... It all seems to say "Buy me now!" Ok, maybe not all of it, but a lot of it.

    I got some Fabric Mart stuff last week too... I was looking at the poly crepe you got, but I got a white cotton instead (also in a large amount). Timing on that is just funny...

    And, I love your coordinating fabrics - can't wat to see your wardrobe plans!

  3. I finally caved to one of the daily sales and bought two pieces of knit fabric large enough to make dresses. I look forward to seeing what you create with your purchase.

  4. Well, this looks intriguing! I so envy you being able to wear a colour like ivory. I swear I would spill something on it in minutes! You've got some lovely co-ordinating fabrics there and I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. Very nice. Your post now has me itching to go buy something, anything really, from Fabric Mart. Not that I need it but I love their stuff too.

  6. It's good to see you have your sewing karma back in form!

  7. Yay. This is going to be a great adventure Carolyn. I'm really pleased you've made a start.

  8. This fabric is beautiful and I love the coordinating fabrics you chose for it.Can't wait to see, what you make with all of it.. Happy sewing.

  9. Haha, we SO speak the same language! I was nodding as I read about how you couldn't concentrate on work because, for goodness sake, there was fabric to buy!!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Mum's kimono and I will be sure to pass along your kind words. She will be thrilled to have received so many compliments!

  10. You are taunting me, girl! TAUNTING me! But, I confess, I haven't been buying from FM of late, so you are the better BFF. :)

  11. Ooooo, that ivory is so lovely. How do you decide the quantity to buy? And how do you let yourself use it in say, the first garment and expect there to be enough for the last garment. All these decisions would render me inert and I'd never start using it. ha!

  12. I, too, love Fabric Mart and so does my husband. Got him all hooked up with their emails so sometimes he's the one giving me a heads up on their sales etc.

    Love the palette you've pulled together. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished creations.

  13. Ha! Fabric seems to be shouting at me all the time!
    I do check Fabric Mart every single day, and I get such incredible deals there, I've been encouraged to buy larger and larger lengths of fabric. This has definitely helped my sewing, as I can make more dresses and slacks, and plan entire wardrobes.
    I haven't quite gotten up to 10 yards yet though!

  14. Wow, your fabric choices are so gorgeous. Getting into sewing blogs has shown me that I'm so not alone in this obsession. I thought I sounded crazy when I've said that the fabric speaks to me. I use the exact same expression! One downside to all this is that I didn't know about FM before (yeah, that's how new I am) and now that I've visited their site, there's no turning back. This could get ugly.

    Looking forward to seeing your completed projects.

  15. Carolyn, I have a serious question for you. Are you not worried about the "warmth" factor of polyester crepe? Or am I just being a snob when I read about it? Have the fabric God's made progress in the texture/feel of polyester crepe? OK...that was more than one question *grin* but inquiring minds want to know. I saw this fabric and gave it a miss because it is polyester. Tell my why I'm wrong (and I'm saying this with a HUGE smile on my face!).


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